Private Sector Agreement (New Republic)

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The concept of private sector affiliate (PSA) and its subsequent codification into law occurred reportedly in the New Republic. Thanks to the expanding galactic economy, which in turn increased wealth and allowed an overall distribution of capital available, citizens of the New Republic had access to more financial resources and could be able to set up their own private companies. This concept was extended to other governments. Governments increasingly offered support to their citizens who wanted to start companies. This has resulted in a unique new type of organisation: a company that would gain government contracts not because it was owned by a government but because its owner was a citizen of a government.

A private sector affiliate may receive benefits similar, or equal to, a nationalized (i.e., owned by a government) company. These include but are not limited to:

  • Temporary staff;
  • Raw Materials;
  • Ships and other assets.

The PSA does not have to transfer any ownership over to the government, but must not do business with that Government's enemies. Many new companies have been created with this status, or earning it later after an agreement.

Private Sector Companies Act

1. The following are privately owned and run companies affiliated to the New Republic under the Private Sector Agreement and as such are afforded all rights and privileges as citizens of the New Republic.

2.1 New Republic citizens may own, operate, and join privately owned factions and retain New Republic citizenship provided that all group members are full New Republic citizens.
2.2. Such factions shall clearly state that they are privately owned and New Republic-affiliated.
2.3. Such factions may sell goods and services to non-enemies of the New Republic at prices of their own determination.

3.1. Potential Private Sector Affiliates must apply to the Republic Diplomacy Command (RDC) to become a New Republic Affiliate provided they meet all the above requirements. RDC will ensure that the group is aware of the terms of being a New Republic Affiliate and the High Ambassador will ensure that the New Republic Intelligence Service (NRI) is aware of the application and present the application to the Senate for approval; a simple majority vote is required in the Senate.
3.2. The Director of NRI shall retain final membership approval for those seeking to join New Republic-affiliated factions.
3.3. A PSA may be removed upon the recommendation of the Director of NRI, Chief of State, and/or the High Ambassador via an up or down vote from the Senate; which requires a simple majority (51%) to pass. If the PSA is terminated, Article 10.1.4 of the New Republic Constitution applies. Should the PSA member in question be a public or elected official within the New Republic, they will lose their citizenship as stated under Article 10.1.4 of the New Republic Constitution. Said member will then be removed from their position, unless an appeal is made to the Senate. Should the Senate rule against the individual's appeal, they will then be removed from their position or office effective immediately.

4.1. A Private Sector Company can submit to the Ministry of Natural Resources a request for mining permissions in a New Republic's Star System. If the permission is given, an agreement will be signed and posted on the PSA sub-forum in the New Republic Communication Centre.
4.2. If the Company loses the PSA status, the mining permissions are automatically revoked.
4.3. The mining permissions contract also could be revoked by the decision of the Chief of State, Minister of State and/or Minister of Natural Resources at any time.

Debates on PSAs of the New Republic

The existence of PSAs raised some issues among the NR citizens. Those who were against believed that PSAs were draining resources and manpower to the government, whereas those who were for PSAs affirmed that they were sustaining the ideal of freedom of the NR, and helping in that direction.