Order of the Progenitor

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Order of the Progenitor
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Varik Starwind
2IC Kar Vark
Owner Varik Starwing
Historical Information
Founded Year 10 Day 73
Political Information
Affiliation Nautolan Society, Corporate Alliance
Industry Religion

The Order of the Progenitor was a religious brotherhood formed from the shell of the Poor People's Society in Year 10. The organization, a branch of the ethnocentrist Selkath Association, was rather successful until the death of its founder and leader Mike Que-Kara. The Order dissolved mid-Year 11.


Since the beginning of all creation, the Selkath have worshiped their Goddess, the Progenitor. In secret, they would sacrifice the unrighteous and the unholy to create a more pure and just universe that would be guided through the Progenitor’s goodness. Over the past decade, the Selkath became a more pronounced player on the galactic stage as more and more of them left the Mandalorian controlled Manaan for a better life. However, many Selkath lost sight of their culture, and many found it hard to stay out of the galactic slums.

Patriarch Mike Que-Kara

To help remedy the problems, Mike Que-Kara created the Selkath Association, a group that would help all Selkath and ensure they led a quality life. However, to further their goals Mike realized they would need more than just an association. They would need a formal organization to spread their message, and the ideals of the Selkath.

On the seventy-third galactic day of the tenth year a small start-up religion devoted to helping those who less fortunate in the galaxy emerged. However, through a divine intervention within 3 days it’s founding the title deed ended up in the hands of the Selkath Association. Within days of taking control, the religions main offices and databases were converted and the Order of the Progenitor emerged into the galaxy.

Selki Bible

As a recognized organization, the OOP pushed its followers with its message; that now was the time for sentients to heed their Mother's call and join them. The Order of the Progenitor believed it had a brighter future ahead, as sentients from across the galaxy join their numbers and took part in the traditional religion of the Selkath. The Order of the Progenitor goal was to bring the virtues of love, brotherhood, hope and peace, under the reign of the Progenitor, to the galactic forefront. The Order started with a strong alliance with the Nautolan Society and the Corporate Alliance. As a neutral entity in the galactic conflict, the Selkath preached the message to all, selling Selki Bibles to those misfortunes and the downtrodden.


While the Order and the Selkath Association were strong behind Patriarch Que-Kara, trouble began to stir. The organization was growing slowly, and donations were not coming in at the expected levels. Patriarch Que-Kara found himself running all over the galaxy to preach the message and bring enlightenment to those who had never heard of the Progenitor. It was during one of these trips, on Year 11 Day 124, that Mike Que-Kara was captured and executed. The Order, and much of the Corporate Alliance, was caught by surprise and many aquatics found themselves at a loss without their spiritual leader.

Varik Starwind

The funeral was held on Manaan and many came to see the late Patriarch off to the calm waters with the Mother. It was a sorrowful day, and many pledged to carry on Que-Kara's work. Varik Starwind, who had served faithfully by Que-Kara's side, was made new patriarch and began his work to bring the Order back to what it needed to be. Unfortunately, with the loss of its charismatic leader, the organization soon was hit hard by lack of membership. It was supported for some time by the Corporate Alliance personnel, who tried its best to keep the small religious group going, but in the end, the loss of its leader was too difficult to overcome and the Order dissolved on Year 11 Day 203.


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