Pacnorval Defense Systems

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Pacnorval Defense Systems
PDS Emblem.jpg
General Information
Motto "We are your first and last line of defense!"
Status Active
Leader Pravus Malum
2IC Vacant
Owner Pravus Malum
Historical Information
Founded Year 11
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Weapons, Armor, Ships, Capital Ships, Frieghters



Pacnorval Defense Systems (PDS) has a history that stretches thousands of years. They originally pioneered the first common sonic blasters, before PacNor you would only find them hand made on back water planets like Geonosis. Time Took its tole and PacNor faded with the wind.

With due dilligance and by luck alone Ettore Kalsi would come across data pads about PacNor. Before this however Ettore Kalsi founded and lead the Kalsi-Creed Trading Alliance with his partner Jack Creed. Jack left the company and in a time of extreme doubt. After the loss of Jack, Ettore would use the data pads to refind what was once lost. Pacnorval Defense Systems was born again. Realizing he was in need of further help he enlisted the tutalage of young Pravus Malum an upcomming prefect from Ailon Nova Guard. He had shown great promise, so he took a leap of faith and brought him aboard.

After several long endeavors under the leadership of Ettore Kalsi he finaly withdrew his tutalage and left Pacnor under the Control of Pravus Malum. Ettore went on to being the CEO and Leader of Galactic Medical where he is working full time.


Ettore Kalsi Jack Creed Pravus Malum Diji Spiritstalker Silus Nidor John Stello Scott Mo Chris Eagles

Employees, Former and Other Notable People

Leo Iscander Hawke Valorous Zila Suka Aaminye Soultaker Lyly Spiritstalker

Who We Are

Pacnorval Defense Systems is group pioneering entrepreneurial individuals originally founded by Ettore Kalsi from the ashes of the KCTA. Its Co-Founder Pravus Malum has taken it to new heights. We here at PacNor are dedicated to self defense and arming the common people. PacNor offers custom orders of weapons, armors, and items. As well as recommended presets. We guarantee the security off our pick up locations. For inquires regarding sales please contact Pravus Malum via Darkness Messaging.

What We Do

PDS is a premier weapons and defense contract supplier. PDS offers a range of services from ship production to standard hand held protection devices. PDS’s most popular Items of sale include the Correllian Power Armor and DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol.

Known Connections

Galactic Medical, Ailon Nova Guard, Triumvirate Coalition, Stars' End Mining Company, TransGal Meg, Subduco Syndicate, Infinite Empire, The Chiss Ascendancy,


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