Raging Banthas

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Raging Banthas
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Xakic Jix
2IC Kyota Navic
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 278
Dissolved Year 14 Day 298
Political Information
Affiliation Dark Star Hellions, Zann Consortium
Industry Weapons
Holosite Unknown

The Raging Banthas was the third chapter of the Dark Star Hellions swoop gang.


Younger brother to Ximaro Jix, Dark Star Hellions' founding member, Xakic Jix rose to notoriety within Hellions ranks from his earliest inception as a Prospect to becoming an Enforcer picking up bounties and handling violent business for the infamous interplanetary swoop gang. No longer working with illegal activities Xakic Jix was made Sgt-at-Arms and branched out creating many legitimate business opportunities for the Hellions. During the course of establishing many trade agreements and deals, Xakic Jix found a love of creating weaponry and items needed for the galaxy. Given a unique opportunity by Vinz Zer, Xakic made Zer Corp a strong supplier of items and weapons which continues to rise. Impressed with his efforts and dedication Vinz Zer awarded Xakic the organization to control on his own and Ximaro gave his official word to allow the 4th Hellions Chapter to be created... The Raging Banthas was born.

The first few months were nothing more than a transition period and Xakic spent many hours within the walls of his new compound of factories. Raging Banthas went forward fast producing many different weapons, ranging from vibro-blades to C4-CZNs, armor and everyday tools, as well as venturing towards a few vehicles and small fighter ships. There had been rumors of Xakic putting together a Research and Development (R&D) team that was to be placed in a base made of a cluster of various space stations.

The Raging Banthas were a chapter of the Dark Star Hellions, who specialized in weapons production but also make various armors and other items that they can convert their factories to produce. Xakic led the Banthas and often personally oversaw production.

Business Practices

The main base of operations being in the Krmar area, it is said that the Raging Banthas had mini-bases located all over the known galaxy. As the 3rd Chapter of Dark Star Hellions swoop gang, Raging Banthas made it its dedication to supply only quality weapons to any and all who wished to buy. With the Galaxy creeping towards an even greater civil war, the Raging Banthas stood on the forefront for creating quality goods for those engaged in the fight. Xakic Jix, proud of his Falleen heritage and his position within the Dark Star Hellions, had no doubt that the Raging Banthas would be one of, if not the, premier weapons and armor companies in the Galaxy.

Xakic also made it no secret that Raging Banthas did not hold a political view of any kind and sold their weapons to anyone, for the right amount of credits.