Potentium Order

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The Potentium Order
General Information
Status Active
Leader Grand Master Jett Blackheart
Headquarters Cularin System, Hevvrol Sector
Historical Information
Founded Confederate Senate
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Type Force Order

The Potentium Order, founded by decree by the Confederate Senate in min Year 13, is a Force Order dedicated to teaching its beliefs as well as protecting the Confederacy. The Potentium Order does not view light or dark side skills as good or evil, they view the intent behind the use of these skills as good, evil or neutral. With their beliefs, it allowed for a light side skill user to use dark side skills as long as they are using them with good / neutral intentions. There are those who may not agree with these ideals, but they are not true Potenti.


To be Continued

Potentium Leadership and Titles

The Order is lead by the Grand Master. The Grand Master will be appointed by the Confederate Senate; however, he or she must meet the minimum experience requirements that will be set forth by the Potentium Council. The Grand Master oversees all activities being conducted within the Potentium Order. The Grand Master also serves as the senior member of the Potentium Council. The Potentium Council wis composed of a total of seven personnel, consisting of no more than six Masters with the Grand Master ruling over the Council. It is not mandatory to have all positions filled, but there will never be more than seven council members.

Titles in the Order are given based on force ability, experience and leadership. The titles of the order include Master, Precept, Disciple, and initiate.

Individuals who are member of the CIS and found to be n touch with the force are eligible to pledge for entry into the Potentium Order. Entry into Potentium is on a voluntary basis only, and individuals can withdraw at any time without fear of reprisal. If the Initiate is approved for entry into the Order, they are required to train on their own and reach a required level of experience with the force before they will be elligable to be taken up for proper training by a Precept or Master.

The title of Disciple is given to those who have passed the initial stage of being newly enlightened to the force. Upon reaching the appropriate experience level Initiates are taken in by a Precept to be trained. This training can be long and enduring, but the rewards are great, as this is the period where the force user will learn and grow the most in the force. The Potentium Council must approve a Disciples apprenticeship.

The title of Precept is given out to disciples who reach a required experience level and passed the necessary trials. Once obtaining the title of Precept, the Force User is now a full member of the Order and allowed to take on a Disciple for Training. Precepts are free to be assigned missions for the Order as well as serve as political diplomats in joint effort with the Confederate Diplomatic office.

The most powerful members of Potentium are assigned the title of Master. All personnel selected to serve on the Potentium Council must have the rank of Master to be considered for the position.

Potentium Beliefs

The Potentium Order, created in Year 13 by mandate from the Confederate Senate, is an organization composed of force sensitive personnel. The Orders primary role is to oversee all force related matters within the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Lead by a Grand Master and Council, the Order provides force testing for Confederate Factions and Citizens alike. Once found to be a force sensitive, Confederate Citizens are offered the opportunity to join the ranks of the Order and serve the Confederacy with honor.

While much of the orders rights and rituals are hidden in a shroud of mystery, some is known about its history. Unlike the Jedi Order, the followers of Potentium view the force in a slightly different light. They claim that there is no inherent evil in the force, only the light. Those who are considered dark side users pervert the force, twisting it to meet their own will. The potential for light and dark resides in the user, not the Force itself, and the Jedi teaching are merely the fear to fully explore the full potential of the force.

Followers of the Potentium Order are known to follow the following code, chanted at their initiation Ceremony. it came to be Known as the Knights Code.

The Knights Code

"A Knight is sworn to valor"

"His heart knows only virtue"

"His blade defends the helpless"

"His might upholds the weak"

"His words speak only truth"

"His wrath undoes the wicked"

"'Est Sularus oth Mithas.' My honor is my life."

Notable Members

  • Jett Blackheart- First Grand Master and founder of the Potentium Order
  • Keibak Aruu - Former Grand Master of the Potentium Order as recruited by Siejo Kutol