Owan D'arc

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Owan D'arc
Owan Darc Small Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Freelance
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance
Centrepoint Station (co-founder)
Night Thieves (founder)

Owan D'arc is a Human male. After serving as a Logistics officer in the Rebel Alliance, he was instrumental in the foundation of Centrepoint Space Station in Year 0 and the Night Thieves in Year 1.[1][2]


Station Builder

While serving in Logistics section of the Rebel Alliance, High Commander Owan D'arc and his executive officer Kell Tainer became displeased at the Alliance's ongoing state of affairs and decided to launch their own organization. During a lengthy discussion with Tainer over Gamorrean Grog, D'arc proposed the idea of a space station. Soon after, the two colleagues recruited Hobbes from the Alliance Conquest Fleet to join them in their new endeavor.[1] When the time came, a large portion of Alliance Logistics and the Conquest Fleet defected to begin Centrepoint Space Station on Year 0 Day 258.[1]

Centrepoint soon became recognized in the galaxy as a trustworthy company. Eventually, the station employed 44 full-time personnel, including such notable figures as Friar Blues and Biggs. However, there were several minor setbacks. On one occasion, Biggs had a disagreement with Kell Tainer and departed the station. To replace Biggs, Warlord Khan was elevated to the position of Station Commander.

Later that year, Kell Tainer was reported to have died. This deeply saddened the employees at Centrepoint. D'arc was appointed the new Governor-General of Centrepoint, and he organized a funeral for Kell. The funeral was attended by many prominent individuals such as the Supreme Commander Mon Akira of the Rebel Alliance and Dark Princess Gabriella Storm of Black Sun.

The following period was a quiet time at the station when everything was at peace. People became restless and left their respective companies in droves for a more exciting life. Centrepoint was not immune to this restlessness and a large proportion of its membership departed over time. Eventually, Centrepoint was left with 8 active employees. The remaining employees decided they would disband and go their separate ways. When his colleague Hobbes returned to the Alliance, Owan D'arc resigned from the station and began to conceptualize a new organization.

Chaos Maker

Main article: Night Thieves
D'arc pictured during his reign as Chaos-in-Chief of the Night Thieves.

A month after he departed Centrepoint Station, D'arc formed the anarchist enclave known as the Night Thieves on Year 1 Day 185.[2] The original purpose of the enclave remains unclear. Many individuals assumed they were anarchists, pirates, or insurrectionists. The Night Thieves soon issued a series of political commentaries criticizing the major galactic governments in the galaxy. The response of one of these governments, the Rebel Alliance, was to brand the Night Thieves as terrorists. Within months the Night Thieves were joined by Rik Avner and Cloud Carbine. D'arc, Avner and Carbine would become the nucleus of the group.

On Year 2 Day 40, the Night Thieves and Rebel Alliance began discussions regarding a strategic pact. A month later, the pact was publicly announced but, by Year 2 Day 130, this accord disintegrated after the Night Thieves were accused of supporting a coup d'etat within the Alliance. These accusations led to the removal of Supreme Commander Shae Briston from the Rebel Alliance. He was replaced by David "Dr. Fro" Salohah who assumed power under the new democratic title of President. All rebel officers with ties to the Night Thieves were either discharged or, in more severe cases, court-martialed.

Within months, the relationship between D'arc and Avner became strained for undetermined reasons. Avner parted ways with D'arc and later became a religious devotee of Alissma. After Avner's departure, the Night Thieves experienced internal upheaval and, on Year 2 Day 263, Carbine departed the Night Thieves and launched a new company known as Paradox Resource Exploration.

By Year 2 Day 360, the activities of the Night Thieves had precipitously declined. They issued a public statement that they were voiding all bounties on their enemies. Their diplomatic stance towards the Rebel Alliance was declared to be neutral. On Year 3 Day 98, D'arc stepped down as Chaos-in-Chief of the Night Thieves and the remnants of the band became a mercenary subgroup of Hammers Slammers. Eventually, D'arc returned a year later on Year 4 Day 84 and attempted to rebuild the Night Thieves. Whether or not he was successful remains unknown.[2]


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