Ord Cantrell

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Ord Cantrell
System Ord Cantrell
Sector Fath
Galactic Coordinates (-21, 264)
System Coordinates (12, 16)
Astrographic Entry Ord Cantrell
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Forest
Rotational Period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 392 local days
Population 248,205,218 inhabitants
Controlled By Eidola Pirates
Governor Eidola Pirates
Magistrate Artemis de Chatillon
Sentient Races Kiffar - 86% Twi'lek - 7% Jawa - 4% Other - 3%


The only planet orbiting the sun of the Ord Cantrell System, Ord Cantrell is a sparsely settled, temperate world. It has one major forest which covers most of the northern hemisphere. Named after Daymon Reumar, the Kiffar explorer who first mapped it, the "Reumar Wood" is flanked by the Darmanis Jungle. The dense jungle region is split by the great, Moryne River, which runs the length of the planet and drains into Lake Moryne.

Ord Cantrell's major urban center, Settler's Rock, is situated on the southern bank of the Moryne River to take advantage of its endless supply of food and energy, as well as granting easy access to the wooded regions in the north. West, along the river, is Hangman's Beach -- a flat, rocky area where the colonists landed. The shore gained its name from a time when the colonists would use the trees along its edge as gallows to hang pirates, who used the river to launch swift raids on the small settlement. The mandatory death sentence for all pirates and public display of the punishment was intended to dissuade others from pursuing such a career, but had little success in that regard.

The southern hemisphere is less hospitable and to the west of the fledgling civilization lies No Man's Land -- a large desert that few have tried to cross since the first explorers and cartographers mapped the planet. Beyond the desert is a flat, rocky wasteland bordered by the Darmanis Jungle to the north and the Gorra Mountains to the west.


The regions are named for James Darmanis and John Gorra, a pair of Correlians that first came to the planet with the Twi'lek adventurer turned pirate turned planetary overlord, Tealon Moryne.

Moryne first settled with a band of like-minded thugs in the rocky region on the river's southern banks and used Ord Cantrell as a base of operations for raids into surrounding systems. Now the area forms the stronghold from which he and his band rule the planet. While Moryne is said to have been the Ord Cantrell's first inhabitant, that fact may only be part of the myth that has sprung up around him. At the very least, it has been confirmed that he was the first to travel the river and the lake, hence their names.

In the early days of the planet's settlement, Moryne and his crew turned their attention to the new inhabitants and often raided their camps for slaves and supplies. The colonists put up a valiant fight, despite their lack of arms and equipment, but were no match for the organized and well armed pirates. After several skirmishes the settlers relented and recognized the pirates as the ruling body of the planet, an arrangement that continues to this day.

Eidolon Annexation

In Year 11 Pirate Lord Artemis de Chatillon wins a game of pazaak against an unknown Outer Rim warlord. The prize being the warlord's backwater planet Ord Cantrell. Like most nefarious transactions, it did not go smoothly, however Artemis was able to kill the warlord and his entourage and stole the warlords ship, An antique CR-90 named Ragnorak. The CR-90 contained all the access codes Artemis would need to get through the few defense the planet had. Once in he was able to intimidate, bribe, and stiff-arm all responsible parties until he had total control over the planet. Once done the Pirate Lord began investing in his new found real estate. At this time there were many Kiffar fleeing their homeworld of Kiffex due to conflict. Artemis sponsored hundreds of transport craft to bring hundreds of thousands of his kind to Ord Cantrell. However many Kiffar found themselves persuaded into working for the various paramilitary groups Artemis sponsored to maintain order on the planet. Eventually Artemis would move to expand his area of influence and sought to enter the world of information and media propaganda. Founding a news corporation, Veritas Press in Year 12, which was headquartered on Ord Cantrell. Eventually the media business would lose its appeal to Artemis and he sold his holdings in the company to various friends and connection, Veritas Press moved on to greater exploits. Over the years Artemis enjoyed great luxuries on the beautiful planet, nick naming it the Emerald of the Outer Rim, due to the lush forests and jungle that flanked the roaring river which spans the equator of the planet. Its waters bearing a vast biodiversity of flora and fauna, coloring the river a deep green. Artemis founded the city of Tortuga which acts as an unofficial capital for the planet. Its many attractions being the exotic courtesans and fine drinking establishments. Chiefly among them being the famed tavern, The Drunken Pirate, which has been host to various famous patrons and barfights over the years. Since Ord Cantrell sits on the edge of the Mid Rim, it acts as a gateway for those passing into the Outer Rim and vice versa. This has only brought prosperity to the planet and in Year 19 Artemis founded another company, the Cantrell Institute. Focusing on aesthetic and functionary cybernetic attachments as well as high-grade bacta refined from the planet herself.