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Pres looks rather bulky, muscular, athletic, firm set jaw and thin/narrow eyes forming into a handsome face. He stands nearly 6' 3" tall and has tan color skin. His smile can brighten a room, his laugh causes contagious laughter, and his loud booming voice can silence a room. He prefers to wear a Orange long sleeve shirt, black Cargo trousers, black utility belt, and black steel toe military boots. His rather large frame is deceiving, because he is quit fast and squirrly, making him difficult to capture. He carries mostly small arms and melee weapons. Weapons of choice are a DL-44, and vibro-blade.

Hin's Beginning

Born to a loving middle class family on Glee Anselm, Pres was taught from a young age that nothing was free. Everything in life had to be worked for, especially the things that you needed to have, or wanted most. This instilled in him a good since of morals that have lasted to this point in his life. Martial arts were his initial focus in life and taught him discipline and respect to his higher ranks. His family also instilled in him a since of self reliance, but taught him not to be afraid to ask for help. He grew up in his own "school of hard knocks" making mistakes and learning from them. Throughout his teenage years he seemed to keep fitting into the saying "in the wrong place at the wrong time" because of the crowd he hung around with. After he was almost arrested several times his parents decided to look for work someplace else. In his mid-teens they moved to the planet Mrlsst. His life calmed down a bit and he began to work in the mines. It was at this time he found his first love, Ura Sven, a Nautolan that was beautiful and tough spirited. After he came of age he decided to leave the place he had most treasured as home to travel the galaxy in hopes of finding a new place to make something of his life. It was at this turning point that he lost his first love and proceeded on alone. He went to land leaving the oceans and his parents behind vowing to return someday. After searching from city to city for some time he finally found a promising ride off planet. They were excavators, and in need of someone to scan the under ocean locations of a few cities on Mrlsst. Pres gladly accepted the challenge in trade for passage off world. The barter was set and Pres set to work. Faster than they could believe Pres came back with their scans in hand. The time had come to leave. Pres commed his family for one final goodbye on the way out of orbit on the YT 1210 Gray Sky. Pres was impressed with how smooth the ship flew and how much space it had. He decided then and there that this type of ship would be the first ship he owned. Their destination was Tatooine, Anchorhead landing pad. The trip seemed like it took no time though they were in hyperspace for more than a day. He commed his parents again as soon as he arrived to let them know that his adventures were about to begin. Unsure of what exactly he wanted to do he began searching for an employment office. After walking all over town he finally found a holo board and did a quick search of the planet to see where the best place to find work was. During his search he came across a recruitment add for the Triumvirate Coalition. According to this add it seemed he may have found a place that might match his character. He sent an immediate response and a way to reach him by comm. Pres, feeling satisfied, sought out refuge for the night. He found a hotel for cheep that he could stay in for the night. With little sleep from all the excitement from the last few days Pres slept hard and almost missed his commlink going off in he middle of the night. Pres rolled over and groggily answered it. It was a man by the name of Gilbert Taylor, saying he was a Consul with the Triumvirate Coalition. Pres was stunned, he hadn't expected an answer so fast. He almost didn't answer back when he heard a clearing of the throat on the other end. Pres immediately answered back "Yes Sir, this is Pres Hin." "I contacted you in regards to the recruitment add in the holoforums, and was wondering exactly what to expect from a organization." Consul Taylor took him through what all of the different departments did and what was expected of every member. "Does that sound like something you are still interested in," Taylor asked? It truely did and Pres thought it over carefully for a few minutes until he heard another clearing of the throat. "Yes sir, I am most interested, sign me up, Pres said" "Ok, then, you will need to contact Arius Karden to begin your training and contact Dero Racto or Kerveros Nightstalker for transport to Coalition space," stated Consul Taylor. "And Pres, Welcome to TC." The comm went silent. This was it, Pres had his starting point. from now on, his life would be different.

First Impresions

The next morning Pres set to work strait away firs contacting Arius Karden to begin his training, and then contacting Kerveros Nightstalker for a pickup. Within a couple of hours he had his responses. Pres was impressed with the speed in which he was receiving responses. TC was really on their toes. Pres's response from Arius was actually a test (with no studying) that Pres was expected to take to test his knowledge of the galaxy and his resourcefulness at getting the answers he did not know. Pres's response from Kerverose stated that his pickup was on its way and that it would arrive in approximately 3 days. Well, Pres was not one to sit around, so he sought out the closest Garage and rented a speeder bike from them to make his exploration of the city and its surroundings a bit faster. On his second day of waiting he found himself ramping sand dunes out in the desert outside the city when his speeder suddenly died on him in mid air. Pres rolled off the back of the speeder and pushed it away from him to get as much distance between him and the expected explosion. Pres hit the ground oh his forearms and knees and immediately went to his bell and threw his arms over his head, but the explosion never came. There was however a loud scraping sound as the front of the speeder bike sank deep into the sand. Pres waited for half a minute to make sure nothing was going to happen. Then he decided to get up and examine the crash site. Pres walked around the Speeder a few times to get a full view of it. The only spot that was semi smoking was coming from a 8 centimeter hole in the side of the engine. It looked like a puncture mark from a projectile weapon. Pres immediately began to scan and sense his surroundings. He could see nothing. Press pulled out his biological sensor from his belt and began to scan. There was a heavy reading coming from the other side of the dune. Pres realized that whoever or whatever it was was too close to try and run from, so he stood strait and tall and began to walk toward the mass. A head popped over the horizon of the dune. A strange masked looking face. Then came the yell. Then more yells in response. A group of Tuskan Raiders came running over the top of the hill at full speed toward Pres. Unarmed Pres did his best imitation of surrender by holding his hands up. The Raiders slowed as they came on. Pres could count 6. They all stood about a foot shorter than Pres. They were holding strange looking staves with a club look on one end and sharp point on the other in a hurding manner. They were trying to coral Pres into the center of them. Pres noticed that this was a kind of hunting party, but could not tell if he was to be captured or prey. Pres waited in anticipation for the first one to make its move. Pres watched as they began to move together as a cohesive unit. When one moved the whole circle moved. They all lowered the pointy ends of their Gaffi sticks toward Pres and began to move him in the direction they were heading in. Back over the dune from which they had come and off farther into the desert. They reached a small encampment just before the suns of Tatooine were setting. Pres guessed from their conversation or grunts as he heard them that he was to be held prisoner. Strangely they left Pres unbound which didn't make a lot of since. They put Pres in an alcove of their encampment with another prisoner, strangely another Raider. Pres went over to the far wall and had a seat. Curious about the days events Pres went back over everything in his mind again. Hunting party captures, but does not disarm. This and other thoughts kept going through his head when he looked over to the Raider sitting against the side wall. He knew that he could not speak their language, so decided to attempt his luck with basic. "Hey, how's it going," Pres said sarcastically. The Raider looked at him curiously and leaned his head to the side. It, Pres could not tell weather it was male or female, nodded its head then. So it could understand basic. Pres decided to try more sarcasm since it seem to work the first time. "What are you in for?" The Raider seemed unsure how to respond, but was more serious this time and began to draw in the sand. Pres watched as the Raider wove a tale of a hunting party with the leader depicted as itself, capturing a human male in the desert. They brought him back to the encampment as well. He stood trial in their court and was sentenced to die for trespassing on their land. It then explained that the sentence was way too high even in there court so there must have been another reason for it. Usually they would just hold them for a few days wit no food or water, then release them, but this one was different. Determined to get at the truth it took it upon itself to investigate its own council. After a little digging it found that the human had in fact been a hunter years before and had killed the child of the lead council member. The Council had not tried him on those charges though, only the trespassing charge. So the Raider became a sort of arbitor for the man, telling the council to remand its decision or charge the man with what he was being sentenced for. The council found this ludicrous and charged the Raider with contempt and willful disobedience. This placed a mark of shame upon it within its culture and caused the members of his hunting party to doubt its leader. So it did from then on what it thought was right. The Raider snuck to the mans holding area and released him seeking him out of the encampment to freedom. Come to find out another hunting party caught him before he could make it back to town. They killed him on the spot. No questions asked. The Raider was questioned about how the man had escaped, and admitted to freeing him because he felt the punishment did not fit the crime. Pres was wondering exactly what his crime was and what his sentence would be. Pres then asked, "What sentence did they give you?" The Raider responded depicting a few lines drawn in the sand. "So a few days in holding?" The Raider nodded. Pres however did not figure the human's fate to be his fate, but if he did have to stand trial figured he would need someone to speak for him. "Would you mind speaking for me as a translator at my trial? Maybe if you can explain to them from me what I was doing out there they will give me a lesser sentence." The Raider agreed. Pres said, "thank you," then laid his head back against the wall. Pres dozed off to sleep. When Pres awoke it was morning. He then realized it was a rustling noise outside the holding area that woke him. Pres saw the the Raider he had been talking to the night before was standing at the doorway. As soon as it was lifted Pres stood to his feet and the Raider began to speak to the others outside. They took the Raider by the arm and came in and collected Pres as well. They were led to a fairly large room within the encampment with three Tuskin Raiders sitting behind what looked to be a long curved table. The head council member began to speak and the Raider began letting Pres know what he was saying. The Raider described his charges as Trespassing and desecration of sacred ground. He was supposed to announce what his plea was. Pres answered, "Not Guilty." The council barked in astonishment at this claim. Pres was then told to proceed with is defense. Pres stated, "cause and effect are my defense. I was out in the desert minding my own business when my speeder quit on me. The cause come to find out was that my engine had been shot with a rifle from your hunting party. The effect was that my speeder crashed into the sand which you are now charging me with desecration of sacred ground, then I came crashing to the ground which you are now charging me with trespassing. There for if your hunter had not shot my speeder in the first place this could all have been avoided, and none of us would have wasted our time with this. Before then I had not set foot literally on the desert, and the speeder bike had never touched the desert floor either. I was unarmed and did not attempt to fight back when I was taken prisoner, so I humbly request that you let me go." Once the Raider finished its translation of Pres's speech, the council sat in silence for a moment. They looked to one another and began to bark and howl in their native tongue. The Raider gave Pres a summarized translation, they were letting him go, but on 2 conditions. Condition one was that he had to clean up the speeder bike in the desert, and condition 2 was that he had to take his arbitor with him when he left. Pres agreed, then looked at the Raider to his side who appeared to be pleased with the outcome. Pres knew why they wanted to be rid of the Raider. It was because they could not have one of their own ranks defending those from out side that were put on trial. Pres didn't care, he was happy to have a traveling companion, and the Raider didn't care, he wanted to see more than he had seen before. So unarmed, they left the encampment and headed back for anchor head. About an hour before they arrived Pres received a comm from his Logistics pickup. They were descending into atmosphere and needed to know exactly where to land. Pres commed back, "umm Anchorhead space port is fine. I will meet you there, and umm do you have room for one more?" The Pilot acknowledged affirmative, and commed out. Pres and his new companion continued to the city. This would not be the last they saw of Tatooine, not by a long shot.

New Horizons