Phoenix Recycling Corporation

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Phoenix Recycling Corporation
General Information
Status Merged (Haven Corporation)
Leader Siejo Kutol
Owner Siejo Kutol
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 338
Dissolved Year 11 Day 249
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, New Republic
Industry Recycling Company

Phoenix Recycling Corporation was built from the shell of the ZeroGravNomads, a recycling group build from a splinter of disgrunteld ex-employees of the Haven Corporation. Haven was a recycling company in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After a change in leadership and policy, Several people broke off and founded their own group. ZeroGravNomads were rather successful as a transport and construction entity, and leadership was passed around until the shell was sold to a different party. Hodniwa Stone rechristened the entity as Phoenix Recycling Corporation. The corporation itself was relatively successful for some time, until it fell on hard times and was sold to Siejo Kutol who helped bring the company back to fully operational status until its merger with the Haven Corporation.

History of PRC

Rising from the Ashes

PRC Logo

The Phoenix is a classic representation of rebirth and rebuilding from what has come before, in this regard Phoenix Recycling Corporation identifies with its namesake in both origin and function. Born from the ashes of the ZeroGravNomads corporation that preceded it, Phoenix exists to scour the galaxy reclaiming materials and parts from the past in order to help build a new future. ZeroGravNomads was renamed Phoenix Recycling Corporation on Year 10 Day 363. It was born as the brainchild of Hodniwa Stone and his wife, Brooklyn Stone, the company's first chief executive officer. Through the tireless work of the Stone family Phoenix has been build into a shining example among the recycling industry. Additionally, the stone family's close ties with the New Republic led the company on the path to become a private sector affiliate. As the company continued to grow, the Stones decided it was time to pass their legacy onto a new generation of leadership.

A New Phase of Leadership

Desto Drake, one of Hodniwa's most loyal companions, was chosen as the new owner of Phoenix Recycling Corporation. After being handed the organization he began the search for a new leader ultimately appointing Dabrickashaw Jones as Brooklyn's replacement. Following on the strong foundation built by the Stones and continuing the great tradition of Phoenix as a private sector affiliate, Drake and Jones look to the future to continue the company's growth. Armed with a cutting edge fleet of vehicles, ships and facilities; and powered by a tight nit group of recycling and production experts Phoenix goal was to continue to drive the industry standard for reclamation and production.

The Fall of the Phoenix

Through some strange corporate dealings, the company found itself void of most of its recycling assets and capital. Phoenix lost its Affiliate status in the New Republic and fell from the ranks of top recycling groups in the galaxy. The ownership of the organization changed hands many times, until landing in the lap of Aeonian Masha mid Year 11. Aeonian used his resources in his information company Courier Commutations to try to revitalize the organization. Unfortunately, those resources were far inferior compared to what the organization needed. The organization looked to wallow down the path of inconsistency and ineptitude for the foreseeable future, until Aeonian took some necessary steps to ensure the organizations survival.


Aeonian contact Siejo Kutol, Leader of the Corporate Alliance, for help in the matter of the future of his organization. After much debate and consultation, ownership of Phoenix was transferred to the Alliance. Phoenix was integrated into the Alliance Conglomerate under the Ministry of the Interior and was assigned to work as the Department of Reclamation Services. Minister of the Interior Tyrie Dajek was appointed leader of Phoenix and given the task of raising the organization from the dead.



After Six months in the Alliance, Phoenix proved to be a strong asset with recycling teams flying all over the Alliance Territory. Late in Year 11, the leadership of Haven Corporation, a long time Confederacy of Independent Systems affiliate, contacted the leadership of the Alliance. The Sponsors of Haven needed to expand business elsewhere, and, after tense negations, the two groups were merged, bringing the two splintered groups back together after 3 years. Together, under the banner of Haven Recycling Corporation began work on expanding its fleet and bringing its services to more and more of the galaxy. At this point, Siejo Kutol took command of Haven and looked to rebuild it into the most successful recycling group in the galaxy, one that could live up to its long history.


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