Moretti Industries

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Moretti Industries
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Moretti'ciri'nasso
Owner Moretti'ciri'nasso
Historical Information
Founded Year 19 Day 286
Dissolved Year 21 Day 115
Political Information
Industry Recycling

Originally known as Raas-Moretti Industries, Moretti Industries was founded with the belief that being discarded shouldn't mean the end of an item's usefulness. Whether it's a knife or a skyscraper, a speeder or a battleship, turning old, unused and unwanted technology into something new and useful is important both for the galaxy and your wallet. Employing a team of highly skilled engineers, MI offers services ranging from single facility to full planetary tear-down, along with production of cost-effective fighter craft commonly known as 'uglies'. Independently owned and operated, MI is dedicated to the memory of its founder, Moretti'ameli'arose. Combining business acumen with engineering know-how, MI offers service to the galactic community regardless of affiliation. Growing rapidly, the company's stated goal is to dominate the recycling market, and is constantly taking on new talent in order to facilitate rapid expansion and top quality customer service.


Raas-Moretti Industries was founded on Year 19 Day 286 by Moretti'ameli'arose and Chrii`kkt Raas. Amelia provided the financial backing and Chrii`kkt led the company. Not even three months after the company started, Raas confessed to conspiring with Taranjeek O`Cuinn to assassinate Amelia in order to inherit the company. Their victory was short-lived as Raas was captured by Galactica Forces near the Asher system. The ownership of the company was then transferred over to Amelia's widow, Moretti'ciri'nasso. In order to honor the memory of her beloved wife, Cirina decided to keep the company and became its leader on Year 19 Day 364.

Chief Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Chrii'kkt Raas
Year 19 Day 364 - Year 21 Day 115
Succeeded By: