Pulsar Recycling

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Pulsar Recycling
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Jja Shilo
2IC Malrin Avet
Owner Unknown
Historical Information
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Recycling Company


Originally registered on the Galactic Stock Exchange by Cevin Pong, Pulsar Recycling hit immediate trouble. Land registered under the newly formed company's name came into immediate dispute by the Imperial Union. Pong lost his court case, lost his land and sent his newly formed company spiraling toward bankruptcy. With no choice but to let it go, governmental auditors put the limited company on the open market.

After a turbulent and unusual first two weeks in business, the patent that is Pulsar Recycling dropped into the hands of Voracity's Azarra Malchezaar. Due to the hasty circumstance with which this exchange took place, the company was still not sustainable and looked certain to fail.

Every present member stood up and began to offer pledges, and the contributions were by far enough to save the recycling company and turn it around. Jinko Tark, stepped in to handle the reigns with Azarra Malchezaar, and push toward the success they knew Pulsar Recycling was capable of.


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