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Piett Emperor.gif
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.91 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Emperor of the Galaxy
Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy

Piett was the fifth Emperor of the Galaxy (Year 0 Day 122Year 1 Day 212). Prior to becoming imperator, Piett served as Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy under Emperor Spytek.


Rise to Power

Angry over the many weaknesses and mistakes of Emperor Spytek, a cadre of Imperial officers began to voice their concerns regarding his inept rule; in particular, his "policy of rapprochement." Among these officers Grand Admiral Piett of the Imperial Navy, Surface Marshal Trey Connel of the Imperial Army and Admiral Gorn Veynom of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, emerged as leaders of a revolt.

The revolt was short and successful: Spytek was forced to abdicate; whereupon, Veynom and Connel vied for the Imperial throne. Because a prolonged civil war would harm the empire, Grand Admiral Piett elected to use his superior military strength to unseat them both. Eventually, both Veynom and Connel submitted to Piett's claim as emperor. With Piett's ascension to the Imperial throne (on Year 0 Day 122), Connel was allowed to retain his position as leader of the Imperial Army while Veynom was promoted to commander of the Imperial Navy. Thus began the golden era known in history as "the Rule of Piett."

Rule of Piett

The empire during the reign of Piett, who proved to be a much stronger emperor than his predecessor, was known for its strength and conservatism. One example of this was the phenomenal growth of the navy. Because Emperor Piett had been a naval officer, his policies greatly favored this branch of the military and, led by Admiral Veynom, the Imperial Navy soon dominated the galaxy. This era of expansion and prosperity was only marred by Piett's failure to improve structural weaknesses in the empire.

In the final days of Piett's reign, the empire began to suffer from internal disputes and petty squabbles. These squabbles culminated with Connel accusing Veynom of plotting to overthrow the emperor. In response, Piett relieved both Veynom and Connel of command as well as their supporters. As the situation deteriorated, Grand Admiral Veynom, Admiral Gunther von Esling and Surface Marshal Trey Connel were arrested and tried for high treason. They were eventually acquitted of all charges.


Following the acquittals, Piett abdicated as emperor and sought a peaceful retirement in the Outer Rim Territories. Before leaving, he placed Trey Connel, now his Chief of Staff, in charge of the empire. Soon after, Connel assumed the Imperial throne (on Year 1 Day 212). Piqued by Piett's choice of successor, Veynom departed the empire for the Unknown Regions. Despite Veynom's departure, his diehard followers soon rebelled against Connel's rule and formed their own separatist government.

A short return

During the days of the Imperial Core, Piett returned from the Outer Rim Territories in his personal Imperial Star Destroyer, the "Crimson Guard", to work towards a merger between the Core and the Galactic Empire. His work resulted at first in the founding of the Dark Empire (a merger between the Core and the Sith Order), heading its founding High Command. Shortly after the public announcement of the Dark Empire, Piett returned to the Outer Rim Territories, leaving his Star Destroyer behind for use by the Dark Empire.


Piett's legacy as emperor is contentious. Regardless of his achievements and popularity, Imperial historians continue to emphasize his failure to deal with the petty rivalries under his command. There is no evidence, however, that a harder stance against either Connel or Veynom would have altered the outcome of events. Further punitive actions by Piett would likely have provoked certain officers to resign or secede earlier than they eventually did. Whether such problems during his reign were Piett's fault, or whether it was simply his bad luck to have presided over them, remains a matter for debate.


Grand Admiral Piett

A Strategy for the Empire

Emperor Piett had a very clear vision of the strategy that the Galactic Empire should implement to rule the galaxy and crush any opposition. That vision was quickly shared through the Imperial High Command at the very start of his ruling.

Imperial Strategy Note 1


Over the next week, I am going to share with each of you my concerns and plans for the Empire. I have given these issues much thought and have devised a sound plan to bring us not only victory over the rebels, but conquest of the entire galaxy! I have broken down the discussion into several e-mails to make them easier to digest.

A reminder - I encourage you to ask questions and make comments on this plan. I do not pretend to be all knowing. If you have something you want to contribute, I want you to comment. However, you must e-mail me privately! I can not allow defiant criticism. But rest assured, I will read each of your comments/questions and carefully consider what you have to say. Furthermore, I have no problem incorporating your good ideas into my overall plans for the Empire.

Keep in mind that each of these messages is not to be discussed with anyone! To do so could severely undermine our position. Anyone caught discussing anything found in any of these e-mails will immediately be removed from his/her post.

Today, I want to concentrate on the state of the Empire in the near future. First, let me give you some facts:

  1. We have already received our starting ships. Veynom and I are distributing them as we speak.
  2. All capital ships will be constructed in orbital shipyards that can be easily seen. Everything else (including star-fighters) is constructed in a factory in a city or facility.

At this moment, we have a series of advantages and disadvantages. Here they are as I see them:


  1. We drastically outnumber the rebels in firepower. We have many more ships and are projected to have many more ground based weapons.
  2. Our ships appear to be more powerful than the rebels.
  3. We have twice as many loyal planets as the rebels. We have eight loyal sectors compared to the rebels' four.
  4. We are so far advanced over every other government that they aren't worth mentioning.


  1. Rebel bases will be hidden. Not only will we not know what planet they are on, but the bases themselves will be hidden, so only an extensive search of the right planet will reveal them! Finding the rebels will be a laborious task.
  2. Most Imperial bases will be highly visible and know targets. It will easy for the rebels to select a target for attack.
  3. The Empire is very large and many worlds will have to be controlled by force. This means tying up our Army and Navy to keep worlds from rebelling.

Our forces will be drawn thin to maintain loyalty.

So, what does this all mean?

The rebels will be able to build fighters and other weapons in their secret, underground bases somewhere on the outer rim. All these manufactured items are small and quickly built. We will be forced to hunt them down through Intelligence and brute force searching each and every planet. It will take us time to find them and destroy them. While we're busy hunting, they will be building up thier military. Furthermore, they probably won't guard their bases with capital ships since it will give away their hidden location. This will free up their fleet to attack us! Lastly, even when we find them, since their equipment is small and easily built, we won't be disrupting any long process - many manufactured items will be completed and ready for use.

The backbone of the Empire lies in our military weapons. To conquer the galaxy, we will need to build huge numbers of ships, vehicles, and other devices. The Empire's main weapons are large (ie Star Destroyers and AT-ATs). Imperial installations will tend to be known by the rebels and other individuals looking to make a profit. So, we will be building large items that take long periods of time, many resources, and are either in highly visible orbital shipyards or easily accessible factories. We will be forced to spread out our forces to maintain order and protect our manufacturing. And last, when they do attack and destroy our manufacturing, it will likely be towards the end of a long process - tying up our manufacturing facilities with nothing to show for it.

If you look at the numbers of ships we are currently assigned, and divide them up to defend all the planets we are required to protect our manufacturing, we will have very small fleets. The rebels will be able to construct one large fleet capable of destroying any one of our defense fleets. They may be able to systematically fly from one Imperial world to the next and destroy each of our defense fleets!

Don't despair, over the next week, I will share with you my plans to get around these problems and lead the Empire to galactic conquest! I have a good plan that can be made unbeatable with your input!

Reminder - This information is to be discussed with NO ONE!

Imperial Strategy Note 2


Yesterday, I discussed the starting situation the Empire will find itself in and some of the problems we face. Today, I want to go over some solutions to these problems. Again, this topic is not to be discussed with anyone! To do so is to jeopardize the future of the Empire!

To conquer the galaxy, we will need short term and long term plan.

Our long term plan is simple - to have so many ships, vehicles, and personnel that we can defend every major planet and installation at our command. We will build such an overpowering war machine that the rebels won't be able to mount a large enough attack force to make a dent in the Empire let alone take over the galaxy. There will be no weak link where the rebels can overwhelm our forces. The Rebels will be a mere annoyance to be easily dealt with. We will systematically take over the galaxy.

So the question is, how do we get from the starting position I described yesterday to our long term plan? Our short term plan will get us there. It is the key the survival of the Empire.

Let's go over some generic topics before we get into specifics.

  1. As I stated yesterday, if we spread our forces too thin, the rebels will be able to amass a huge attack force and destroy our forces and installations one at a time. So, one key to our short term plan is that we CAN'T divide our military into units that are so small that they are easily defeated. At the very least, we must maintain Army and Navy units that are large enough so any offensive by the rebels is very costly to them. In short, we need to estimate the maximum size of a rebel strike unit and make sure our units are about the same size (at least).
  2. To reach our long term plan, we will need large numbers of new ships, vehicles, and equipment. This will require large scale manufacturing and mining operations. Since many raw materials will be needed to build equipment, the mines, shipping lanes, and factories/shipyards will all have to be protected. We can't afford to have rebel hit and run tactics disrupting our manufacturing efforts. The new equipment made will be used to strengthen our stranglehold and eventually to expand our operations.
  3. The rebels will also be trying to build ships, vehicles, and equipment to strengthen their positions. They will need shipyards, factories, mines, and freighters. We need to disrupt this process to keep them from strengthening their forces.
  4. We will need many planets in our grasp so we can gather the necessary taxes to buy the raw materials, pay for shipping, and buy vehicles/ships/equipment from various companies. Our army will be a key in holding hostile worlds and assuring the continued support from friendly planets.

So, in summary, our short term plan will have two major thrusts:

  1. Protect the Empire's manufacturing from rebel military attacks and sabotage to allow the strengthening of the Imperial war machine.
  2. Disrupt rebel manufacturing and thereby prevent the strengthening of their military.

Please consider these points and give me any feedback privately. Some of you have already commented on yesterdays message. Together, we will refine this plan and conquer the galaxy. By the end of the week, I will send my detailed plan for our final victory over the pitiful rebels!

Imperial Strategy Note 3


This is my final briefing on Imperial Strategy. However, once I receive and incorporate any of your comments, I will issue one more update so we are all working off the same page. Sorry it's a bit later than I wanted to send it, but it was harder to write than I anticipated.

Once again, don't discuss this with anyone. Not our allies, our troops, not even the Moffs. To do so could jeopardize our position. Intelligence agencies don't usually get complete data from any one source. They piece small bits of data from different sources into the complete picture. While I trust our allies, troops, and especially the Moffs, one slip here and one there could mean our secrets falling into the hands of the rebels! Every additional person that knows these plans is an additional chance that there will be a slip.

Here are some specific goals we will work to achieve:

  1. While rebel bases will be hidden and hard to find, shipyards are easy to spot. There's no way to hide them yet. Destruction of rebel shipyards will inhibit their ability to create large fleets. It will also force them to protect their facilities, decreasing the ships they have to attack us with. We will have every allied organization report all their shipyards to us. Every shipyard discovered but not on the list will be destroyed immediately. Once we get into our long range plan, we will attempt to take over these shipyards. But at first, we won't have the resources to defend extra shipyards. Letting them survive with poor protection is just an invitation for the rebels to try to take them back.
  2. To build ships, vehicles, and equipment the rebels will need many raw materials. They will have to ship some of these materials to their base in from other planets. We need to keep these materials from reaching the rebel bases. We can do this several ways. Attacking the convoys, destroying the mines, or even just blockading the planet is acceptable in our short term solution. We may have a hard time finding and destroying all their hidden bases, but if we can slow down their manufacturing we can force them so far behind the power curve that they will never be able to match our military might.
  3. Fleet Admiral Simms commands the Naval Fleet that has the responsibility to hunt down the rebels outside the boarders of the Empire. Very soon, he will not have any Army units assigned. For our short term plan, we ARE NOT trying to destroy the rebels! We are only trying to slow them down and tie them up while we build our forces. Finding their bases will be a time consuming task that will take large Army units. We don't have the manpower or equipment to spare for the task at this time. Destroying their shipyards and delaying their raw materials are far more important tasks. They will be the primary mission of Simms' fleet in the short term.
  4. As stated in previous messages, we will be extremely short on ships and vehicles. A large portion of our ships will be assigned to protect our shipyards and manufacturing facilities. To maximize the size of the fleets we station at these vital planets we will do all manufacturing and shipbuilding on 2 planets. We will encourage our allies to manufacture on these 2 planets as well. That way, we can protect our allies and our own facilities at the same time. The primary mission of my Imperial Command Fleet at the beginning will be to protect one of our two shipyards. The bad thing about this plan is that our fleets won't be properly balanced. There will be some fleets where Captains command an ISD and other fleets where a Grand Moff only has a VSD. Some fleets will be very large while others will be very small. We are all going to have to live with these conditions while the Empire gets on its feet.
  5. Fizzban has stated that the 7 sectors in the inner 2 rings plus one sector in the 3rd ring will be loyal to the Empire. These planets are where we will get our tax money from. Fizzban has stated that minimal Army units will be needed to maintain their loyalty. So, small Army units will be needed on each inhabited world. Since there will be no Navy fleet at these worlds, they will be vulnerable! To counter this, we will build Shield Generators at the main city on each planet, preventing planetary bombardment from rebel ships. If funds permit, other armaments will be built as well. If the rebels want to attack our planets, they will have to mount a ground assault. This will be time consuming and give re-enforcements time to arrive.
  6. We will also need raw materials to build our ships, vehicles, and equipment. Hopefully, we can get the raw materials from the inhabited worlds we are already occupying within our 7 loyal sectors. If so, the mines will receive Shield Generators and extra troops for defense. If we are forced to mine an uninhabited world or a world with an unfriendly population, that mine will get it's own Shield Generator and troops. Lambda Class Shuttles will be used to transport these raw materials so they can land under the Shield Generators for protection.
  7. Once we can defend these vital areas, we will distribute our other resources amongst the other sectors. Grand Moffs and Moffs outside the inner 2 rings can expect small fleets of ships to be used to assist in hunting down rebel shipyards and mining operations within their territories. They can also expect limited numbers of troops to be used to occupy some hostile worlds to increase our tax base. Shield Generators will also be used to protect these troops from space attack. For those of you who command sectors in the 3rd and 4th rings, don't be upset at the minimal resources you are receiving. It is necessary to get the Empire on it's feet. You will be given your share of ships, vehicles, equipment, and personnel just as soon as it is possible.
  8. I want to remind each of you that we are very short on ships, vehicles, equipment, and personnel. When Connel and Veynom make assignments, all of you will be shorted in some way or another. To have the resources to make this plan successful, we will have to concentrate our forces, put our pride aside, and accept that all of us will not get the equipment and personnel we deserve. Rest assured, we will build ships and equipment rapidly and strengthen all of our forces as quickly as possible.

Imperial Recruit welcome speech

The following text is a copy from the welcome speech of Emperor Piett to all Imperial new recruits.

"Welcome to the Empire, Recruit. You are now a cog in the mighty Imperial war machine! Years ago, the old Republic was dying from a corrupt, cancerous democracy. Petty civil wars and unrest spread through the galaxy. The Empire has restored peace and order. You will help maintain that peace and order.

Do you dream of driving a powerful AT-AT as it towers over the battlefield, ruling the population of alien worlds with an iron fist, covertly stealing secrets from Imperial enemies, or perhaps even commanding your own Star Destroyer? This is all possible to the loyal, dedicated Imperial officer. Work hard, enforce Imperial ideals, and obey your superiors without question to work your way up the chain of command into these coveted assignments. But beware, there is no room for slackers in the Empire! Dereliction of your duties will end in your demotion, imprisonment, or even death!

To start you on your path to the Dark Side, you must first contact Colonel Kiie at the Imperial Assignments Office (IAO). Visit the IAO webpage. for more information. DO NOT create a character or do anything else before you contact her! You need to know your assignment BEFORE creating your character! Once your character is created, you CAN NOT start over! Knowing your assignment will enable you to pick skills that will help you do your job. You can learn other skills later once your character is established.

To learn more about the Empire, current events, and Imperial Law, visit the Imperial News Grid (ING).

One last thing to remember, Recruit! I am the Empire! My word is law! Do my bidding and you will rise up through the ranks into positions of power and authority. Defy me, and you will be destroyed!"

— Emperor Piett

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Ruler of the Galactic Empire
Preceded By:
Year 0 Day 122Year 1 Day 212
Succeeded By:
Trey Connel

Dark Lord of the Sith
Preceded By:
Eventually the Founder of the Rule of Many
Year 0Year 1
Succeeded By:
Darth Knyte