Qaun Wain

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Qaun Wain
Qaun Wain Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Kubaz
Homeworld Kubindi
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Greenish-Black skin
Short black hair
Eye Color Unknown (Protective Goggles)
Political Information
Affiliation The Hutt Cartel
Title Majordomo

Qaun Wain is a bipedal Kubaz assassin with an abnormally long snout, greenish-black skin, shortly bristly hair, and several rows of razor-sharp teeth. Qaun is shorter than average for his species and stands upon two-toed feet. He often wears black trousers and a crimson tunic under his traveling cloak. Like all Kubazian wanderers, Qaun is forced to wear dark goggles in order to protect his sensitive compound eyes.

As a quick-tempered vagabond who has flown from one side of the galaxy to the other and has seen many strange things, he possesses an eclectic knowledge of many alien civilizations and is fluent in a variety of languages including Ubese, Huttese, and Galactic Basic, albeit with a strong nasal accent. For the past several years, he cut a bloody swath through the Core Worlds as an unpredictable blaster-for-hire for the criminal kingpin Voragga Zuuma Ajurr and amassed a grisly collection of severed ears as a result. On Year 13 Day 241, he succeeded the Duros star-pilot Feth Ophoxi as the underpaid majordomo of Voragga's infamous Hutt Cartel.


An Abject Slave

Born into a small clan on the Outer Rim planet of Kubindi, the mewling insectoid life-form who would one day be known as Qaun Wain learned to value the unique structure and time-honored traditions of the Kubazi people at an early age. Due to intense solar flares from their planet's sun, Kubazi society was based on a clan structure which dwelt in vast underground hives and undertook slaving raids against their enemies in a labyrinthine network of darkened tunnels. Qaun lived a content life in his hive until the age of eleven when he was stunned and captured by a roving band of Rahm Zarkov's nefarious Lumini Pirates. After he was placed in iron shackles and herded into the swollen belly of a Thalassian dungeon-ship, he was transported to the Borderland Regions and unceremoniously sold as a nondescript slave to a brutal spice lord known as Demetrius Kaerobani.

For the next ten years, Qaun toiled on the remote ice world of Anteevy and battled dangerous energy spiders that constantly attacked the terrorized workers who mined the precious spice. The surface temperature was extremely low, the landscape dominated by glaciers and gusting snow. Without proper clothing, no warm-blooded creature could survive for an extended period on the harsh surface; hence, the mining and prison facilities were located underground. Yet even the underground mines were extremely cold, and thermal suits had to be worn to keep the workers alive. Most of Qaun's fellow companions perished and he soon grew hardened to the miseries of his bleak existence. Over time, he rose to become the pitiless overseer of a slave gang.

Gradually, he learned the finer points of the spice trade, and worked his way up the blood-spattered ranks of the crime syndicate. As a member of the Kubaz species, Qaun's moral code was quite different from most sentient beings as Kubazians did not view smuggling or slaving to be wrong; hence, he accepted his new-found way of life. After much time and effort, Qaun earned his freedom. He stayed on to work for the spice lord and became a trusted enforcer. In this capacity Qaun discovered his unquenchable thirst to harvest ears.

The Deadly Hunter

Feth Ophoxi recruited Qaun as an agent for the Hutt Cartel.

Eventually the spice lord's syndicate was decimated by a rival criminal, and Qaun was forced to find new employment. After unexpectedly finding himself without funds on Altyr V, Qaun decided to set out on his own and took jobs as a bounty hunter. His quests for ears took him all over the galaxy and allowed him to meet many different sentient beings. He made a few powerful friends and many powerful enemies. The Hutts and other powerful clients paid him exorbitant bounties for one important reason: He delivered as promised. Once he caught his prey, nothing stopped him from bringing it in. Nothing. If he took on a job, he completed it, and everyone in the galaxy knew that.

One rainy night in a ratty dive on a backwater world, Qaun was approached by the blue-skinned Feth Ophoxi, a Duros star-pilot and the Majordomo of the Hutt Cartel. Over a malodorous flagon of Gamorrean grog, Feth explained to the attentive Qaun that he needed a skilled operative to ferret out an unknown traitor within the Cartel. Their friendship was sealed with the gory death of Dexen Zur, a spy who had been clandestinely selling information to the Galactic Empire.

As a result, Qaun was appointed as the chief bounty hunter for the Hutt Cartel owned by Voragga Zuuma Ajurr. Having been born into a clan environment, Qaun thrived in the close-knit atmosphere of the Cartel. After Qaun was promoted to second-in-command, he came to be feared and respected by those around him. When Ophoxi was grievously injured in a night-time ambush by renegade Mandalorians, Qaun was honored to take his place. He now serves as the Majordomo to Voragga and Tobba Nokko, the corpulent overlords of the mighty Hutt Cartel.

As the newly-appointed majordomo, Qaun undertook operations to expand the territory and influence of the Cartel. Under his auspices, several planets were colonized and an extensive resources devoted towards facility construction. Soon, the Cartel was able to successfully apply more stringent taxes upon several populations and thus increase its revenues.


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Majordomo of the Hutt Cartel
Preceded By:
Feth Ophoxi
Qaun Wain
Year 13 Day 241Year 18 Day 271
Succeeded By:
Xen Bandoo