Outback Industries

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Outback Industries
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Mannis Kahn
Owner Anzatan Commonwealth
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 104
Dissolved Year 15 Day 221
Political Information
Affiliation Anzatan Commonwealth
Industry Recycling company
Holosite Outback Industries



Outback Industries was first drawn up on paper between Auron Tamerin of the Tamerin Foundation and Amrap Rathakar as a solution to the needed construction problems within the Kathol Republic. As a recycling company it was originally tasked to replace poorly designed cities created by the previous administration under Samuel Vimes and replace them with redesigned cities to conform to the needs of the growing population. However due to political differences between Auron Tamerin and the new President of the Kathol Republic Han Hunter the project never began.

When Auron moved his companies into the Churba sector he brought with him Outback Industries and later they claimed to be the leading construction company in the sector for individuals seeking to own their own cities without needing to own a planet. After a few months as an affiliated company of the New Anzat Order the company came in dispute with Amrap. When the original deal took place certain obligations had to be met by Amrap and Auron. Amrap threatened Auron and his colleagues whilst Auron was away and an emergency meeting was held between Auron and his Council which eventually lead to charges being files against Amrap under Anzatan law. Amrap was then arrested and handed over to Mikel von Bianchi for processing. Auron retained control of Outback Industries and all of its assets and it became a full company of the Tamerin Foundation.

After a number of months the company got into difficulties with the trading community after it seized assets of Ra-Cor Jorij who was connected to GalMart, a company owned by Jeb`el Ras. Jeb`el and his companies were rivals of the Tamerin Foundation and it was alleged that Jeb`el and his companies was working with Mandalore to take Anzatan worlds by force. Although Jeb`el Ras denied these allegations, he never agreed to go through the proper channels to resolve the issue of the seized assets. Eventually the situation caused Ra-Cor Jorij to resign as CEO of GalMart and he later joined the Tamerin Foundation which released his assets back to him. The result was the collapse of GalMart several times under various CEO's and then GalMarts dissolution. However Outback Industries for taking a stand on issues controversial within the trading community reported a growth in sales higher than usual.

This stand eventually lead to the creating a Terms of Service that customers had to agree to before placing orders. Due to the nature of how the public perceived Anzatan law the creation of the Terms of Service allowed Outback Industries and by extension the Tamerin Foundation to continue trading to the public without it needing to utilize Anzatan law if problems arose essentially creating its own by-laws as a company within the Tamerin Foundation.

When Auron died the company was left to the Anzatan Commonwealth. Auron felt that his service to the people of Anzat needed to continue long after his death and that Outback Industries would serve Anzat solidifying Aurons legacy to Anzat.


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