Ralph Maximus

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Ralph Maximus
Ralph Maximus.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Bith
Homeworld Clak'Dor VII
Mother Lisa Maximus
Father David Maximus
Spouse Hannah Maximus
Siblings Reece Maximus (Deceased), Eugene Maximus, Jaren Maximus
Children Kidinu Maximus
Born Year -9 Day 213
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 m
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation The eXiles, and Cirrus Colonies Incorporated
Rank Advisor
Positions Director Of Transportation, System Lord, Owner, CEO, Chief Magistrate.
Prior Affiliation Galactic Commerce Collective, Golden Moon Transportation, The Mercenary Guild, Gordarl Weaponsmiths


Ralph Maximus was born and raised on Clak'Dor VII , simply known as Bith, to his ship producer father David and Academy Musician mother Lisa. His childhood was relatively unremarkable and he was content to play along with his siblings Reece, Eugene and Jaren. Ralph shared a love of music like his mother and it was intended that he learn to play the Alluta. However, civil war broke out on Clak'Dor VII which interrupted his study and resulted in both his parents being killed.

Ralph knew his parents would want him to move on to he enrolled into the academy on Clak'dor VII to study his favourite subject of Trade in which he graduated with Honors. His brother Reece attended the academy at the same time. Ralph was also very active and became the team captain of Boloball. He scored 12 goals in the 16 game season; setting the school record. He was offered the chance to play semi-professionally but declined as he wanted the chance to pursue his chosen career as a freelancer. In time Ralph met his future wife Hannah and in Year 13, Day 249 they married in a small ceremony.They later went on to have a child Kidinu Maximus

In later years his brother Reece was killed in a gunfight with former Mercenary Guild member Zachariah Jacobson. At this point nothing is known about his other siblings Eugene and Jaren.

Ralph's trademark look is due to the patch he wears after he lost an eye when his face was slashed with a vibroblade during an intense battle with bandits.

Starting out

As a freelancer Ralph set up his first business, Maximus Transporation (Early Year 13.) and then later on Year 13, Day 213 moved on to his next endeavour, Galactic Commerce Collective, where he worked briefly for Kain Elderan. He left quickly thereafter to create Golden Moon Transportation. Elderan was very upset by this and proceeded to post a 1 million credit bounty and set a plan to capture him. Ralph managed to send a communication for some assistance and was rescued. After a few months of successful business, Ralph sold 51% of the Golden Moon Transportation stocks for 40,000,000 credits.

Working Life

Always restless Ralph was quickly offered a position with The Mercenary Guild on Year 13 Day 222 as Director Of Transportation. He impressed them so much that 11 days later he was promoted to a High Command ran and was selected to be the System Lord of Malari. After years of service in The Mercenary Guild Lord Maximus retired, and was granted an advisor position. Shortly after his retirement, The Mercenary Guild sold off its assets to the Galactic Empire.

Much later after some relaxation time in Year 16 Ralph once again grew restless. Now, wanting to start his own faction, Ralph reached out to local governments. It turned out that many were interested until the Confederacy Of Independent systems offered a place for a new company, producing various weaponry "Gordarl Weaponsmiths". It didn't take long before the Former Lord Maximus left Gordarl while doing other duties after there was a brief "accident" with the credits of Gordarl. It ceased trading 34 days after it opened for business.

Ralph then moved on to "The eXiles" after a meeting with Helen Hawk, the Supreme Chancellor of The eXiles, having once held a very large ship transportation contract with Helen while she was in the Old Republic.

While opening a new trading faction Cirrus Colonies Incorporated, two of Ralph's men were killed by Joni Wight,a high command member of Confederacy of Independant Systems. Actions were then taken leading Helen and Ralph meeting with Elm Aran. The Corporate Alliance declared their independence from CIS.

With business booming in Cirrus, Ralph obtained a new company, "Santhe Corporation", a company focussed on items production that had been active in business since year 9. Ralph now leads Cirrus and Santhe Corporation concurrently, personally overseeing production of restricted items for the Galactic Alliance.


Namana Class "Arcadia"

Maximus obtained his first planet Vasuuli and two asteroid's with it Vas Field 2, and Vas Field 3. After owning them for two months, he sold them all that held system and sector control.

He also obtained his flagship the Namana Class "Arcadia" a ship formerly owned by Akuma Ell, removed from his possession by the infamous scammer Sven Wan.