Qui-Gon Gwynne

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Name: Qui-Gon Gwynne Species: Alderaanian Year of Birth: Year -14 Height: 1.83 meters Weight: 171 lbs Eye Color: Blue Fluent in: Galactic Basic, Bocce, Ryl (limited)


Born and raised in the social and cultural heart of Aldera, the central city of Alderaan, Qui-Gon (or Qui) Gwynne was the only son of renowned diplomat Lae-Shon and his wife, Lucilla.

After several years of prestigious schooling and cultural development, Qui-Gon was appointed to the faculty of the University of Aldera, where he taught courses in diplomatic relations, trade & manufacturing, and philosophy. During his tenure at the university, Qui became fascinated with the ancient Alderaanian civilization known as the Killik, and their oppressors, a society known only as the Celestials.

Although an open-minded and enlightened society, Qui found his contemporaries on Alderaan to be somewhat resistant and hesitant to commit fully to his proposed research into the planet's anthropological history. Thus, in early Year 9, Qui made the decision to leave behind his homeworld and seek out new opportunities to continue his research.

A natural diplomat, much like his father, and a shrewd businessman, Qui soon found a new home in the New Republic. Here, he could both serve an enlightened, forward-thinking society and also pursue his research without hindrance.

Positions Held

-Senator, New Republic* -Executive Ambassador, New Republic Diplomacy Command* -Assistant to the Assistant's Assistant of the Minister of Trade & Industry* -CEO, TransGalMeg Industries -Junior Republic Counselor, New Republic Justice Department -Officer, New Republic Recruitment Department -Morale Officer, ARGH! -Editor-in-Chief, Republic Media Service -CEO, Toskan Industries -Executive Officer, Toskan Industries -Production Manager, Toskan Industries -Production Manager, Triton Dynamics -Production Assistant, Triton Dynamics

Asterisks denote positions currently held.


  • Outstanding Excellence Award
  • Mediation Excellency Award