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The Outer Rim Territories, simply known as the Outer Rim, is a vast region of space on the eastern edge of the galaxy. The Outer Rim is the least settled and explored expanse of the galaxy, not including Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The largest region in the galaxy, it is strewn with diverse worlds.

Exact dates and times when most of of the current sectors were formed and colonized are somewhat obscured, but the galactic shift of Year 12 has helped shape the current layout of the Outer Rim.


The earliest known settlements in history were established by the Galactic Republic, with the last being formed close to Year -35. Many critiqued the newly elected Supreme Chancellor and his advisors of following an agenda separate from what many colonies in the Outer Rim voted for in the senate. During the subsequent deceade, the Trade Federation openly disputed the Galactic Republic on matters such as planetary governance and free market. This resulted in a tense battle over the planet Averam, which solidified the Republic's hold in the Outer Rim. Much of this changed in Year -25.

The Galactic Republic started focusing most of it's funding Coreward, fortifying planets closer to the galactic capital of Coruscant. This left many colonies and groups in the Outer Rim upset over the perceived negligence, with the Trade Federation as one of the main instigators. The Trade Federation, under the guidance of a Sith Lord, formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems with the following: the Commerce Guild, the Corporate Alliance, and the Black Sun. This newly formed government made it's home close to the galactic core, but owned several holdings in the Outer Rim. As a result, a galactic civil war broke out which enveloped the whole galaxy. Though only lasting about 3 years, this war left several planets in the Outer Rim devastated due to many battles happening in the Outer Rim. Close to the end of the war, the Confederacy assaulted the Republic's capital of Coruscant. During the assault, many Confederacy leaders were captured and put on trial, which left the Confederacy in disarray during the last year of the war.

Then Supreme Chancellor, Drayson, along with a few other officials in the Republic, began dismantling the Confederacy's power structure in Year -22. The murders of the captured Confederacy leaders and several Jedi began a monumental government shift in the Republic. Reforming itself into the Galactic Empire, the newly formed government claimed a vase majority of the Outer Rim with the promise of new reforms and financing for the colonies there.

Political Divisions in the Outer Rim

Many schisms occured in the Galactic Empire, finally ending with Vodo Bonias as emperor. Unsettled by this change, many former Imperials retreated to the Outer Rim and with the majority forming a movement called the Rebel Alliance with several colonies disgruntled with the Empire, while others choose to follow their own paths different from the Rebel Alliance or Empire. After several border skirmishes, Year -2 signaled the beginning of what several historians call the Second Galactic Civil War. This ongoing struggle forced many sentients to flee from several systems for the relative peace in the Outer Rim, which still remained largely unexplored. Finally in Year 0, after two years, the Galactic Empire formally acknowledged the existence of the Rebel Alliance. This decision is what some count as the formal beginning of the Second Galactic Civil War.

The billions of migrants that settled in the Outer Rim started establishing major trade ports and colonies on worlds untouched by the now defunct Galactic Republic. Several of these groups formed many of the major governments now ruling parts of the galaxy. Out of the 19 current governments ruling parts of the galaxy, 15 currently have holdings in the Outer Rim such as: the Eidola Pirates, Mandalore, the Corporate Sector Authority and the Zann Consortium, just to name a few. With the progression of the war some governments sided with the Empire, while others joined the cause of the Rebel Alliance (who later reformed in the New Republic). But not all picked a side in this war, with some staying neutral to the ever continuing conflict.

Growing Commerce

With growing demands for laborers and resources of all types, dozens of corporations started sprouting and flourishing along the Outer Rim. Organizations for mining, manufacturing, trading and other services bolstered the galactic economy, while providing stability to several worlds and systems in the Outer Rim once left devastated or abandoned by the wars the galaxy suffered through. This lead to several trading routes and hubs being established in the Outer Rim to help maintain such growing commerce.


The Outer Rim has been the scene of many battles and proxy wars fought by several governments and groups. As of Year 18, 15 governments maintain territories in the region.

Government Sectors Owned Population Notable System Leader
Aurodium Legion 1 1,955,553,612 Opoku Sob Conners
Black Sun 4 361,513,876,097 Woldona Jeor Knight
Corporate Sector Authority 3 10,938,864,655 Hiit Gilbert Reed
Eidola Pirates 8 239,455,892,903 Y`toub Syn
Falleen Federation 1 3,576,596 Melida/Daan Jado Dur`rik
Galactic Empire 4 882,840,484,366 Rhelg Guinar Ndengin
Mandalore 8 363,649,220,438 Malachor Korlan Mereel
New Republic 11 1,110,462,072,976 Dodz Orion Chran
Rogue Squadron 13 954,620,413,256 Seven Flames Mandor von Uberwald
Krath 10 203,519,888,880 Gam Tim`nisi Lazarus Kell
TIEFE 6 56,497,202,556 Skann John Calay
Tion Hegemony 7 465,256,561,004 Tion Stephanie Barefoot
Trade Federation 9 1,091,072,403,944 Devon Nohv Schiller
Tresario Star Kingdom 5 844,790,784,304 Ossus Jude Vatz
Zann Consortium 1 100,631,489 Drup Kyota Navic
  • population as of Year 18 Day 75


The Outer Rim is one of the wealthier regions of the galaxy, hosting dozens of corporations who provide countless services to the galactic population. Billions of credits worth of ships, weapons, droids and more are moved throughout the Outer Rim every month. Some of these resources are sent Coreward, but the majority is traded between groups who reside or have businesses in the Outer Rim.

With the increase in commerce, some found it easier to profit from others. Piracy in the Outer Rim prompted many to hire paramilitary organizations to combat the growing movement. Even this, however, helped the economics of the regions due to both pirate and paramilitary groups investing in the very business they were robbing or protecting.

Many types of commerce ventures can be found in the Outer Rim, but a major economic field is mining due to the loose regulations in corporate controlled systems. Several of the companies in the Region are privatized, mainly providing services at higher costs to the public, while others are nationalized subsidies controlled by the governments they strictly provide services to.


The Outer Rim is the most culturally diverse region of the galaxy, since 50 of the sentient species in existence have their homeworlds in the region. Humans, the most populous species in the galaxy, hail from the Arkanis sector, while Hutt Space is home to 7 species.

Species Home Sector Home System Home World
Amani Rolion Maridun Maridun
Anx Raiobaloo Gravlex Med Gravlex Med
Barabel Albanin Barab Barab I
Bith Mayagil Colu Clak’Dor VII
Bosph Bosph Bosph Bosph I
Cathar Quelii Cathar Prime Cathar
Chadra-Fan Jospro Chad Chadra
Chevin Quelii Vinsoth Vinsoth
Defel Periphery Ka`Dedus Af`El
Diathim Ash Worlds Iego Millius Prime
Ewok Moddell Endor Forest Moon
Gamorrean Galov Opoku Gamorr
Gand Shadola Gand Gand
Geonosian Arkanis Geonosis Geonosis
Human Arkanis Tatoo Tatooine
Hutt Hutt Space Y`Toub Nal Hutta
H`nemthe Mayagil H`nemthe H`nemthe
Imzig Hutt Space Bootana Hutta Imzig
Jawa Arkanis Tatoo Tatooine
Kaleesh Zuma Abbaji Kalee
Kaminoan Abrion Kamino Kamino
Klatooian Hutt Space Si`Klaata Cluster Klatooine
Kubaz Calaron Ku`Bakai Kubindi
Mirialan I-Sector Mirial Mirial
Mon Calamari Calamari Calamari Mon Calamari
Muun Obtrexta Muunilinst Muunilinst
Nikto Hutt Space Si`Klaata Cluster Kintan
Nimbanel Hutt Space Nimban Nimban
Noghri Kessel Honoghr Honoghr
Ortolan Sluis Orto Orto
Pau`an Tarabba Utapau Utapau
Polis Massan Subterrel Polis Massa Polis Massa
Quarren Calamari Calamari Mon Calamari
Rodian Savareen Tyrius Rodia
Sakiyan Hutt Space Saki Sakiya
Sanyassan Moddell Sanyassa Sanyassa IV
Sluissi Sluis Sluis Sluis Van
Squib Airam Skor Skor II
Sullustan Brema Sullust Sullust
Talz Sujimis Alzoc Alzoc III
Toydarian Hutt Space Toydaria Toydaria
Tusken Raider Arkanis Tatoo Tatooine
Twi`lek Gaulus Ryloth Ryloth
Ugnaught Javin Anoat Gentes
Utai Tarabba Utapau Utapau
Weequay Periphery Sriluur Sriluur
Whiphid Nilgaard Kaelta Toola
Yarkora Prefsbelt Carlac Carlac
Yuzzum Moddell Endor Forest Moon


The Outer Rim has the most sectors in the galaxy, with more than a hundred individual sectors. However, several of these are either uninhabited or uncontrolled by any organization. The largest sector in the galaxy, Hutt Space, is located in the Outer Rim, while the smallest sector in the region is the Portmoak sector.

The southern end of the Outer Rim has the highest concentration of population in the Outer Rim, and the northern end being the more sparsely populated and explored area of the region.

A ship with a hyperdrive class of 4 can reach the northern most system in the Outer Rim from Coruscant in just over 7 standard days. Kathol Rift, the most southern system in the Outer Rim, is almost an 11 standard day journey from Coruscant with the same class of ship.