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Paparrin Cockpit4.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother  ?
Father  ?
Spouse  ?
Siblings  ?
Children  ?
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.73 meters
Hair Color  ?
Eye Color  ?
Political Information
Rank SDB
Prior Affiliation Corporate Sector Authority
Awards  ?

Chances are he will spit on you on sight.

Arch-Chancellor of the Jedi Praxium was Paparrin's first notable job. It was early Year 3 when Orion Silverhelm welcomed him to the group where he, along with legendary omni-strategist Array Bucol, would spend endless days restructuring the organization into one of the most active factions in the galaxy.

A couple of years later he left the Praxium to join Silverhelm again in an up and coming weapon builder known as Myorzo, which would in turn give way to a business conglomerate known as the Corporate Sector Authority. As Direx-Board member he orchestrated the creation of new businesses such as SEMinc and Magnaguard Manufacturing. Known all around as the CSA's watchdog, he failed to save the government from the event in which an unknown and--judging by his attempt to bare-handedly defeat a mighty Wookiee with several years of combat training--probably mentally unstable man named Julian Anumia posed as a pilot for CSA's leader only to engage the ship full sublight speed into the nearest star, effectively ending the reign of ExO Max Solusar at the cost of his own life.

After the dissolution of the CSA, he sought refuge within the Old Republic without holding any real political nor productive position. Given his anti-imperial nature and affiliation with all things anti-imperial he managed to obtain a New Republic diplomatic visa that reads as follows: "To you and your crew: New Republic Visa. On behalf of the High Ambassador of the New Republic Diplomacy Command, the bearer of this message should be granted entry into New Republic space and afforded lawful protections." To this day, he keeps this message on his person at all times.

At the time of the CSA dissolution, and as the only active Senior Direx Member, he was given emergency powers to lead the restructure of the government as specified in the chart, which is, incidentally, another piece of literature he keeps on his person at all times. He denies the legitimacy of the current CSA to rule over the territories known as the Corporate Sector. He also denies the Galactic Empire as having such right.

His personal ship is a barely functioning Mobquet Medium Transport, which is named The Humph in honor of a fallen old friend. It is believed that, in addition to being flown too close to the sun by an unknown CSA recruit, Bill Wildstar accidentally flew it into an asteroid field while taking a nap. He has not reimbursed Paparrin for the damages at the time of this report.


In the closing days of Year 14 Paparrin found himself suddenly the leader of the IGBC after the death of Sven Wan. Sven had in the week before swindled a number of individuals, Paparrin with available resources reimbursed as many as he could and acted honorably towards the galactic citizens. He would later sell the IGBC to Bossive Ketwol, who provided additional capital to reimburse additional individuals.

In early Year 15 Paparrin found himself in the Wyl Sectore in an attempt to free Bill from the Galactic Empire. The rescue attempt had Elvira Falston increase Bill's sentence and give a stern warning that no further attempt should be made to rescue Bill or attack Imperial personnel or property or Bill's sentence would be further increased by an unspecified number of months.