Port Nowhere

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Galactic Museum
Port Nowhere holocron.png
Sector Callia
System Deep Space
Galactic Coordinates (97, -83)
System Coordinates (10, 10)
Ground Coordinates
Political Information
Controlled By Port Nowhere
NavComp Entry

Hidden between nebulae, far from any hyperlane or the law, Port Nowhere remains secluded as an institution of the underworld. Port Nowhere is an neutral shadowport of unknown origin, it is believed to be an old mining colony that escaped the eye of the Empire. Now, it acts as a safe haven for smugglers, mercenaries, scoundrels, and bounty hunters all looking for their next paycheck.

Famous Guests

During it's stint as a shadowport, Port Nowhere has been come to countless visitors of all shapes, species, and creeds. Those who have stepped foot aboard the station during the event include Adde Dima, Bogro Knutt, Burgo NaKuda, Corvo Skarn, Dakin Strachan, Nah Olos, Ossluk Vaskau, Nacht Ragnvindr, and Ungazzan Kakec.