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This article is about the current Pentastar Alignment. For the old government Pentastar Alignment, see Pentastar Alignment

The Pentastar Alignment
General Information
Motto "Peace - Order - Justice"
Status Active
Leader Grand Moff Solarius Masha
Owner Grand Moff Solarius Masha
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 98 (as The Shadows)
Year 12 Day 308 (as Mining Guild only)
Year 14 Day 57 (merger of several groups and renamed)
Political Information
Industry Mining
Holosite Pentastar Alignment


The Pentastar Alignment of Powers or simply known as the Pentastar Alignment [TPA] is a imperial style political conglomerate in the north outer and mid rim. It was created with the sole purpose to end the lawlessness, to end the oppression, and give the freedom of self-rule. It is an Empire-in-miniature that is administratively run very different from most other imperial or rebel groups. Led by the Grand Moff, a Grand Vizier, a Supreme Commander, and his fellow Moff peers, the Pentastar Alignment is shining as a bright star in the empty and desolate north.

Claiming Albarrio, Atrivis, Braxant, Carrion, Cassander, Clacis, Dynali, Obtrexta, Myto, Perinn, Presfsbelt, Raioballo, Relgim, and Velcar. The Pentastar Alignment seeks to become a vast and strong economic and political power in the north. To further this goal Galentro Heavy Works, Galentro Metallurgy, PowerOn Conglomeration, and Dynamic Automata have all pledged their corporate power and industrial might to the Alignment by becoming nationalized and forming the Politorate Branch.


The Pentastar Alignment has had a long history which has been mixed with various groups over the course of its history. Linked below is the entire origin story of the Alignment & founding groups.

First Conglomerate

Origins as Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective

The origins of The Pentastar Alignment

Era of The Shadows: Children of Chaos

Second Conglomerate

Era of The Pentastar Alignment

Government and Politics

TPA has a unique structure in comparison to other major galactic governments and corporate conglomerates. An empire-in-miniature, TPA differed in organization, as it is administratively split into two: “Order” and “Enforcement” and five branches. Order comprises the Politorate and Protectorate branches, while Enforcement comprises Patrol and Insurrection, with Judgement branch separated from the rest. Each branch operates independently with its own leadership team under the guidance of the council in what administration they fall under. These two councils are under the Moff council that oversees all operations.

The Grand Moff is the Sovereign Head of State and is primus inter pares among his Moffs peers. The Supreme Commander fills in as Commander-in-Chief, and Grand Vizier fills in as Head of Government.

Leaders & Notable Individuals


Highest Rank Achieved & Faction

Historical Importance

Solarius Masha

Grand Moff

The Pentastar Alignment

Solarius Masha is the 1st and 3rd Grand Moff of the Pentastar Alignment. He is also one of the primary founders of the group.

Alex Masha

Grand Moff

The Pentastar Alignment

Alex Masha is the 2nd Grand Moff of the Pentastar Alignment. He is also one of the primary founders of the group. Currently sits on the Moff Council as a Moff.

Sabo Magus

Chief Architectural Officer

The Pentastar Alignment

Sabo Magus is the current head of the PowerOn Congolomeration, TPA's infrastructure corporation. He in the past was also the leader of Mining Guild and other Pentastar & Shadows factions. Happens to be the older brother of Moff Trace Magus.

Trace Magus


The Pentastar Alignment

Trace Magus is a Moff of the Pentastar Alignment. He is also one of the primary founders of the group. Currently sits on the Moff Council as a Moff.

Corey Vildras


The Pentastar Alignment

Corey Vildras was a Moff of the Pentastar Alignment. He is also one of the primary founders of the group. Was a member of the Moff Council before his resignation over the mismanagement of InterGalactic Banking Clan (IGBC).

Siejo Kutol


Mining Guild

After the death of Overlord Aeonian Masha, Siejo assumed ownership during the interim period, he remained as an advisor for the Shadows's leadership thereafter. He presided over the multi-merger agreement and rechristening into the Pentastar Alignment of Powers

Io Toda


Courier Communications


Luke Turton


Courier Communications


Sasuke Drol

Marcus Nightcloud

Leader and Moff

Courier Communications


Sekou Tau

Moff and Supreme Commander

Pentastar Alignment, Patrol Branch

He served as a representative military advisor to the Rift Alliance before and after the death of Moff Marcus Nightcloud, Sekou Tau assumed command at behest of the Grand Moff during his period of absence. He remained as an interim leader and was promoted from his previous position as Supreme Commander over the Patrol Branch of the Pentastar Alignment of Powers


Main article: Timeline

The following are the recorded dates of some important events in this organizations's history. The colors represent either groups that were eventually merged into the main organization or groups that were split off and reintegrated at some point into the main group.

Recorded Event Date


Year 11 Day 45

Courier Communication (Info) formally opens doors to the public and releases its first news article. CoCom is the first official organization of the group.

Year 11 Day 98

The Shadow is founded as the main holding group of the conglomerate due to talks to bring in an additional faction.

Year 11 Day 112

The Shadow acquires a 95% stake in the Phoenix Recycling Corporation (Recycling).

Year 11 Day 155

The Shadow enters into an agreement with Corporate Alliance, and gives its 95% stake to CA.

Year 11 Day 188

The Shadow group officially joins the Corporate Alliance as independent members.

Year 11 Day 213

The Shadow group acquires the Mining Guild (Mining) over CPM. It becomes the sole remaining group after merging operations with CoCom.

Year 12 Day 3

Aeonian Masha, one of the original founders and leaders of the group was murdered by Wylin von Cron. Ownership of the group transfers to Siejo Kutol of the Corporate Alliance. Alex Masha, and Sasuke Drol becomes the new leaders of the conglomerate.

Year 12 Day 46

Shadow GearWorks (Items) is founded and date marks its first day selling to the market at large.

Year 12 Day 114

The brothers Sabo Magus, and Trace Magus joins the Shadows. Sabo takes over official management of Mining Guild.

Year 12 Day 338

Shadow GearWorks has been renamed to Creshaldyne Industries. This follows a falling out between Sabo, and Solarius.

Year 12 Day 354

Mining Guild has been renamed to Keer Mining. A tribute to its leader Trace Magus.

Year 13 Day 32

Founding date of House Korne (Security) by Karl Korne. A future merger will form The Pentastar Alignment today.

Year 13 Day 101

Intergalactic Banking Clan is founded as a part of the Shadows group.

Year 13 Day 106

Keer Mining has been renamed to Lethe Merchandising.

Year 13 Day 108

The Infinite Empire loses its governmental authority and resumes the status of a mercenary outfit. Karl Korne, Solarius Masha, and members fleeing from Infinite Empire all condense to form The Pentastar Alignment

Year 13 Day 237

Horizon Tactical Armaments was renamed to Galentro Heavy Works after its acquired by Solarius Masha. This forms the forth concurrent faction of the Shadows. Group enters its golden age.

Year 14 Day 30

The The Mercenary Guild, holding numerous systems, today claimed their independence. The The Mercenary Guild is now recognized in the Galaxy as a legal government. .

Year 14 Day 34

Galentro Heavy Works is dissolved.

Year 14 Day 147

Lethe Merchandising is dissolved due to inactivity. The members are reintegrated back into the main organization.


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  • Tpa17.png (Year 17)

The Pentastar Alignment
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