Rael sul C`an

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Rael sul C`an
Rael, saber pic.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Kalee
Clan C`an
Siblings 2 Brothers and a Sister Chaegel, Qymaen, Qymaera
Children 1 Daughter Kar sul C`an
Born Year -20
Languages Basic, Kaleesh
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2 Meters
Coloring Red
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Kolkpravis
Title Lord
Prior Affiliation Akheton Security Force Pilot
President of Akheton Cosmonautics
Sergeant in the Trade Federation Navy
Owner of the Akheton Corporation

Early Life

Rael was born the eldest of 3 boys and one girl on the planet of Kalee. As was their custom, he learned combat at an early age and began fighting in the clan wars by the time he was 12.


By the time Rael reached the age of 20 he was the head of his clan but times were tough. War had taken its toll on Kalee and it became more difficult to keep food on the table for his family. One day at a local starport, Rael saw a notice looking for pilots in the Naboo system with a company called the Akheton Security Force. Rael made the tough decision to leave his home to seek work to try and better provide for his clan. Leaving his brothers in charge, he boarded a transport shuttle and left Abbaji vowing to return someday.

The Climb

When he arrived in Naboo he found a different life than the one he knew. He began training in security tactics and basic piloting skills in preparation for new job. Working under his commanding officer Tabty Haasza, he learned a lot and caught on quickly. Tabty was re-assigned to leading the mining division of Akheton and Rael worked his way up to Director of Logistics in security. Within a year, Rael was promoted to President of the ship building arm of the company, Akheton Cosmonautics. Rael ran the company until year 15 when they closed the doors on it.

The Awakening

During his time with Akheton early on, Rael met with a Dark Jedi Master named Eshaar Gnor. Master Gnor found Rael to be in tune with the Force and started him on his path to a strong inner power. Rael met and trained with a few masters through the years and spent a lot of time training alone until early in year 15 when he was accepted into a group that helped him along.


Some time in year 15 Rael took a break from Akheton and joined the Trade Federation's Ministry of Defense. With his security background and combat experience, he fit in easy with the Navy but his service didn't last long. By mid-year 15 Rael was offered ownership of Akheton and resigned from the Federation to return to Naboo.