Operation Retribution

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Operation retribution
Derra Outbreak
DateYear 14 Day 10
LocationDerra IV
ResultVictory for Breviin Forces and the Krath Dynasty.
Clan Breviin - 2nd FleetFirst Sun - Dark Star Hellion supporters- others
Commanders and Leaders
Peter Max - Grevendar ToglEttrick Antalaha
Casualties and Losses

Operation Retribution was a battle fought between Aliit Breviin against the First Sun on Derra IV.


The First Sun engaged Breviin security droids at Derra, Aliit buir of breviin Peter Max, attempted to solve the situation with diplomacy but First Sun´s leader Ettrick Antalaha refused to stop hostilities towards Breviin Droids. Soon after the Krath Dysnasty requested Breviin forces to assist the 2nd fleet on defeating the First Sun Mercenary group. Breviin forces assisting the 2nd fleet were able to overcome the First Sun menace.


Victory for Breviin Forces and the Krath Dynasty.


  • Sector: Kira CW
  • System: Derra (71, -166)
  • Planet: Derra IV (13, 7)
  • City: City (9, 8)