Pallow Prem

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Pallow Prem
Pallow prem the one.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Ortolan
Homeworld Orto
Mother Ruznee Prem (deceased)
Father Beedo Prem (imprisoned)
Born Year -33, day 163 (50 standard years old)
Languages Fluent: Ortolan, Galactic Basic
Limited: Binary, Huttese
Physical Description
Gender Ortolan (identifies as a Male)
Height 1.52 metres
Coloring Purple
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Former Black Sun Blades Corps Of Engineers
Rank Former E-1 (Blade) Appointed Year 17, Day 69 (Pallow Prem committed suicide on Year 17 day 132 while captured by the Black Sun awaiting execution for trying to leave the Black Sun)
""I strive to be the strongest and most feared Ortolan the galaxy has ever known as well as a key ally to the Empire.""
— Pallow Prem

Pallow Prem was a male Ortolan, elephantine a species native to Orto. He was nicknamed "The Elephant" for having a lot of wisdom and strength. He was born to the "Prem" family and grew up on the planet Orto. Pallow had a happy childhood. Both his parents were very successful. Pallow's mother was a blue ortolan by the name of Ruznee Prem. She was a musician identified as such by her blue fur. Pallow's father was also a musician. His name was Beedo Prem. Orto is rarely visited by other species. However, it is known for having subzero temperatures and it is also home to some of the best musicians, entertainers and chefs within the galaxy. Pallow Prem is an rare exception to the Ortolan race. Pallow never wanted to be a chef or even a musician like his father. He always wanted to be different but he didn't know what he truly wanted to be until later on in life. He eventually left his planet with his father Beedo Prem and other musicians to start a new life on Year -28 day 5. Pallow was only ( 6 standard years old) The planet Orto though was very scarce with food around that time and many of the planets ortolans were dying of starvation. This is what caused Beedo and the other musicians to leave and start over. This is how Pallow's mother died too, which caused a dramatic event in Pallow's life that damaged him. Beedo didn't want Pallow to suffer anymore so he decided to take him with him to Tatooine with other musicians from the planet to start again. Although, Pallow suffered some major blows which completely changed his life. Pallow lost his mother from an early age on his planet as mentioned above. Prem's father was also captured by the Galactic Empire later on in Prem's life when they were working together in Tatooine on Year 12 day 25 . Pallow though through these critical experiences gradually gave into the "hate" of losing both his parents. Interesting enough, He was once an Ortolan who wanted to work against the Galactic Empire for them taking away his father from him. However, Prem finally realized over the years that the Galactic Empire was his only true friend and loved what they did towards his father. Prem's father was a slave worker for the Empire and later Prem learned that his father starved his mother so that she would die so he could have a reason to leave her. Beedo was a disgrace to his family name. Prem was a name to be honored. Pallow wanted nothing to do with his father and instead loved the Empire for making Beedo suffer. Prem eventually stumbled across the Black Sun and realized that he wanted to be apart of this great organization. He wanted to make a name for himself and wanted to become the first Ortolan that has done good things for the Imperial Union. He wanted to be the opposite of his father! He ended up joining the Black Sun on Year 16 Day 349 and started working for their Blades Corps of Engineers as an rank of E-O. However, He was recently promoted on Year 17, Day 69 to the rank of E-1 (Blade) for the Blades Corps of Engineers. Pallow Prem though ended up leaving the Black Sun on Year 17 Day 130 because he wanted to explore the galaxy and find a new home to call his own. Prem considers the Black Sun to be his true friends and he will always respect all of them for how they treated him and helped him out. The Imperial Union is always going to be apart of Prem's Blood and will be for the rest of his existence. Pallow Prem was arrested by the Black Sun on Year 17 day 132 for trying to leave the organization. The Black Sun sentenced him to death for trying to leave. Pallow Prem didn't want the Black Sun to end his life for him. So, Prem committed suicide by gun shot in the head, while captured on Year 17 day 132. Pallow Prem had lost both his father and mother and he gave into the hate and ultimately at the end of his life that same hate destroyed him which lead him to be sentenced to death by The Black Sun. Pallow Prem is now at peace with his beloved mother Ruznee Prem and while he was an "Elephant" of hate. There is no hate anymore but peace. Pallow Prem is buried in Elephant X and will always be remembered as the most dangerous ortolan the galaxy has ever seen!

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Physical Description

His body is that of an elephantine biped. he has thick purple velvet fur which is sometimes dyed blue to pay respect to his mother. He also has large ears. Pallow's original fur was grey but he dyed it purple to separate himself from the rest of the ortolans. He is short in stature about 1.52 meters with a muscular build. He also has big black eyes which allows him to see well in dim light. Pallow is able to detect food from a distance using his species excellent sense of smell. He also can absorb food with his finger tips and a has truck like nose which has a tympanic organ that also contributes to excellent hearing. Pallow Prem is equipped with a blaster in hands at all times and is seen to be very dangerous!