Operation Big Score

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Operation Big Score
Second Galactic Civil War
DateCirca Year 4
LocationBeta System
ResultFalleen Federation victory
Falleen FederationGalactic Empire
Commanders and Leaders
Squall ChitoseVincent Strife (defected to Falleen)
Three Companies of battle droidsVarious stormtrooper squads within an Imperial Star Galleon
Casualties and Losses
Eight droids destroyedImperial force completely destroyed


Vincent Strife contacted the Falleen Federation with an offer of defection. He was able to break away from an Imperial Convoy in the Star Galleon he commanded and set a course to the Beta System. He locked the remaining crew out of the navigation controls with his command codes.

Once he arrived in the system, the Falleen Navy quickly interdicted the vessel. A boarding party, led by Squall Chitose, Asarya'katr, and Finn Setanta immediately boarded with each commanding a company of battle droids. Chitose's plan of attack was to isolate strategic areas that could bolster the imperial crew's chance of defeating attack. He focused on capturing the bridge, while sending Asarya and Finn to the armory and engine rooms. Chitose faced the stiffest resistance, and lost eight of his battle droids.

The overwhelmed Imperial crew, save Vincent Strife, was killed. There were no Imperial survivors of the attack.

The battle is seen as a precursor to Operation Shadowstone, which also took place in the Beta System only a few weeks later. Many of the battle plans Kuraine and Chitose developed for Big Score were modified and used at a larger scale for the attack on the Shadowstone, including the isolation of key areas.

For their actions, Chitose and Katr were given awards and titles, Vincent Strife was commissioned a Captain in the Federation Navy.


After the end of hostilities, Falleen forces rounded up millions of credits worth of Imperial Equipment. The Federation was able to capture several squads of imperial speeder bikes, AT-PTs, and armor items. Squall Chitose famously angered King Kuraine when he decided to blast open several safes, rather than waiting for lock breaking equipment to arrive. Within the safes were several sets of very rare armor.

Operation Big Score kickstarted hostilities between the Empire and the Federation, leading to the Shadowstone Affair, and eventually the Battle of Beta.

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