Rakton Sidonus

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Rakton Sidonus
Biographical Information
Race Kaleesh
Homeworld Kalee
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse N/A
Partner N/A
Siblings 6 Brothers
Children N/A
Born Year -20 Day 186
Died Year 15 D231
Quote "A hunter's life is easier than that of a villager"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.3 meters
Coloring Dark Red
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Tion Hegemony

Kolkpravis Tribe

"A leader that does nothing with those under his command is useless, but those that do, inspire loyalty and true command."
— Rakton Sidonus

Rakton Sidonus, being the eldest son of a Tribal leader, was always pushed harder than the rest of his siblings. The way he was raised is to never waste anything and use everything, while he was the mere age 18, a massive World War had began and his tribe was called to it. While fighting beside his family he learned what it is to be a true warrior, while his tribe and allies won the war, he saw what true war is like. After witnessing the effects of war Rakton started to become darker in his peronality, his drastic change started when he started dabbling in torture, eventually he became infamous as a Grand Torturer. Rakton Sidonus was found and executed due to his affiliation and intelligence leaks to The Sith Order led by Myn Kuat.


Since being fairly new to the galaxy and only recent discovery of Kalee and the Kaleesh, the only known information of Rakton Sidonus comes from interviews from him and the interrogation of his tribe mates.

Early Life

Descending from ancient Kaleesh warriors of old, Rakton Sidonus is not only knowledgeable in the ways of warfare, his is also proficient in the tracking of prey. Rakton has been apart of many skirmishes against hostile tribes almost winning every battle he has partaken in, When he reached the age of 20, Rakton was given the second highest position in his tribe, leading beside his father. At this time of his life he lead his men into combat numerous times and showing his tactical genius and thinking outside of the box compared to other Kaleesh warriors.


While on a routine patrol with his warriors, Rakton heard a large BOOM! so he looks towards the noise, noticing a flaming rock plunging from the sky, Rakton realizing what it was ran full speed towards the main encampment. Rakton and his father after debriefing every tribesman marched towards the wreckage of the crashed spacecraft realizing that if any other tribe got there first any survivor would be slaughtered. After an hours march, Sidonus' host spotted the wreckage with several entities Rakton had never seen before. When he began to approach the site, out of all the aliens only one was standing out, serpent-like sentient finishing off the rest of the attacking Kaleesh.

Joining the galaxy

After joining up with the alien expidition, Rakton soon began settling into his new postion being a grunt once again, and he like it.

Hunting Trip Massacre 14/323-324

While on a hunting trip with an escort of a number of security droids and a companion, after terminating a pack of Vornskr the party came upon a monster of immense size (A Rancor) the Rancor proceeded to massacre the party, leaving only Rakton to survive the ordeal albeit injured and bloodied only managed to escape by the Rancor becoming bored.

Rancoric Revenge

After gathering his squad together, Rakton launched a surprise attack on the very same Rancor that slaughtered them and in that event he achieved his very first Rancor tooth.

Personality and traits

"The man thing certainly loves his apples"
— Unidentified Cartsmen

Rakton has a fairly distinct personality among the Kaleesh, He is a fierce frontline warrior, a brilliant tactician and someone who would occasionally socialize with alien races, because of this he has learned many of the more common alien languages.

Despite anything anyone heard Rakton has principles he never drank wine and he always kept his promises.

Derra Trips