Outrider Trading

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Outrider Trading
Outrider Trading Emblem Year 4.png
General Information
Motto "If the customer isn't happy, we're not happy."[1]
Status Defunct
Leader Dargon Yotam (Year 2)
Keir Santage (Year 4)
See below
2IC Bar Cochba (Year 2)
Ezlee (Year 2)
Owner Various Individuals
Historical Information
Formed from Sarin Inc.
Founded Year 2 Day 129
Dissolved Year 6 Day 232 (see: Kathol Republic)
Political Information
Industry Trade Conglomerate
Holosite Outrider Trading (Archived)

Outrider Trading was a chartered company established on Year 2 Day 129 by Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam. The company was formed from the ashes of Sarin Inc. Notable personnel during the early years of this organization included Ezlee, Ariana Kahlil, Locus Tyrell, and Rygel Starshifter.[2] Ownership of the company changed hands many times in subsequent years. Circa Year 4, Keir Santage bought and transformed the company into an organized group of formidable thieves. Over time, Outrider Trading gained renown for its lengthy existence and complicated history which is interwoven with various criminal syndicates. Ultimately, Outrider Trading was transformed into the Kathol Republic on Year 6 Day 232.

Although some interstellar historians describe Outrider Trading as the "first" organized group of criminals, this distinction likely belongs to the Night Thieves formed in Year 1 Day 185 by Owan D'arc, Mithrander, Idalia and C'Teal.[3]


"Beware before you have any dealings with Outrider Trading that our goal is to make a profit of you and that we'll do whatever we can to reach that goal. We guarantee you that we do honest trades, if we didn't our reputation would be destroyed and so would our profits. We will strive for the lowest prices around just so you would buy from us instead of someone else. We will not give you false guarantees of quality. Our ships are sold as is. We will not state we have cheap ships when we have the same prices as others. We will not use a middleman because if we rip you off our reputation would be gone. We will not provide middleman services, if you want safe, then buy from us. Our greed is your guarantee.[4]"
Mystiel Raleigh, CEO of Outrider Trading


Outrider Trading was the spiritual successor Sarin Incorporated, a trading company headquartered on the planet of Tatooine.[1] Sarin Inc. was created by Sarin Boda, Ann Yael, and Hobo Raff on Year 1 Day 197.[5] The majority of its employees were ex-personnel of the Bounty Hunter Alliance and had departed the latter organization due to a disagreement with the high command. Once Sarin Inc. was founded, Choibacco was appointed vice president of the company. Ann Yael — Choibacco's future consort — was appointed their ambassador to the New Anzat Order during the rule of President Dunkler Klerus.[6]

Throughout this period, Sarin Incorporated was a generic company which stocked and traded a variety of items such as starships and droids. They aimed to give their customers a place to purchase all their needs and a place to sell their unwanted artifacts when they were ready to upgrade.[7] However, Sarin Inc. soon fell into disarray and a large portion of its membership egressed with Choibacco and Ann Yael to form Arakyd Industries.[6] Those who remained behind — notably Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam — decided to rebuild Sarin Incorporated under a new name.


On Year 2 Day 129, Bar Cochba and Dargon Yotam founded Outrider Trading.[1] The organization floundered for several months and changed hands many times. At one point, Outrider Trading became a nationalized subsidiary of the Hapes Consortium.

Several years after its creation, Mystiel Raleigh gained ownership of Outrider Trading and then sold the company to Keir Santage, the father of notorious pirate Teniel Djo. Santage proceeded to transform Outrider Trading into an organized group of thieves who went under the unofficial name of "Eidola." His partners included Bruce Spear, Lloyd Font, and Derek Solo.

Outrider Trading was sold off when Santage obtained Biotech Medical on Year 4 Day 322. It was also rumored that Biotech served as a front for criminal operations for Santage and his crew before they emerged as the Eidola Pirates. Eventually, on Year 6 Day 232, Outrider Trading was transformed into the Kathol Republic.

Known Directors


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