Outland Mining Corporation

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Outland Mining Corporation
General Information
Status Active
Leader Rick Alano
2IC Gabriel Perkin
Owner Jonas Randle
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 340
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Mining company

Outland Mining Corporation has been in existence since Year 9 Day 339; growing from a small mining outfit intended to service the needs of a few select individuals, to that of a large and reputable mining organisation dedicated to serving the needs of the galactic populace.

It had also existed during the time of the Old Republic, however was eventually dissolved and absorbed into the armies supporting the Galactic Republic and as a corporate entity had not existed for thousands of years until it’s re-founding during Year 9.


The group that brought Outland Mining Corporation back from the murky depths of time first met in a Government known as the Invisible Army, in the Reconnaissance Division. The members of this Government had been promised stability, a safe haven and economic prosperity, in return for faithful service to the Government – most often without payment. After a string of poor decisions and derisible lack of leadership from those at the head of Government, the Invisible Army collapsed and many former members were left stranded in their former-Government-owned ships.

The former Reconnaissance Division were instrumental in the rescue of many stranded personnel and former colleagues, and subsequently met once again for what they had thought would be the last time. However once together, they vowed that they would fight against such corruption, and would seek to form their own safe haven, with promises made that would not be broken. That day, they made a pact that would require the utmost amount of loyalty, honour, integrity and personal commitment. Dispersing across the galaxy, the pact that bound the group together held fast against the test of time, and only a few years later Outland Mining Corporation was born again.

Outland was originally lead by Gilad Callista, who has continued to serve until very recently. During a few breaks away from the enervating leadership role, Jetsi Seejay stepped in to bridge the gap. Together, along with an advisory staff with first-hand experience in the successful running of corporations with a net-worth exceeding one billion credits, they had set the path to excellence that many members strived for.

So far, Outland Mining Corporation is well on the way to becoming exactly what many members of the old Reconnaissance Division had expected, and is proud to be able to compete with many major Governments in the remuneration of its employees, and especially the welfare of the same.

After 3 years of operation, Outland Mining Corporation remains dedicated to mining excellence!

These days, OMC is lead by ex-Extractions Director and Chief Operating Officer Rick Alano. The change has occurred due to Gilad's decreased activity within the corporation's leadership, and also Rick's extreme competence for the role after supporting the main operations for quite some time.