Order of Darkness

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Order of Darkness
Order of Darkness Presumed Emblem.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Hiram Drayson
Headquarters Alamut
Historical Information
Founded Year -2
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire (splinter group)
Type Separatist movement

The Order of Darkness — also known as "The Order" — was a legendary collective in the galaxy circa Year -1 and led by former Emperor Hiram Drayson. The Order was a separatist movement composed of Imperial officers who objected to the weak rule of Emperor Suntzu. These officers claimed that Moff Vodo Bonias had usurped the leadership of the Galactic Empire and that Suntzu was merely his puppet on the Imperial throne.

The members of this collective were responsible for hastening the downfall of Emperor Suntzu and their subsequent machinations greatly destabilized the Galactic Empire under later rulers. Perhaps their most notable achievement was the theft of several Imperial Star Destroyers by Admiral Dyvel Price, a close associate of Drayson.


The Order of the Darkness originated in the early, tumultuous years of the Galactic Empire. During this chaotic time, Grand Admiral Hiram Drayson of the Imperial Navy orchestrated a bloodless coup and seized power as ruler of the Galactic Empire. However, his reign as Emperor of the Galaxy was short-lived and, following inner turmoil, Drayson was forced to abdicate. His Naval Chief of Staff, Admiral Suntzu, assumed power. In retaliation for being forced from power, Drayson formed "the Order of Darkness," which he claimed was "a purer iteration of the Galactic Empire." This act led to his exile from Imperial space by Emperor Suntzu. Asynchronously, Admiral Dyvel Price of the Imperial Navy defected with Officer Evax to the Order of Darkness, stealing a number of Star Destroyers in the process.

Shortly thereafter, General Diablirus Balseraph of the Imperial Army accused Moff Vodo Bonias of encouraging Emperor Suntzu to instate policies which favored the Imperial Navy over the Army. The disillusioned Balseraph soon fled the Empire and also joined the Order of Darkness.

Beyond the reach of Suntzu and Bonias, the Order continued to disseminate its views. As their beliefs gained prevalence throughout the galaxy, Emperor Suntzu was viewed as weak by his subjects and abdicated. Unsurprisingly, Bonias succeeded Suntzu as imperator.

In time, the power of the Order of Darkness waned and the ranks of its supporters grew thin, allowing the Galactic Empire to recover some of its stolen vessels. The fate of the Order of Darkness and its members are unknown. Some claim it still exists, others dismiss such talk as idle rumor.

Notable Personnel

Key Figures in the Order of Darkness
Hiram Drayson
Former ruler of the Galactic Empire
Diablirus Balseraph Portrait.png
Commander of the Imperial Army
Dyvel Price
Dyvel Price Portrait.png
Admiral in the Imperial Navy
Evax Portrait Transparent.png
Officer in the Imperial Navy

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