Oracle Space Lines

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Oracle Space Lines
Oracle Space Lines Logo Year 2.png
General Information
Motto "Because to BE there, you have to GET there."
Status Defunct
Leader Tembre Fe`ll (Year 2)
2IC Allanon Karn[1] (Year 2)
Owner Loki Zyan[2] (Year 2)
Historical Information
Founded Year 2
Political Information
Industry Service, Transportation
Holosite Oracle Space Lines (Archived)

Oracle Space Lines (OSL) was a transportation company specializing in materials and product transport.[2]


Circa Year 2, while OSL was owned by CEO Loki Zyan, the day-to-day operations were taken care of by President Tembre Helat Fell.[2] Allanon Karn served as Vice-President during this period.[1]


"Oracle Space lines is the galaxy's premiere mineral transport company, servicing the entire galaxy with the most well equipped convoys in the field. Contracts are negotiable, and fees are always low. Perhaps you are thinking of joining, but wonder where you'd be best placed. Well, are you more comfortable in a Capitol Ship, or a Freighter? Are you good at managing personnel? Do you only feel comfortable with a blaster in your hand and a bulkhead underneath your feet? Well all of these are traits which we can use. OSL has openings in every department and we're always looking to expand."[3]

Known Leaders

Tembre Fell.jpg


  • Oracle Space Lines.gif (Year 2)