Orbital Research and Design

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Orbital Research and Design
General Information
Status Active
Leader Angwyn Eyre
2IC Sadie de Chatillon
Owner Cantrell Conglomerate
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 9
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Manufacturing

Orbital Research and Design is the production arm behind the Cantrell Conglomerate. Dreamt up during a drunken sabacc game by Avelyn ca Vella, ORD is somehow the premier shipwright for the entirety of the Fath sector, producing various inexplicable designs from its expert, totally sober engineers. It also produces generic designs that somehow completely pass safety inspections due to well placed bribes expert engineering.

Led by the master party-goer shipwright, Angwyn Eyre, it totally doesn't have a team of drunken workers haphazardly producing its ships. In the rather likely totally unlikely event of an accident, please do not worry.. but send generous donations to Avelyn ca Vella the families anyway. We use extremely replaceable totally irreplaceable workers who are somehow eager to build ships for absolutely zero pay... thanks to the copious amount of various drugs we definitelydo do not put in their water supply. We look forward to serving.