Peter Max

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Peter Max
Petermax new3.png
Biographical Information
Race Togorian
Homeworld Mandalore
Father Tracyn Max
Children Adopted; Morth Castul, Roruk Drei, Xer`da Arman`de, Elegos Ryder, Elvette Rainmark
Died Year 18 Day 349
Quote Dream and be free in spirit; fight and be free in life.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Breviin, The Death Watch
Title Overlord (Mand'alor)
Rank Aliit'buir Breviin
Prior Affiliation Rift Alliance

Peter Max was a Togorian male.


Peter Max, a human Mandalorian, was born to legendary parents Tracyn Max and his wife in a space colony. His birth marked a significant event in the re-formation of a once sizeable Mandalorian clan. However, tragedy struck at a young age when Peter's parents passed away, leaving him in the care of a mercenary group composed of Zabraks.

At the age of 18, Peter ventured beyond the colony, embarking on a life of mercenary work and espionage. While he gained recognition for his skills, successfully infiltrating various governments and organizations, he eventually realized that this path did not align with his aspirations. His true calling lay in reuniting with his clan, upholding their honor, and restoring the pride of his people.

During his time as a spy, Peter formed meaningful connections with numerous individuals. Notably, he adopted Xer`da Arman`de as his son, recognizing the significance of Xer`da's Breviin heritage, tracing back to a line of revered Breviin ancestors and warriors. Additionally, Peter's path crossed with that of a Kaminoan named Ni Sai, whom he aided in rescuing from a pirate base. As a gesture of gratitude, Ni Sai shared her extensive knowledge of cloning and related technology with Peter.

Motivated by his desire to restore Breviin's honor and standing, Peter established the "The Death Watch" to eliminate any opposition hindering their cause. However, this action ignited already simmering tensions, leading the self-proclaimed Mand'alor, Tyr DeMeer, to declare war on the Death Watch. Undeterred, Peter confidently conveyed to Tyr that he would not relinquish his right to establish an independent Mandalorian state, joined with Aliit Breviin.

In time, the Death Watch disbanded by a principle of ba'slan shev'la, or "strategic disappearance". Nonetheless, the clan remained steadfast in their mission, carrying on the legacy of the once-famous Death Watch and working towards the creation of an independent Mandalorian state alongside Aliit Breviin.

Breviin subsequently aligned with The Krath Dynasty to oppose the Mandalore government led by Tyr DeMeer. Their ongoing quest revolves around fighting oppression and striving for a government that is self-sufficient and free from external control. To this day, the clan continues their unwavering struggle to establish a society that embodies their ideals and principles.

The Krath Dynasty

Peter Max encountered a Mandalorian named Grevendar Togl, hailing from Clan Arklim, who had defected from the Mandalorian government in an act of defiance against the self-proclaimed Mandalore. Seeing an opportunity for support in their shared opposition to the Mandalore government, Peter offered his assistance to the rogue Mandalorian.

Having joined forces with the Krath Dynasty, Grevendar Togl extended an invitation to Breviin to join their fleet. In the year 14, the Krath Dynasty engaged the First Sun, a mercenary group, in a mission to liberate the occupied planet of Derra IV. Grevendar called upon Peter for assistance, leading to an operation known as "Retribution" by Clan Breviin. In this endeavor, Peter Max alone achieved a remarkable feat, eliminating 150 enemies from the First Sun and the Galactic Empire.

Leveraging his expertise gained from his mercenary background, Peter embarked on numerous infiltration and raid missions against the Imperial Union. He orchestrated operations such as capturing imperial officers and looting resources from Tresario Star Kingdom capital ships. These exploits earned him respect as an intelligence operations expert, not only within the Krath Dynasty but also among their adversaries.

During his tenure as the most prominent intelligence operative in the Krath Dynasty, Peter faced a critical event that played a pivotal role in his skill development. The conflict between the Dark Star Hellions and The Dynasty unfolded, and Peter Max's abilities came to the forefront. He successfully halted and exposed a Dark Star Hellions member who had infiltrated the Dynasty, providing crucial intelligence that prevented devastating attacks.

While Peter acknowledged the Dark Star Hellions and later the Zann Consortium as ruthless criminals, he also recognized their defiance and skilled operations, considering them honorable warriors in their own right. His efforts ultimately led to a Non-Aggression Pact between the Krath Dynasty and the Zann Consortium, following the Consortium's looting of Koros Spaceworks.

Peter Max's journey as a Mandalorian warrior and intelligence operative showcased his adaptability, strategic prowess, and ability to forge alliances amidst conflict. His contributions to the opposition against the Mandalore government and his endeavors in the Krath Dynasty earned him a respected place among both friends and foes alike.

The Death Watch

In Year 15, The Breviin Crusaders, led by Peter Max, had amassed sufficient power and resources to assert their autonomy and put an end to the strategic disappearance of The Death Watch.

Amidst this significant development, Peter Max was bestowed with the esteemed title of Overlord, a rank that carried the implicit recognition as a candidate for the ultimate position of Mand'alor. However, this proclamation was kept secret, known only to a select few.

Recognizing that his claim to the title was contested by other formidable contenders such as Tyr DeMeer and Kai Oryk, Max understood the delicate nature of his position. Nevertheless, driven by the unwavering support of the clans that rallied behind him, he chose to embrace their will and accept the title of Mand'alor.

Peter Max's acceptance of this responsibility marked a crucial turning point in the Mandalorian landscape, as his leadership and the united force of The Breviin Crusaders aimed to shape the destiny of their people. The stage was set for a riveting power struggle that would determine the future of the Mandalorian clans under his reign.

The Rift Alliance

The Death Watch played a crucial role as one of the founding member states in the establishment of a new alliance. Driven by their determination to create a united resistance front against the formidable Imperial Union, led by Overlord Peter Max, the Death Watch recognized the threat the Union posed to Mandalorian unity. During an operation targeting the Tresario Star Kingdom, Peter Max uncovered intelligence revealing the Imperial Union's plans to launch an assault on the Mandalore planet.

Thus, the Rift Alliance was born, with Peter Max at the helm, leading the charge against the Imperial forces. Through a series of remarkable victories, Max brought glory to the alliance. Notable achievements included the decisive defeat of the Tresario Star Kingdom army on Derra IV and the successful capture of Mikhail Ryun, the leader of the Tresarian Intelligence Bureau. Additionally, the second-in-command of the Bounty Hunters Guild, Ildris Elgar, was neutralized under Max's command.

However, this period of triumph proved to be short-lived as Peter Max became increasingly disillusioned with the true strength of the alliance. He came to realize that the Death Watch was the only state actively engaging the Imperials, while other members seemed more focused on their own growth and development. The decision-making process was hampered by bureaucratic red tape, resulting in a lack of meaningful action due to the council's sluggish response times.

Compounding these concerns, Max uncovered evidence suggesting espionage operations conducted by the New Republic against the Rift Alliance. In light of these mounting challenges and threats, Overlord Peter Max made the difficult decision to order the retreat of the Rift Alliance. The primary objective shifted towards addressing the imminent threat posed by the New Republic and the ongoing battle against the Imperial Union. The alliance's focus now centered on regrouping and strengthening their position in the face of these formidable adversaries.

Betrayal of Clan Arklim: The Dark Chapter of Deception and Retribution

Following the departure of the Death Watch from the Rift Alliance, a tragic betrayal unfolded within Clan Arklim. Overlord Peter Max, foreseeing the need for intelligence and counterintelligence operations, entrusted Talak Kasra, a close affiliate of Clan Arklim, with the ways of the Death Watch. Aware of the significance of maintaining friendly relations between the Death Watch and the Krath Dynasty, Peter strategically positioned Talak to spread Death Watch influence within the Krath and ensure the mutual cooperation between the two states.

However, Talak Kasra's hunger for power proved to be his downfall. Secretly collaborating with the Mandalorian government, he devised a sinister plan to usurp control of the Krath Dynasty and destroy the Death Watch. In a shocking act of betrayal, he turned against his long-time brethren of Clan Breviin, orchestrating the murder of Elvette Rainmark. Elvette, who had fallen into a coma after sustaining injuries during a joint operation of conquest on the planet Antar, became a tragic victim of Talak's treachery.

As news of Talak's betrayal spread, the Krath Dynasty swiftly besieged Death Watch cities on Antar, plunging the two factions into all-out war. Overlord Peter Max, driven by the desire to avenge Elvette, his adopted child, launched a righteous crusade against the Krath Dynasty. In a bid to even the odds, the Death Watch shared their possessed technology with their enemies and strategically placed spies within key positions of the Krath Dynasty. These clandestine operatives would provide the Death Watch with crucial tactical advantages in the battles that lay ahead.

The betrayal of Clan Arklim and the subsequent conflict between the Death Watch and the Krath Dynasty marked a dark chapter in the ongoing struggles for power within the Mandalorian realm. The web of deception and vendetta now intertwined the destinies of these once-allied factions, setting the stage for a brutal and relentless war for survival and retribution.

The Unity Offer: Peter Max's Challenge to Kai Oryk

In his relentless pursuit of Mandalorian unity, Overlord Peter Max made a bold and unprecedented move. He extended an offer to Kai Oryk, the leader of the New Mandalorians faction known as Mando`ade, proposing the merger of the Death Watch and Mando`ade. This proposal immediately captured Kai's attention, as he recognized the potential for a stronger, unified Mandalorian force.

The initial steps towards integration commenced, with both leaders working diligently to merge their resources, ideologies, and warriors. However, Peter Max had one condition, one final test that would determine the rightful ruler of the Mandalorians. He issued a challenge, a battle between himself and Kai Oryk, wherein the victor would claim the mantle of leadership over the united Mandalorian forces.

This proposal placed Kai in a challenging position. The stakes were high, and the outcome of the battle would not only determine the fate of both factions but also shape the future of the Mandalorian people. Despite the potential benefits of unity, Kai Oryk ultimately declined the challenge, abruptly halting any further progress made towards integration.

The decision to reject the challenge had significant consequences. It not only strained the relationship between the Death Watch and Mando`ade but also brought to a halt the promising advances made in their collaborative efforts. The vision of a united Mandalorian front, driven by Peter Max's unwavering determination, was temporarily shattered, leaving both factions to reassess their paths forward.

The failed merger attempt underscored the complexities and divisions that still lingered within the Mandalorian community. The challenge issued by Peter Max and Kai Oryk's refusal highlighted the divergent visions for Mandalorian leadership and the challenges that lay ahead in achieving true unity.

Though the proposed merger faltered, the indomitable spirit of Mandalorian unity continued to burn within the hearts of both factions. Their paths may have diverged for the time being, but the shared goal of a united Mandalorian people remained, awaiting the day when a new opportunity for reconciliation and collaboration would arise.

The Alliance with the Zann Consortium: The Birth of the Shadow Dominion

Surprising as it may seem, Overlord Peter Max recognized a formidable spirit of defiance against common adversaries within his former enemies, the Zann Consortium. Following the signing of a Non-Aggression Pact between the Consortium and the Krath Dynasty, a newfound cooperation emerged between the Death Watch and the Zann Consortium, as they joined forces on numerous occasions.

In the year 17, a groundbreaking development unfolded as the Shadow Dominion Alliance was formed. It was Peter Max who proposed the establishment of this alliance to the leader of the Zann Consortium at the time, Ximaro Jix. Recognizing the potential for shared goals and mutual benefits, Max seized the opportunity to foster this cooperative venture.

The inaugural joint operation of the newly formed alliance was led by Peter Max himself. The mission centered around the capture and subsequent execution of a Zann fugitive, Acelin Dominia. Max's strategic leadership and the combined efforts of the Death Watch and the Zann Consortium resulted in the successful apprehension of the fugitive, marking a significant milestone for the Shadow Dominion Alliance.

The formation of the Shadow Dominion Alliance not only forged an unexpected alliance between two former adversaries but also showcased Peter Max's strategic acumen and his ability to seek common ground in the pursuit of shared objectives. The joint operations undertaken by the Death Watch and the Zann Consortium marked a new chapter in their intertwined history, as they stood united against their enemies, ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.

Overlord of Death Watch

Peter Max was the Overlord of Death Watch, a title that was given by the clans that recognize him as Mand'alor. Max constant attempts and initiatives to unite the clans and his belief that Mandalorians should be conquerors ad, not mercenaries earned him the respect of many clans, among the clans that recognized Peter Max as Mand'alor were; Aliit Delitrox, Aliit Kal'kara, Aliit Ghost, Aliit Breviin, Aliit Varad and Aliit Beskar. Max has had many followers, some have dared to say that he had, even more, supporters than Kai Oryk.

A Warrior Spirit

Peter Max was considered a mighty and fearless warrior, having a kill count of more than 230 enemy troops; many successful arrests and successful raids earned him the respect of his followers, allies and even some enemies.

In the vast reaches of space, Peter Max, a Mandalorian warrior and the overlord of the feared Death Watch, commanded a formidable presence. Clad in his impenetrable Beskar armor, he ruled with an iron fist, instilling terror in the hearts of his enemies.

During a fierce space battle with a notorious raider faction, tragedy struck. Wreckage scattered across the void, revealing the aftermath of a devastating encounter. A decimated frigate was discovered, bearing the scars of a brutal boarding action.

Among the wreckage, the lifeless bodies of Peter Max's clan vode, his brothers and sisters, were found. They had valiantly fought alongside him, but the raiders had unleashed a final act of vengeance. Either by folly or a desperate desire to deny their Mandalorian enemy any victory, the raiders had self-destructed their ship, taking their own lives along with Peter Max's beloved clan.

However, Peter Max's body remained elusive, lost in the chaos of the destructive engagement. Whether he had been captured, succumbed to the chaos of battle, or somehow escaped, the truth remained a mystery.

News of the tragic loss spread through the star systems, leaving an indelible mark on the memory of all who knew of Peter Max and his mighty Death Watch. The enigma surrounding his fate would forever haunt those who revered him as a fearsome warrior and those who feared him as a ruthless overlord.

In the vastness of space, where legends are born and destinies are entwined, Peter Max's absence left a void, a silent testament to the uncertainties of war and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of power. The wreckage of the frigate served as a grim reminder of the destructive forces that can consume both the righteous and the wicked alike.

Peter Max was considered one of the most dangerous individuals in the galaxy, having earned many bounties on his head and surviving many attempts against his life. He died on Year 18 Day 349 throwing Death Watch into a very short civil war between those clans loyal to Peter's legacy and those who aligned themselves with the Krath Dynasty, with the support of the Zann Consortium power was restored to the loyal clans and Krath operatives were expelled and hunted down.

The Legacy of Peter Max: The Shadow Dominion's Battle Against the Krath

Even in death, Overlord Peter Max's vision and influence continued to shape the course of the Shadow Dominion Alliance. As the alliance waged a relentless war against the Krath Dynasty, numerous Ori`Ramikade Mandalorians from the Krath fell victim to the conflict, including Jason Phanto, who had betrayed the Death Watch for the Krath cause.

Jason Phanto's treacherous act of betrayal resonated deeply within the Death Watch, serving as a stark reminder of the challenges they faced not only from external foes but from within their own ranks. His actions served to galvanize the resolve of the Shadow Dominion, fueling their determination to eradicate the Krath threat and safeguard the values for which Peter Max had fought so fiercely.