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Super Star Destroyer
ClassSuper Capital Ship
Navigational Stats:
Sublight Speed10 MGLT
Turbo Lasers250
Tractor Beams40
Ion Batteries250
Heavy Lasers250
Cargo Stats:
Weight665,000,000 T
Volume13,300,000,000 m³
Weight Cap275,000 T
Volume Cap4,500,000 m³
Max Passengers38,000
Hull Stats:
Length12,800 m
Deflector Shields80,000
Ionic Capacity50,000

Ragnarok is the Super Star Destroyer that was reportedly transferred to the Anzati pirate Syn by the Galactic Empire as ransom in exchange for the safe release of Executor Seele. Organizations and newsgroups debated the existence of the ship and the veracity of the ransom for some time via the Galactic News Service, following the publicity surrounding the capture of the Executor. The Empire released a denial of the claims that they had paid a Super Star Destroyer as ransom, but a press release from Veritas Press displayed the transaction records of the ship as submitted by a third party. Some speculation remains as to whether or not the records were forged.


According to the information released by Syn and Veritas Press, the Ragnarok was constructed in the Imperial shipyard hub at Chandrila on Year 14 Day 120. It was initially assigned a generic name by the Empire's resource allocation department, and was subsequently renamed by Syn after receiving it on Year 14 Day 236. Its first pilot was the pirate's one-time husband and fellow Eidolon, Tembre Fe`ll, who, according to Syn, delivered it to the orbit of her base camp at Ylesia after a month-long hyper journey.

At the start of Year 20, a costly renovation of the ship that had been underway for more than a year was completed. Its new gilded, wooden appearance was stylized after the Fairwind-class Gunship, complete with an enormous, ostentatious golden skull ornament at its bow.

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