Preraditi Industries

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Preraditi Industries
General Information
Status Active
Leader Drax Whittler
2IC Melwyn Ebonsbow
Historical Information
Founded Year 18 Day 346
Political Information
Affiliation Mindabaal League
Industry Recycling
Holosite Preraditi Industries Holosite


Formed (GMT) year 18 Day 346 from within the Mindabaal League Preraditi Industries is a recycling company formed to tackle the enormous job of recycling K'taktaxka in the Bamula Sector, the active government Nakesh Alliance Extractions having over built. Year 19, day 118 Preraditi Industries was finally accepted into the Mindabaal League voted into the league by unanimous vote of the board and given all rights and responsibilities of a founding League member.


  • Preraditi-industries-banner-01.png (Year 18)