Raidan Spike

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Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Togorian (formerly Arcona)
Homeworld Cona
Partner Ashantie Starsage
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -5 Day 317
Languages Arconese, Togorian, Basic
Religion Matukai
Quote "Civilized men sleep soundly because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf..."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 9'10" (300cm)
Coloring Black and Dark Grey
Eye Color Crystal Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Matukai Dragons
Positions Advisor
Prior Affiliation Tion Mil/Sci Industries
Awards Kyr'am Beroya

Raidan Spike, (born Y-5 D317) is a mercenary in the Matukai Dragons with a wide-ranging career as a blaster-for-hire, beast hunter, Matukai scholar, deep space explorer, businessman and diplomat. He was the first Lord Commander of the Matukai Dragons, holding the reigns from the middle of Year 16 until almost the end of Year 19.

Raidan began life as an Arcona before he elected to join Tion Mil/Sci Industries where he would specialize in manufacturing and transport. After several months of employment Raidan moved on and began a period as a freelance pilot exploring the sites of the galaxy. It was during this period that Raidan contracted the Metamorphosis Virus while visiting Togoria in the weeks following its discovery.

In Year 15, Raidan joined the Matukai Dragons shortly after its founding. He served in multiple theatres and operations and took leadership of the group the following year. Under his watch, the mercenary company helped found the Rift Alliance, discovered the Black Nebula, entered into a contract with The Krath for the development and protection of the Quiberon system and captured and killed Elm Aran. During this period the company quadrupled in officer count and multiplied its assets approximately tenfold.

In late Year 19, Raidan passed control of the Matukai Dragons to Argo Viridian and departed the galactic scene for over six months. Upon his return he immediately entered the Seventh Uli-ah Gafsa Memorial Swap Meet Death Hunt which he went on to win on the 120th day of Year 20, earning the coveted title Kyr'am Beroya.

Raidan Spike is one of the galaxy's few publicly known Matukai practitioners.