Order of the One Sith

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Order of the One Sith
General Information
Status Active
Leader Dark Lord of the One Sith Darth Pristus
Motto Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.
Through Victory my chains are Broken.
The Force shall free me.
Headquarters Wonosa Temple
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 329
Dissolved Year 21 Day 212
Political Information
Type Force Order
Holosite https://onesith.com/

Founded on Day 329 of Year 20 by Darth Pristus, the Order of the One Sith was revealed to the galaxy from the steps of the palace on Venaari, in the Esuain Sector, via broadcast over the Galactic News Service.


The story of the One Sith begins decades ago, in the Bogden sector, located in the Inner Rim of the galaxy. The planets within the Bodgen region had been ravaged by a terrible war, with hundreds of derelict starships serving as mass graves. A group of desperate grave robbers scavenging for profit banded together and later formed an organization known as the Bando Gora. The Bando Gora evolved into one of the most feared criminal groups in the galaxy, ruling in the Outer Rim Territories, and eventually becoming a Force cult when former Jedi Komari Vosa succumbed to the Dark Side and took control of the Bando Gora, assuming the title of High Priestess. The Bando Gora was finally vanquished after years of terror throughout the galaxy. Its memory, however, wasn't lost. Stories and traces of the fearsome group remained.

Years later, a native of the Bogden sector became aware of the Bando Gora's history and traditions. His name was Darin Byrch, a charismatic Chagrian and one of the most powerful Force users in the galaxy, trained by more than a renowned Master of the Force. Fascinated, Darin decided to bring the Bando Gora back from oblivion, reinventing the group in a Force cult that preached personal strength and freedom by any and all means necessary. Many flocked to his cause, attracted by his natural charisma and leaderships abilities. From feared Force attuned to dastardly pirates and anything in-between, the Bando Gora grew large, gaining more and more members. Through the Hapan Xyre Weltmon, a fervent believer of the cause, the Bando Gora acquired the planet Venaari and control of the entire sector of Esuain, not far from the Core. As the faction progressed, Darin and the many Force users who had joined the Bando Gora convened that the Sith Code was an unequivocal truth to be followed. Months of preparation to turn the Bando Gora into a Sith Cult unfolded, and on Day 337 of Year 20, via a live public address streamed across the Galactic News Service, Darin Byrch assumed the title of Darth Pristus, Dark Lord of the One Sith, revealing his true identity, and the new direction of the Bando Gora and all its followers. The galaxy would forever be shaped by this event.

The newfound Sith philosophy took root and came to dominate the everyday life in the Cult, as well as its culture. The Dark Lord eventually allowed the Bando Gora name to die once and for all, renaming and shaping the organization to its current state: The Order of the One Sith. A new leadership was established, the Dark Triad, formed by the Dread Marshall Morgan Sathel and the High Vizier Xyre Weltomon, with the Dark Lord remaining as the unquestioned leader. The industrial and mining groups controlled by the Order, formerly known as Venaari Corporation and Venaari Extractions, were re-branded to One Sith Industrial Services and One Sith Excavation Services. The transformation was thus complete, allowing the Dark Lord to rule from the Citadel, the headquarters of the Order on the capital planet of Venaari.

To this day, the Order of the One Sith continues to grow and expand its domain.


The Order of the One Sith operates, in large part, as any interstellar government. The members of the ruling body, the Dark Triad, each administer directly one aspect of the organization. The Order maintains a large military, led by the Dread Marshall, known as the One Sith Armada, which is formed by thousands of starfaring vessels, vehicles and planetary aircrafts and ships, in addition to highly trained ground troops and combat pilots. The High Vizier oversees the One Sith Administration Authority: the legislative branch of the Order, governing the territory under the control of the Order. The Authority, as it is commonly referred to, is also in charge of all industrial and infrastructural endeavors carried out by the One Sith. Other than acting as the overall ruler, The Dark Lord himself guides all matters related to the Force and its important implications, pointing the way forward for the entire organization. Ven-Kav, on the planet Venaari, is the current seat of power of the One Sith. Due to the numerous practitioners of the Dark Side present on the world, Venaari is constantly stricken by a colossal thunderstorm that covers nearly the entirety of its sky. It always rains on Venaari; a phenomenon that has fascinated more than scientist and students of the Force.

The ancient Sith Code is at the very center of the Order's culture:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. Darth Pristus teaches us:

Use passion to fuel your strength in the Force. Use strength in the Force to build a power base. Use your power base to obtain victory over your enemies. By defeating your enemies, you are free of their oppression. To be free is the Sith's ultimate goal. Such guidance is disseminated throughout the Order on a daily basis, with millions of practitioners living by the Sith Code and the beliefs of the Dark Lord. In the One Sith, every faithful is considered a Sith, even sentients not blessed with a connection to the Force. The Order believes that as long as an individual stays true to the Sith Code and implements it devotedly, then said individual is a true Sith worthy of such a title and honor. Every citizen is trained in their chosen profession and indoctrinated according to the philosophy of the One Sith. Those who are blessed with the Force also receive training from some of the most powerful Sith Masters in the galaxy, including the Dark Lord himself, thus becoming fearsome tools of the Dark Side. Each apprentice undergoes extensive tutelage and is deemed worthy of acquiring titles only after completing trials devised to prove one's worth. Those who successfully demonstrate prowess in battle and understanding of the Sith Code can aspire to become Lords and Ladies of the One Sith, and later down the road, assume the mantle of Darth. In most cases, the Darth name of a Force user is chosen by the Master.


The Dark Lord of the One Sith, the Dread Marshal, and the High Vizier form the Dark Triad, the ruling body of the Order. The Dark Lord, Darth Pristus (Darin Byrch), is the unquestionable leader and driving force behind the organization. From his seat of power in Ven-Kav, the capital city of Venaari, the Dark Lord imparts his directives to the subjects below him, who execute his orders and enforce his will. The Dread Marshal leads the One Sith Armada in the name of the Dark Lord and the Order of the One Sith. The current Dread Marshal, the Kiffar cyborg Morgan Sathel, also serves as the overall second in command and the High Treasurer of the Order. The High Vizier oversees the One Sith Administration Authority, which includes the body of planetary governors and magistrates, as well as the industrial workforce of the Order. The current High Vizier, the Hapan Xyre Weltmon, is also responsible to ensure that all operations within the Order can reach maximum efficiency.

The Dark Triad is assisted by Executor Darth Crucus and Inquisitor Darth Drachen. The Director acts as the executive officer in charge of all industrial, infrastructural, and production activities. In addition to her vital duties, Darth Crucus currently serves as the Voice of the Dark Lord: the representative of the Dark Lord responsible to communicate his will to other Force attuned within the Order. The Inquisitor is a high ranking officer of the Sith Armada, but also acts as the authority tasked to ensure the security and well-being of the Order. To him the responsibility of uncovering information and secrets from would-be spies and those who seek to harm the Order of the One Sith.

Dark Lord of the One Sith
Darth Pristus

Voice Hand Fist Inquisitor Loremaster
Kuuda-avi-1.png Vacant-Hand-avi-1.png Vir-avi-1.png Kaze-avi-1.png Con-Avi-1.png

One Sith Armada

Fierceness, bravery, and absolute loyalty: this is what is required to be a part of the One Sith Armada. Some of the finest warriors in the galaxy are among the cult's armed troops. Each Sith Trooper is meticulously trained to achieve unrivaled combat readiness. The rigorous training program unfolds on a wide variety of terrains; from the lush plains of a temperate world, to the barren zero-g landscape of a cold moon, our soldiers are familiar with any environment. To prepare the One Sith Order's troops for any situation, our instructors specialize in assembling unpredictable combat scenarios that test the limits of each trainee. Once training is complete, our warriors are expected to perform a multitude of tasks: patrolling the Order's controlled planets, guard our ships and stations, eradicate unlawful bandits, and generally assist the Order in whatever way is necessary.

Those who desire to travel the stars can find a home in our Armada as well, but beware: the dark, unforgiving confines of space are not for the faint of heart. Physical and mental sharpness, courage, expertise, and the willingness to face the unknown; do you have what it takes to be an elite combat pilot of the One Sith Order? Each candidate participates to a thorough training program before they are deemed fit for duty. Candidates learn how to pilot and properly operate small and large starships alike. Nothing is left out; each trainee learn the intricacies of hyperspace navigation, in-system sublight piloting, docking procedures, emergency procedures, weapons maintenance, sub-systems operations, combat procedures and operations, and much more. Novice pilots just starting out are expected to transport raw materials and goods, ferry passengers, and deliver any ship or asset that the Order might require at a specific location. Those deemed ready to serve in a combat role will dutifully patrol the Order's controlled planetary systems, engage pirates in combat, and assist with the security of our mining operations in deep space.

Dread Marshal Morgan Sathel currently leads the One Sith Armada

One Sith Administration Authority

Skilled administrators and workers are no less important than the One Sith's military might. Those who wish to serve the Order in a non-violent manner can do so by becoming builders, engineers, architects, repairers, prospectors, miners, and production specialists. Those who show exceptional dedication and competence have the unique chance to become planetary governors. The Order of the One Sith offers the ultimate training program for every aspect of our industry and infrastructure operations. Candidates learn how to build structures on planets as well as how to assemble various installations in space. Those interested in mining operations will learn how to prospect and extract raw materials on solid ground and within asteroid fields in space. Trainees interested in producing will be taught everything about building ships, vehicles, droids, as well as other goods (weapons, armors). Those deemed worthy will be nurtured to server as the ruling body of the Order's planet, learning the fine arts of management and diplomacy. Each member is expected to contribute in whichever way the Order has a need for.

The One Sith Administration Authority directly oversees the Order's nationalized factions, the One Sith Industrial Services and the One Sith Excavation Services.

High Vizier Xyre Weltmon currently oversees the One Sith Administration Authority. Executor Darth Crucus leads all industrial and infrastructural operations.


Following an attempt on the lives of Darin Byrch, Vir Calder, Lily Stewart, Akoshla Zel, Ziv Padan, Sem Epsum, Natasha Fox, and Zal Ragath, the order was shut down and the members went their separate ways.