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Plojo Rosom
Plojo Rosom Portrait.gif
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Niko Rosom
Father Pestil Rosom
Spouse Avalon Larkin
Siblings Olbri Keakin
Jova PallaDel (foster brother)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.87 meters[1]
Eye Color Grey[1]
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Rank Dark Prince
Prior Affiliation Omega Order Vehicles
Drearian Defense Conglomerate[1]

Dark Prince Plojo Rosom is a Kuati male and was the fifth ruler of the Black Sun crime syndicate. When his predecessor Qel Dar abdicated in the wake of the Black Sun Crisis, Dar bypassed his presumptive heir Kosh Naranek and instead chose Rosom to succeed him on Year 4 Day 61. Rosom quickly reconstructed the syndicate and divided the collective into task forces in order to more effectively govern different sectors of the galaxy. Each task force was placed under the guidance of a Lord. This enabled Rosom to focus on more pressing issues. Later that same year on Kiffex, Rosom married Avalon Larkin, the wayward daughter of Aves Larkin and Acria Xinge.[2]

In the midst of his reign, Rosom granted asylum to Xya Howie and Tara Tylger who were hunted by Emperor Greyson Uebles' Galactic Empire. Uebles viewed Rosom's public hospitality towards wanted fugitives as a slap to his face and attempted to suppress the criminal syndicate.[3] In the ensuing struggle, the Empire drove Black Sun from the Tatoo system on Year 5 Day 83.[4]

Although neither government won the short-lived war,[3] the aforementioned conflict may have contributed to Rosom's abrupt retirement as ruler of the Black Sun crime syndicate. Circa Year 5 Day 92, Executor Vodo Bonias of the Galactic Empire reported that Imperial special forces had apprehended Rosom.[5] Bonias asserted Sith Lords and Army personnel captured the Dark Prince of Black Sun during the Imperial seizure of Tatooine and then sequestered him aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer for future interrogation.[5] This strange report coincided with Rosom's sudden removal as regent of Black Sun on the preceding day.[6] In response to Bonias' claims, Rosom's successor Dark Princess Xya Howie insisted the rumors of Rosom's capture were merely propaganda and that Rosom was safely in her custody.[7] The exact circumstances surrounding Rosom's disappearance remain unknown.


...Beginning of biographical fragment...

Plojo Rosom was the first born child to parents Pestil and Niko Rosom on the planet Kuat. They both felt that Kuat wasn't a good place to raise a child in the then current political system so they left for Pestils' parents home planet of Tatooine. Six and a half years later a second child was born, Olbri. They gave their baby girl the last name Keakin, after the place where Pestil and Niko had met, to hide her identity from a cabal of misguided nobles on Tatooine.

Plojo, being almost seven years older than his sister was always very protective of her. Despite the good fortune the family had due to Pestil's successful gambling casinos, Plojo felt like she was all he had of worth. She too was always jealous anytime he had a girlfriend, she tried to beat up several, starting as young as five years old.

Their relationship was a close one. Plojo often took her with him to Mos Espa and Mos Eisley where they would team up as pickpockets or cheating at Sabacc. They didn't need any money, but they had fun working together as a team.

Plojo Rosom Holographic Signature Year 4.png

As he grew older it became apparent that Plojo was an incredibly gifted person. He was a talented musician, and always did well in school. He was awarded a scholarship to attend university on Coruscant, but Olbri asked him not to go. She begged him to go to the academy on Tatooine, but he couldn't pass up the chance. Plojo had a hard time leaving to attend University when he was 16. He had no choice though, he was the youngest person ever accepted into University and not going was not an option. His little sister was crushed, and so was he. He left and managed to have a good time after the sadness left him.

Plojo's absence from her life left Olbri in a vulnerable state. She became somewhat of a problem child for her parents. She fought at school, and won even though she was small in size. Her thin frame held a great strength inside it, and Olbri used it to her advantage. She would stay out late drinking with her friends and was caught on various occasions stealing speeders for joy-rides to beggars canyon.

She in spite of the harsh upbringing and problem childhood on Tatooine grew into a beautiful young woman. She was the object of desire of many young men on Tatooine, but she seldom dated anyone.

Three years had passed when Plojo graduated university and came home. The relationship between he and his parents was wonderful, he respected them for their struggles to raise both he and his sister, and they respected him as a productive adult.

The relationship between Plojo and Olbri was massively different now though. She had typical teen angst towards the brother she felt had abandoned her for no good reason in her estimation. She was cold and uninterested in his stories from the center of the galaxy. She made even more a spectacle of herself and got in even more trouble with local authorities. He felt the only thing he could do to help her was to get away from her altogether. So, he packed the Firespray his parents had given him for graduation and left.

He and some friends from University had discussed colonizing the jungle-planet Dagobah, so he joined them in their pursuits. They spent nearly a full year trying to build facilities and clear enough space for a city, but to no avail. There was simply too much jungle to contend with to make it profitable.

He called home and had his parents send more credits. He didn't want to get into it again with Olbri, so he started a band and traveled. He played show after show. He played for Hutts and Moffs and lowlifes and royalty. He loved it. He was playing a show on Balmorra and met a woman — Jospl Gobow. He was smitten. He was in love. He wooed her, he bought he things, but she was the daughter of a Senator. Her parents hated him. Jospl was just as in love however, and they got married soon there after. This marriage was just the thing to bring Plojo and Olbri together again. She soon realized that Plojo had to have more in his life than just her. She was finally happy again, especially for Plojo and her new sister-in-law. The Rosom family was complete again.[8]

...End of biographical fragment...

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Dark Prince of Black Sun
Preceded By:
Qel Dar
Plojo Rosom
Year 4 Day 61Year 5 Day 91
Succeeded By:
Xya Howie