Ranks of the Anzatan Commonwealth

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The Ranks of the Anzatan Commonwealth are the Anzatan Commonwealth's military as well as civil titles which their citizens carry and also are paid according to their current rank. The ranks are split into three main sections, the Training (T), Officer (O) and Command (C) levels. The rank insignia of the Commonwealth is a bronce, silver or gold medal with the symbol of the Commonwealth on it and a blue padded epaulette above it. The star-form of the medal gains more ends as the rank grows and the blue epaulette above the medal gains squares. Members of the Military are required to carry their rank insignia openly on their uniforms while civilian are not required to show them.[1]

Training Level

Insignia of the Training Level

As a fresh recruit into either the Anzatan Navy, one of the Anzatan's Ministries or one of the Anzatan's nationalized corporations, every untrained citizen of the Commonwealth starts at the Training Level. As either a Cadet , Specialist or Intern, most Citizens progress through this level quickly and move on to the Officer level. Some branches of the Commonwealth do not offer entry-level jobs (e.g. Anzatan Marines or the Anzatan Intelligence Service), so no personnel carrying the Training Insignia can be found here.

Officer Level

First Officer Level Insignia

Most Citizens of the Commonwealth can be found wearing an Officer Level Insignia. As part of any branch of the Commonwealth Citizens will have to progress through the 10 parts of this level.

Command Level

First Command Level Insignia

Only the highest member of the Commonwealth society both on the civilian and military side progess to these ranks. As party of the AC Command structure they are responsible for the smooth running of the Commonwealth's different branches.

Rank Chart

Position Salary per Month Anzatan Navy Anzatan Marines Corporations High Command (Privy Council) Ministries
C-7 N/A No Insignia
C-6 5,000,000 Chancellor Insignia
C-5 5,000,000 Treasurer Insignia
C-4 5,000,000 Minister Insignia
C-3 4,800,000 Lord Admiral Insignia
Lord Admiral
Lord Marshal Insignia
Lord Marshal
Vice Minister Insignia
Vice Minister
C-2 4,400,000 Fleet Admiral Insignia
Fleet Admiral
Marshal Insignia
Commissioner Insignia
C-1 4,000,000 Admiral Insignia
Administrator Insignia
President / Senior Vice President
Director Insignia
O-10 3,800,000 Vice Admiral Insignia
Vice Admiral
Adjutant Administrator Insignia
Vice President
Deputy Director Insignia
Deputy Director
O-9 3,600,000 Rear Admiral Insignia
Rear Admiral
Team Leader Insignia
Team Leader
Director Insignia
Senior Director
Chief Insignia
O-8 3,400,000 Commodore Insignia
Assistant Team Leader Insignia
Assistant Team Leader
Deputy Director Insignia
Deputy Chief Insignia
Deputy Chief
O-7 3,200,000 Captain Insignia
Suad Leader Insignia
Squad Leader
Senior Supervisor Insignia
Senior Manager
Senior Adjutant Insignia
Senior Adjutant
O-6 3,000,000 Commander Insignia
Assistant Squad Leader Insignia
Assistant Squad Leader
Supervisor Insignia
Adjutant Insignia
O-5 2,800,000 Sub Commander Insignia
Sub Commander
Operator Insignia
Junior Officer Insignia
Associate Manager
Junior Adjutant Insignia
Junior Adjutant
O-4 2,600,000 Lieutenant Insignia
Senior Associate Insignia
Senior Analyst
Senior Clerk Insignia
Senior Clerk
O-3 2,400,000 Sub Lieutenant Insignia
Sub Lieutenant
Junior Associate Insignia
Clerk Insignia
O-2 2,200,000 Ensign Insignia
Apprentice Associate Insignia
Apprentice Analyst
Junior Clerk Insignia
Junior Clerk
O-1 2,100,000 Midshipman Insignia
Senior Trainee Insignia
Senior Specialist
Aide Insignia
T 2,000,000 Cadet Insignia
Trainee Insignia
Intern Insignia