Outis Hawkwind

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Outis Hawkwind
Outis Hawkwind at Amanaman Station Y21
Biographical Information
Race Amani
Homeworld Maridun
Clan Beviin
House Argent
Mother Skye Seafire
Father Rane Quest
Partner Ami Hawkes
Born circa Year -15
Languages Amanese





Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.7 m
Weight 140 kg
Coloring Green and yellow
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Argent Company
Title Lorekeeper
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Awards See Below
Signature SigSm.png

Outis Hawkwind (OO-dis HOK-wind) is an adult Amani of planet Maridun in Rolion sector.

He is presumed to be male, having been given a masculine-sounding name at the time of his birth sometime around Year 15 BCGT. Amanaman Station census archives indicate that he is the offspring of Rane Quest (believed to be the father) and a shaman called Skye Seafire (thought to be the mother) of the Charnoq tribe.

The Charnoqs are known in the city, frequently trading for technology which they use to gain advantages over competing tribes. They take their name from a local predator and are known to be active in the northeastern jungle.

Outis Hawkwind celebrated his coming of age in Year 2 CGT and distinguished himself in ritual combat against the rival Phalone tribe. Records indicate that he was called Lorekeeper of the Charnoqs.

While friendly Amanin is typically bilingual, Outis Hawkwind speaks Mando'a and Galactic Basic perfectly well. He has also been heard using simple Bocce and Huttese but is not known to read or write. He dictates to a scribe and affixes his personal seal to statements, a stamp depicting a trefoil knot.

Charnoq sigil

The Argent Company

On Satunda, Melona 28 of Year 21, the Charnoqs became a registered mercenary force called the Argent Company. The business license was obtained from Outer Rim Consulting, formerly Cantrell Consulting, and came with corporate Centrepoint and Trade Federation accounts as well as a fortified command center in Myto Sector. Outis Hawkwind was the sole stockholder until Year 22 when the Charnoqs became the Guildmasters of Mandalore.

Outlaw Gambit

On Natunda, Yelona 5 of Year 21, an undisclosed agency retained the services of Fang D`Wurm to post a bounty on the head of Outis Hawkwind for the charge of smuggling. The charge claims that Hawkwind circumvented customs on Ord Mantell during the Galaxy Festival and obstructed traffic with sensor nodes. He contests the charges, claiming that the event organizers declined to protest his enterprise and no other authority holds legal jurisdiction there.

D`wurm bounty poster Y21

Falleen Chronicle

Medical records have surfaced indicating that Outis Hawkwind was discharged from a Kheedar hospital on Datunda, Relona 24 of Year 22. The report indicates that he received cybernetic augmentation surgery, a procedure that was conducted by Surgeon-General Xynkro Velocio. CryoMed mechanical arms were custom-built to fit Hawkwind and interface with his Amani biology, a procedure that required one phase of minor adjustments to perfect. According to the records, Outis Hawkwind refused convalescence and departed shortly after regaining consciousness.

Guild Dispute

The Argent Company became embroiled in a dispute between Guildmasters when Hondo Walker, president of the Dark Star Hellions, announced a protection service in the Derra system. Hawkwind claimed that the service, advertised on the Guild cortex, constitutes coercion and thus violated the Bounty Hunter's Creed and threatened his Mandalorian clients.

On Natunda, Relona 10, of Year 22, the Argent Company mobilized against the Zann Consortium. Hawkwind is known to have collaborated with the rival Skulls swoop gang on Serroco and independently scouted and probed Zann positions on Derra I and Derra IV. The results of his raids were poor, yielding only a couple hundred scout droids destroyed or captured. Outis Hawkwind publicly appeared for the first time in a GNS broadcast addressing the dispute on Natunda, Welona 20.

GNS Holo - Guild Dispute in Derra Y22

Hawkwind was disconnected from the Guild cortex by its administrator, Teroch Qir-zan of MandaPharma, in a separate controversy related to his Guild dispute. The Argent Company protested Qir-zan's support of the Hellions service, and shortly after being purged from the net, a second bounty appeared on Outis Hawkwind's head, which claimed that he was a clandestine agent of Zann and charged him with espionage and subterfuge. Hawkwind dismissed the accusation, claiming "the smuggling charge was more credible." He offers the value of his own reward for the head of Fang D`Wurm, the manager of the board that advertises his bounties.

Gai Bal Manda

Hawkwind, along with the entire Charnoq tribe, was formally adopted as Children of Mandalore in a ceremony conducted by General Zachill DeSol on Atunda, Helona 26 of Year 23. To better integrate his auxiliary forces into the regular military chain of command, he was also granted a government commission at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Charnoqs gratefully accepted, and Hawkwind offered to surrender his shares of the Argent Company and accept reassignment. However, Mandalore preserved his operational autonomy and thus created House Argent.

Hawkwind's first project as a Mandalorian was to build a new tapcaf in a vacant lot once occupied by a garage in the historic former capital of Keldabe. On Satunda, Melona 3, Hawkwind stood before the Mandalore Clan Council at MandalMotors Hall and petitioned for the recognition of Clan Beviin, a neutral fellowship of beskar crusaders. Founded by House Argent, which supports Mand'alor Korlan Mereel in what is called the Mandalorian Civil War, the loyalty of Beviin members themselves is considered a private matter that does not concern the Clan. Accepted by the Mand'alor and General DeSol, Clan Beviin adopted Hawkwind's seal and made the Cin Beviin tapcaf its first headquarters.

Hawkwind at MandalMotors Hall Y23

Outis Hawkwind retired his old trefoil stamp and appropriated a Mandalore badge to represent himself, charged with the emblems of both House Argent and Clan Beviin.

Hawkwind aliik


Mandalore Unit Distinguished Service RibbonMandalore Letter of CommendationMandalore 2-Year Duty BarMandalore Great Hunt Season 3 Team Ribbon

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