Raith Starlight

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Raith Starlight
Raith Starlight Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Kuati)
Homeworld Naboo
Born Year -12 Day 300 (age 26)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.73 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Ghtroc Industries, Arkanian Brotherhood
Title Lord
Rank HC-1
Positions Minister of Engineering of the Arkanian Brotherhood
Prior Affiliation Jedi Coalition
Arkanian Royal Engineers

Raith Starlight is the Minister of Engineering of the Arkanian Brotherhood and a Peer of the Royal Arkanian Order. Starlight was born into a noble family from the planet Naboo which traced its descent to the Kuati clans that terraformed Kuat and had its fortune devastated by the First Galactic Civil War (Clone Wars). Shortly after finishing a degree in engineering, Starlight left his homeworld in the Mid Rim on his Dynamic Class Freighter and T7 Astromech, the remains of his family's Old Republic collection, for the Outer Rim Territories in Year 12. Since joining the Arkanian Royal Engineers (ARE), Starlight quickly rose through the rank from Production Foreman to Director of Production and finally to the Ministry of Engineering of the Arkanian Brotherhood, the successor of ARE. Briefly establishing himself on a desert oasis estate located on Bpfassh, Starlight had been focused on reestablishing his family fortune and more importantly recovering his family's Old Republic starship and droid collection. With the reorganization of ARE into the Jedi Coalition followed by the Arkanian Brotherhood, Starlight has largely taken up residence on a newly acquired Horizon Star Yacht.