Pravus Malum

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Pravus Malum
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Deceased Fugitive Traitor
Father Deceased Be'lya Morwyr
Spouse Divorced Laris Tala'ris Lola'oree
Siblings Withheld
Children Withheld
Born Year 11 Day 47
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height any
Coloring any
Hair Color any
Eye Color any
Political Information
Affiliation The Ragnar Syndicate
Rank Redacted
Positions Redacted
Prior Affiliation Ailon Nova Guard, Galactic Medical, CIS, Galactic Empire, Falleen Federation, Infinite Empire, Dark Star Hellions, Raging Banthas, Nexcore Mining Corporation, Zann Consortium
Awards Redacted
"“One more dance along the razor's edge finished. Almost dead yesterday, maybe dead tomorrow, but alive, gloriously alive, today."
— Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos!

As night rolls from dusk to dawn, the Sun of Csila shines brightly upon Pravus Malum or Sopr'avu'smalum as he is know by his Chiss name. This is his story, his life. Pravus is a tall well built man who grew up as an outcast not by choice or because his family was with out status and note. Just the opposite. his parents were very Infamous. His mother is a revolutionary his father, deemed a traitor and terrorist.

His father was executed for crimes against Csila. Pravus values keeping in shape just like his military training. He can come off as a very serious person but one has to break through the outer shell that he has built over time. He is often found in his military uniform as he feels most comfortable in some thing that resembles order and structure. Growing up as a young child on Csila was demanding and not easy. Most families are of note.

Since his was not, he was constanly picked on as a child because he didnt have any status. This made him bitter. When he was old enough to join the military he jumped at the first chance he got. Unlike his friends he didnt have the superior collegiate training. He went in as an enlisted man fought in several skirmishes. He earned the trust of his fellow enlisted men. Eventually his skills shown and was found by a Csila war veteran. He studied under Xa'vansor. Xa'vansor, not only became his mentor but a father figure.

It was some few years later that he and Xa'vansor were posted in a hostile region of Csila and ordered to the 23rd Space Defense force that his life would be changed forever. Invaders from a near by region of space attempted to take over Csilla. During this war Xa'vansor was mortally wounded in battle. Pravus stood with him till his life force exhausted. The battle lasted a few more months after Xa'vansor died Pravus' unit was pulled out. Once back at base he saw a posting for officer candidate school in the Ailon Nova Guard. Posting out was the easiest thing he did. He was accepted and immediately shipped out for officer training school.

Zartan Patch Holder in Darkstar Hellions

Ailon Nova Guard

After a year of training and being the top 10% of his company,Pravus made junior officer. He was first commissioned by Sipps Paul and Xavier Bourdain in the Guard and given his own ship to pilot. Pravus finally felt at home. Ailon Nova Guard best suited his needs at his young age to belong to a goverment something or someone that also appreciated him and not a government or society of people who resented his family name.

He, like everyone else among his peers started as Junior officers and pilots. Pravus at first was tasked with hauling freight and raw materials from station to station and even to planet side. Forward progress is what Pravus would call it. Cannot stop or go back. Whats done is done. Have to move forward and forward he did. It wasnt long before he made his way to Flight Commander. In charge of his own flight squad. Commanded others to do the tasks that he his self did not so long ago.

Midway through his time at Ailon Nova Guard Xavier approached Pravus and asked if he would co found the Ailon University as well as their news print. Pravus the eager young Chiss he was jumped at the opportunity. The University and the Print both fell through shortly after their inception.

His Career in the Ailon Nova Guard was short lived, learning at a fast pace he soon found there were other things in life than flying for a Government that doesnt pay well for one. He was first approached by Ettore Kalsi a young brash entrepreneur and visionary. Ettore asked Pravus to accompany him in his endeavors. Pravus, at first challenged with decision took a chance and left Ailon Nova Guard. However not before his 3 year stint with II.

Ardent-class Fast Frigate
Cult of Csilla
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 2.0
Sublight Speed 50 MGLT
Max Speed 500 km/h
Maneuverability 2.00
Sensors 8
Escape Pods CockpitPod.gif 4
Docking Bay DockingBay1.gif Yes
Hangar Bay HangarBay1.gif Yes
Landing Capacity Landing.gif Yes
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts Repulsor.gif Yes
Graviton Generators n/a
Docking Port DockingPort1.gif 1
Medical Room MedicalRooms.jpg 1
Storage Room {{{storageroom}}}
Recycling n/a
Weapons/Utilities Turbolasers: 15
Heavy Lasers: 5
Tractor Beams: 2
Cargo Stats
Weight 500,000 T
Volume 2,000,000 m³
Weight Capacity 8,000 T
Volume Capacity 20,000 m³
Max Passengers 1000
Party Slot Size 12.00
Hull Statistics
Length 500 m
Hull 3,000
Shield 1,000
Ionic Capacity 1,000
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price CP Exchange Only AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum {{{quantum}}}
Meleenium {{{meleenium}}}
Ardanium {{{ardanium}}}
Rudic {{{rudic}}}
Rockivory {{{rockivory}}}
Tibannagas {{{tibannagas}}}
Varmigio {{{varmigio}}}
Lommite {{{lommite}}}
Durelium {{{durelium}}}
Bacta {{{bacta}}}
Hibridium {{{hibridium}}}
Varium {{{varium}}}
Affiliation Pravus Malum's Flag Ship

Pravus' uniform during his time as Aristocra

Ailon University

While under the tutilage of Xavier. A Government University concept was created. From this the Ailon Nova Guard conscripted Xavier Bourdain, Usta Yigit as well as with the help of Pravus to creat a uniformed training system. Together they three compiled Ailons history and schooling and placed it into one new recruit academy.

The Ailon University is an institution implemented for Ailon Nova Guard members. Accepted to only select few to go through a "basic" training of what is expected of all Ailon Members.

Chiss Ascendancy and House Sabosen

House Sabosen Logo Chiss Acendancy

House Sabosen is responsible for maintaining order in the Ascendancy. We do this by keeping the people healthy, educated, and safe. House Sabosen is a tradition oriented House, and does not accept non-chiss. House Sabosen's responsibilities are Education, Healthcare, and Justice. EDUCATION:We provide all instructors and instruction materials to the people. HEALTHCARE:We provide medical care for every citizen of the Ascendancy JUSTICE:Through the Judicial circuit, we ensure that the laws of the Ascendancy are followed and the guilty are punished. As with all Chiss Houses , we are led by an Aristocra and the family members are protected by the Household Phalanx


Founding House Sabosen came to power during the Pre-Ascendancy History of the Chiss. As one of the families that survived Csilla's Ice Age, they eventually organized into Tribes or ""Houses", lead by a "Ruling Family"(one family that ruled over all other families in the tribe).They controlled territory on pre-Ascendancy Csilla. They were engaged in near constant conflict but also worked to build a wealth of knowledge that would allow them to survive. House Sabosen became known for their skill as doctors, educators, and legal scholars. By about 5000 BCGT, a planet-wide resource shortage crisis forced the Houses to negotiate a treaty for the sharing of resources. It was House Sabosen that wrote the final draft of the treaty that united the Chiss People under one banner: The Chiss Ascendancy.

Return of the Aristocra

Little is known of the years after the fall of the Ascendancy. Reports claimed that some shadow children(hidden heirs of Chiss Houses) survived the Chiss Civil Dispute. This was proven when the Chiss Society welcomed Carn`ilo` Sabosen into its ranks. Sabosen advocated transforming the Society into a new Ascendancy. His dedication to this task led him to be branded as a "radical". His ethical flexibility(other accounts say self-interest) in pursuit of the revival of the Ascendancy caused him to be involved in several intrigues, the last of which was a plot to assassinate Flar Gar, then owner of Chiss Material Extractions. Carn`ilo` Sabosen was discovered and confessed to the plot. The Council of CME decided he posed too much of a security risk(as he had CME shares and capital that CME claimed belonged to them) and voted to execute him on Day 109 of Year 12. As House Sabosen had been the focal point of the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, which was becoming more traditionalist in principle even before Carn`ilo` Sabosen's death. Commander of the Sabosen Household Phalanx Rachel Keiko-sho was appointed as temporary leader of House Sabosen while a new heir was located. During this time, she ably kept the CAIE together and organized the broadcast reply to the GNS broadcast made by Chiss Material Extractions(which had renamed itself to The Chiss Ascendancy shortly after executing Carn`ilo` Sabosen.)

Next of Kin

It was during this time that a new heir was found. Drak`ora Sabosen was named Aristocra without delay and began to announce a new program:the "Zolidar Reforms".The policies were based on a reverence for traditional chiss values and institutions, that included an aspect of pragmatism. His first policy was to withdraw the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile from the Council of Native Races, which had come to be seen as an anti-human terrorist group. His efforts to encourage the CAIE were not always successful. A broadcast made on the Chiss Holonet nullifying the Non Agression and Non Preemptive Strike Agreement signed by Carn`ilo` Sabosen outraged The Chiss Ascendancy.Its leader, Lord Flar Gar send a terse message to Drak`ora Sabosen's employer the Corporate Alliance, reminding CA that it was an ally of the Rogue Squadron Government. The message also declared that the CIS that it considered the statement to be a provocation of war and was prepared to declare war on the Corporate Alliance and the CIS.After negotiation caused the threat of war to be averted, Gar approached the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile with the offer of a negotiated acknowledgement of goodwill. Not necessarily a Non Aggression pact, but it came to be known as the Agreement of Civility, this eventually led to the merger of the two groups.

Separation and Unification

Chafing under the restrictions of the terms of the Agreement of Civility (The Chiss Ascendancy refused to call it a treaty), Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen announced that the former CAiE members would create their own company. House Sabosen needed a project to bind the community in the meantime. House Sabosen allied with House Nakesh in a call for Chiss Unification. The result was the Chiss Parliament. House Sabosen upped the ante by issuing a call for elections to a new body within the Chiss Parliament, the Chiss Senate. The Senate debates and elections acted as a nonviolent outlet for frustrations between various interests, but soon the limitations began to show. It was decided that a corporate venture was the best way to direct the energy and financial capital of the Chiss Community. Then the Progressives announced that they were renaming their mining company, which House Sabosen saw as the final victory in the year long information war they had been waging. Elections were suspended until a new project, called the Chiss Convention was completed.

A House Reduced

Aristocra Drak`ora Sabosen named Pravus Malum as his heir. This proclamation was the second such attempt after his son (Jos`ulu` Sabosen) had been a disappointment. Sabosen also welcomed Rawth Shacklefist back into the House, naming his a trial born. After Drak`ora Sabosen's assassination, Pravus became the new Aristocra Sabosen. Malum's short term ended when he revealed that he had become infected by the metamorphosis plague and was no longer a Chiss, which meant that the new Aristocra was Rawth Shacklefist. The Council of Families immediately recognized Rawth as the new Aristocra Sabosen.

Praxius University

Pravus as a Director in Praxius

Praxius was a concept idea established by Ara Miransi. Now deceased, Kih Nast took the helm to continue the legacy of Ara Miransi. Praxius lasted for seven months before they threw in the reins and decided to close shop. As great a concept as it was it didn't last with out the heart behind the organization.

Praxius has since dissolved and became a thing of the past.

The University was formed by Galactic Medical, and the later divisions (The Research Wing) and later (Dynamics), are private Enterprise and part of Praxius University.

Galactic Medical

Created by Crawford Zapp, second in command at TransGalMeg and Ettore Kalsi, Pravus was given an opportunity he couldn't resist and took Ettore's offer to be a partner in Galactic Medical. At the same time he and Ettore were also working with PacNor. Ettore not willing to abandon the project he took up running both companies at the same time. As leader of Galactic Medical needed to focus all of his attention on the company. After many months Ettore would leave PacNor to Pravus Malum, first by making him Chief Operating Officer, then by dissolving the company, liquidating and allowing Pravus to take the name and rebuild it, better than before.

Andromeda Republic

Pravus was given an opportunity to work closely with Andromeda Starforge as a friendship pact with Galactic Medical. All the while working as CEO after the liquidation of PacNor from Ettore. Taking the opportunity Pravus decided to help out in a more active capacity working his way into a second in command position with the newly created Andromeda Starforge. After a month or more he was offered a chance at his own organization within Andromeda. At this point Samuel Ashen, the founder of Andromeda, decided he wanted something more than just a few corporations. The idea of the Andromeda Republic was born. Three organizations currently make up the Republic.

Galactic Alliance

smoking my cigar

Infinite Empire

Pravus Malum joined the Infinite Empire as an agent of the Imperial Intellegence Corp. As an agent his task was infiltration gain trust and position. Any mention of Pravus Malum and his influence on the Infinite Empire has since been redacted and removed from usage on their Holocron Website.

Pravus disguised as a human

The Oshara War

Having just succeeded in planning another devastating attack which was carried out largely by Hellions Xalitus Swindler and Seth Haze capturing Luther Nightwish former New Republic Senator , Ximaro was approached by an individual named Kieth Stryker. Keith proposed a contract to be formed bettween his organization and Dark Star Hellions and requested the infamous Hellions mercenaries be utilized to fight any resistance.

Accepting the offer Ximaro with the voted approval of the entire gang, Hellions would combine a plan that had already been in motion for another objective utilizing Pravus Malum and Draco Cannis to attack Infinite Empire from within causing several deaths. Pravus Malum despite being a member of Dark Star Hellions was also an Imperial Intelligence operative who amassed much in his career in the Infinite Empire attaining the title of Lord Regent which would prove successful as he appointed fellow Hellion Draco Cannis as Colonel over the Infinite Empire's ground forces. Once the blood shed began within , the Infinite requested aid from the Galactic Alliance . Many Dark Star Hellions patches and prospects attacked all rebel forces on the ground lead by Nomad Hellion Seth Haze, while Keith Strykar , Simkin Dragoneel and others of Guardians of the Fey formerly Faerytail disabled power generators on various planets and begin to colonize.

The entire operation for both parties proved a success. The Dark Star Hellions once again reminded the galaxy of their legacy of violence as they executed six Infinite Empire members, one Krath Dynasty member , a New Republic governor , and one Rogue Squadron member who were among the Galactic Alliance resistance. Hi`kush Royan the brother and replacement leader of a smuggling outfit known as Ni`Lyahin Smugglers would also go on to be murdered in the conflict by Dark Star Hellions who had murdered his brother Vito Royan just weeks prior. Hellions also massacred many civilian contractors hired by the rebels to continue reclamation efforts against Guardians of the Fey formerly Faerytail Medical. In addition freelancers attempting to make a few simple credits were captured and killed by Hellions as warning to all to avoid the war zone.

In the aftermath the rebels learned the Oshara power generators were shut off so Dark Star Hellions could be given the upper hand in attacking the incoming rebels . Xakic Jix along with the assistance of Hondo Walker would claim the planet of Krmar as Hellions territory while other Hellions would fight. The Galactic Alliance which responded in the force of as many five governments proved unsuccessful repelling the criminal attacks as the war would rage on and the body count would stack up with rebel corpses . While no losses to Guardians of the Fey formerly Faerytail employees nor Dark Star gang members would be taken, a planetary dispute soon formed as between the two controversial contractual allies.

While Guardians of the Fey formerly Faerytail laid claim to Krmar II as per the agreement with Dark Star Hellions, some Hellions would become driven by greed and attempt to commit a hostile takeover . Despite a directive to not take over the planet from Ximaro Jix, many Hellions would vote against him in an effort to expand territory. The Faeries showed they could repel the Hellions hostile take over , however not stop the Hellions from attempting. This test o futility would plunge Krmar II into a constant state of warfare between innocent civilians and the raiding Hellions.

A Man of two worlds

"Pravus was afflicted with the Metamorphosis Plague; This plague at a cellular level mutated his DNA structure with several different unstable gene structures. This Polymorphism is due in part by a retro virus. Forgein and radiated, the DNA was introduced by a retro virus.

The Retro Virus attached and rewrote his exisiting DNA cellular structure causing him to lose the more dominate Chiss like genes and adapted a more agressive Human DNA structure. It was then further mutated again, resultingin a new DNA structure of the Diathim gene." This changed his overall appearences. Truely he is now a master of disguises. -

Final Transformation

Diathim Angelic Form of Pravus after the Metamorphosis

As seen here Dark Star Hellion, Pravus was seen as a Warrior Diathim. In this Image, Pravus was known as Zartan. The Master of Disguises. Title given to him because of his many infiltrations into the Galactic Empire and Alliance.

Zartan stalking his prey

Pravus Malum, in his Full Dress Battle Armor befitting a Member of the Zann Government. Specially crafted for his Diathim body wings and all. Zann Diathim Armor

An intimidating image of someone you truly do not want to mess with. Zann Armor Close-up

Operation Peacekeeper, The Derra incident

On Year 14 Day 41, Pravus was placed as commanding officer to the Infinite Empires envoy to the Galactic Alliance. He and two other personnel of the Infinite Empire would be recognized for this campaign. Under the command of Alpha Squadron's Wuma Uxal-Lumir from the mercenary unit Freedom Warriors Pravus.......TBA

Enter Zartan, Master of Disguise & the Darkstar Hellions

Pravus Malum, once loyal and dedicated member of the Galactic Alliance and Lord Regent for the Infinite Empire rose from the ashes of its destruction. Once reveared now feared and hated among many in Rebel Alliance. Zartan, as he is know by his fellow members of the Dark Star Hellions was a key component to its downfall and a former Imperial Intelligence Operative undercover for 3 years.

"Operation Kitchen Sink" led by none other than Pravus Malum. His access gave him complete control of where he needed to address the attention of the Rebels to thier ultimate demise. Some of his best work include giving where abouts of key figures in the Galactic Alliance and the ships they reside in. The Infinite Empire lost 8 of its 14 planets during the chaos of traitor Keith Strykar who started his own faction for a hostile take over of The Infinite Empires planets.

Zartan back on Derra IV after the Metamorphosis

The Many Faces of Pravus

- Original ConceptGalMedWar Tornmy cigarHuman Pravus.jpgCoruscanti DiplomatDSHZannZann Armor Close-up Crimson Armor Pravus.jpg



Inherited By:
Pravus Malum
Zann Consortium
Thats classified!
Succeeded By:
Position Incumbent
Inherited By:
Pravus Malum
Zann Consortium
Tetragrammaton Cleric [Byvek]
Succeeded By:
Position Incumbent
Inherited By:
Pravus Malum
Nexcore Mining Corporation
Succeeded By:
Position Redacted
Inherited By:
Pravus Malum
Dark Star Hellions
Hellions Original Enforcer
Succeeded By:
Position Redacted
Inherited By:
Pravus Malum
Raging Banthas / Hellions Patch Enforcer Dark Star Hellions
Succeeded By:
Position Redacted
Inherited By:
Pravus Malum
Lord Regent Infinite Empire
Year 14 Day 28 to Year 14 Day 122
Succeeded By:
Vacant Position
Galactic Plague:
DNA Reconstruction
(Metamorphosis Plague Affliction) Year 14 Day 27
(Cellular Genetic Manipulation)
Preceded By:
Karl Korne
Minister of Defense Infinite Empire
Year 13 Day 89 to Year 14 Day 27
Succeeded By:
(as DNA Altered Pravus Malum)
Preceded By:
Ambassador for Chiss Material Extractions
Year 12 Day 282 to Year 13 Day 89 -
Succeeded By:
Elas Sacara
Preceded By:
(as Organization Creation)
Leader Andromeda Salvage and Restorations Year 12 Day 122 to Year 12 Day 282
Succeeded By:
Meteoret Tungusky
Preceded By:
(as Organization Created)
Co-Creator / Sr Board Member Praxius University
Year 11 Day 227 to Year 13 Day 25
Succeeded By:
Organization Dissolution Yr 13
Preceded By:
(as Organization Created)
Co-Creator / Sr Board Member Galactic Medical
Year 11 Day 227 to Year 12 Day 122
Succeeded By:
Pat Kil`astra
Preceded By:
SWC Inception
Wing Commander Ailon Nova Guard Government
Year 10 Day 164 to Year 11 Day 227
Succeeded By:
Government Dissolution
Preceded By:
Drak`ora Sabosen
Aristocra Sabosen
Year 13 Day ??? to Year 14 Day ???
Succeeded By:
Rawth Shacklefist


Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received

Wing Commander.png

Ailon Nova Guard Wing Commander

Xavier Bourdain

Year 11

Image Not Availible

Meritorious Service Ribbon

Ettore Kalsi

Year 11


Chiss Service Star Ribbon

Chiss Ascendancy

Year 11


3rd Aristocra of House Sabosen

Chiss Ascendancy

Year 12


Lord Regent of the Infinite Empire

Uther Von Kaldreon

Year 12


Imperial Intelligence Medal of Progress

Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius

Year 13


Imperial Citizenship Award

Grand Vizier Inwe Ventidius

Year 13


Falleen Citizenship Award

Jado Dur`rik

Year 13


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