Questal Industries

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Questal Industries
General Information
Motto Yeah, we can do that!
Status Defunct
Leader Bartan DeWalt
Historical Information
Dissolved Year 14 Day 7
Political Information
Industry Transportation Provider
Holosite Questal Industries


From the depths of torturing rule, the planet Questal has grown and prospered under the controlling rule of Questal Industries. From lack of interest in previous governing factions, to a war, to prosperity, Questal has grown and its citizens have prospered. Today the growth continues and Questal Industries and the Questal citizens work in harmony towards rebuilding and restructuring the planet.

Originally named Aldakinakt, the citizens were a small group of sentients who mined and forged useful tools they needed to survive.Once a quiet agricultural colony, Aldakinakt was overrun by mining interests and crime following the discovery of many mineral deposits. Within a couple of years, the Galactic Empire arrived to bring order to the planet, which was accomplished with widespread arrests and speedy executions. They then promoted the planet's preexisting criminal tyrants to official positions of power, enabling them to continue their reigns of terror. Soon the Galactic Empire lost interest in Aldakinakt and left the planet.

Circa Year 6, Horley Cyan and The Order of Kamapar arrived in the system and claimed all the planets their rightful property. Slowly but surely the citizens of Aldakinakt were enslaved to do the company's bidding. Minerals were extracted and taken off planet, leaving them with little for themselves to survive on. This continued for many years until a wanderer named Bartan DeWalt arrived to settled on the planet. At once he began to build up the planets infrastructure in the southeastern part of the planet. Many citizens flocked towards his projects eager to work and earn pay. Bartan had brought in numerous construction contractors to build, but soon released them all at a high cost to himself, in order to hire the local populace. Planet officials embraced his new approach and a non aggression and fragile alliance was created.

After a year or so of prosperity the new leader of the Order decalred martial law on the planet. Troops arrived to force Bartan off the planet, so that the Order could exploit the now peaceful citizens. Local officials pleaded to Bartan for help and sought sanctuary in his newly created cities. Negotiations were conducted between Bartan and the Order without the presence of the owner Horley Cyan. The new leader of the Order claimed he had the full backing of Mr Cyan to remove Bartan by force if necessary. The gauntlet was laid down and negotiations were terminated. Bartan contacted Mecrosa Security for assistance in freeing the citizens of Questal by means of force. The plan was to occupy Aldakinakt until a resolution could be reached between Bartan and the Order.

Mecrosa Security's leader Dac Kain and his wife called upon their forces and friends to assist in the battle to free Aldakinakt. Jedi arrived and security forces deployed all over the planet to engage the Order's forces. For weeks battles enraged across the planet. Mecrosa forces swiftly captured if possible or killed if necessary the Order's forces and builders. Door to door they went. Slowly clearing out each building to secure safety. The citizens were safely hidden in Bartan's cities and surrounded by friendly security forces. Bartan and his team continued building safe houses in various new cities to keep the poeple secure. The Order of Kampar yelled to their gods to intervene and called upon their alliance for military back up. But none came. Mecrosa security, their friends, and Bartan had secured the planet and had taken it under control. A temporary cease fire was agreed upon by The Order of Kampar, Mecrosa, and Bartan DeWalt.

Bartan kept a small number of security forces on planet in TOK's occupied cities. No new construction was allowed and all the citizens fled those cities in favor of new ones built by Bartan. Upon the creation of Bartan's new company Questal Industries, he secured the planet from further invasion. After two years TOK finally admitted defeat and sold all their assets to QI for an undisclosed amount. QI continues to build up the planet's infrastructure and discovered hidden mineral deposits that were unknown. The citizens had blocked those deposits through a series of land slides and collapses.

Today Questal continues to grow and prospect. The alliance formed between Questal Industries, their employees, the Questal local government and it's citizens was never stronger.[1]


Due to greater commitments to education and family the CEO decided to close down the service rather than let it linger in limbo. He returned all borrowed and loaned assets explaining to investors what had happened and why he could no longer meet the needs of running Questal.[2]