Qiilura (System)

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General information
Sector Qiilura
Galactic Coordinates (-26, 203)
Date of Discovery Year 14 Day 19
Planets 1
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Zann Consortium
Astrographic Entry Qiilura


Planet Position Type Size Population Control
Qiilura (12, 12) temperate/breathable 16,16 2,692,015 Zann Consortium

Qiilura is a temperate planet in the Mid Rim, 40 light years away from Ord Mantell. It was the home world of the Gurlanins, a race of shapeshifting intelligent predators, but by the time of the Clone Wars, Human colonization had been well established, with a population of two hundred thousand farmers. The economy of the planet mostly revolved around agriculture, specifically the production of barq, kushayan, and other luxury foodstuffs, merlie meat was a known export and source of income & food for the farmers of this planet. Qiilura produced a large proportion of the luxury foodstuffs and beverages in the galaxy. However, the planet was controlled by the Neimoidian merchants who passed little of the profit on to the farmers, thus most inhabitants lived in squalor and would sell information and outlaws to the warlord Ghez Hokan and his militia for a couple of credits or a bottle of urrqal.

Qiilura had many islands with fertile soil, deep river inlets, rolling plains, deciduous forests, lakes, and gameboard fields. The planet also had gem mines, sources of zeka quartz and green silicates. The planet was home to a number of native non-sentient species such as gdans, merlies and vheks.

During the Clone Wars, Qiilura was the location of a Separatist biological weapons lab that was developing a pathological agent specifically designed to kill clones. During the Mission to Qiilura, an elite squad of Republic commandos was sent to destroy the biological weapons lab and, if possible, locate a lost or captured Jedi Master and his Padawan. Although the Jedi-Master was dead prior to their arrival, the Clone squad was ultimately successful in destroying the lab after joining up with the Jedi-Padawan and enlisting the help of the native Gurlanins. Due to the Separatist droids burning the barq fields in the search of one of the Clone Commandos, there was a galactic shortage of the food causing economic problems for the Trade Federation, and more so for farmers who lost their crops.

Over the years Qiilura fell off Galactic charts as it was not on a main hyperspace lane until it was re-discovered by Ailon Nova Guard at the end of Y013.