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LanguageOrtolan language
Average Height1.4-1.8 meters
Skin colorCovered in short fur in various colors
DistinctionsStocky, large ears, long snouts
Known MembersList of known Ortolans

Biology and appearance

The Ortolans, elephantine bipeds, have a distinctive appearance, reinforced by their habit of dying their short, thick velvet fur that is generally white or grey into various bright colours. They are short in stature with big black eyes, a characteristic descended from their nocturnal ancestors that allows them to see well in dim light but can hinder or potentially even hurt them in bright light.

Known for their excellent sense of smell, Ortolans can detect food from great distances. Because food is scarce on their planet they are obsessed with it, which has led them to become renowned chefs and food connoisseurs. They use their fingertips to absorb their food, and also to use various fingered instruments to produce the fine tunes for which Ortolan musicians have become famous. This attribute is complemented by their trunk-like noses, which contain a tympanic organ that also contributes to their hearing.

Their outstanding hearing aids them in their musical endeavours, covering the entire sound range from subsonic to ultrasonic. To outside observers Ortolans may seem mute, but they communicate in the aforementioned extreme ranges of sound frequencies, using their noses and the small mouth located underneath. However, they are also able to communicate in the normal auditory range that can be heard by the majority of sentients.

Ortolans have adapted to the harsh conditions of their homeworld, Orto, with a layer of blubber beneath the surface of their skin, which insulates them against the ice-cold temperatures. This provides energy reserves in time of need and also results in their obese build.

Ortolans are born with their teeth and musculature fully developed. [1]

Society and culture

The tradition of dying their fur began when a Devaronian trader tried to sell Ortolans a shipment of food dyes—they considered dyeing their food a waste of time, but found dyed fur to be quite stylish. [1]

Education is the responsibility of their parents, though gifted youngsters would often be traded to other families to get specialized education. At the age of seven, Ortolans are expected to support themselves, and will be forced out of the family unit unless they had a particularly valuable talent. [1]

Ortolan society is reasonably industrialized, though not as technologically advanced as other species. Despite this, their economy is mostly based on barter, with credits primarily used to trade with offworlders. [1]

Common names among the Ortolans include: Bedo, Eembek, Miebar, Nabkess, Ooben, Ruznee. [1]

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