R3 Series

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R3 Series
R-3 Series.png
Terrain GasGiant.gif Jungle.gif Mountain.gif Ocean.gif River.gif Volcanic.gif
Light Blasters 1
Medium Blasters none
Weight Stats
Weight 0.0530 T
Volume 0.5000 m³
Weight Cap 0.0020 T
Volume Cap 0.1500 m³
Hull Stats
Hull 5
Deflector Shields 0
Ionic Capacity 12
Required Materials
Quantum 1
Meleenium 11
Rudic 7
Tibannagas 2
Varium 10
Hibridium 0
Other Information
Batch Quantity 2
Estimated Material Price 18,360
Affiliation Cerberus Corporation, Magnaguard Manufacturing, Industrial Automaton

The R3 Series droids are Astromechs that were specifically created for the use in the military and high-tech government agencies.[1] They are mainly used aboard Capital ships and assist the gunnery crews, security troops and chiefs of operation with their respective jobs. Featuring the Intellex V droid brain, that is able to hold a great amount of data, they are also able to store up to 5 navigational coordinates, making them a good "plug-in" droid for Fighters.

Currently only Cerberus Corporation, Magnaguard Manufacturing and Industrial Automaton hold the rights to the R3 blueprints.



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