Raptor Pirates

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Raptor Pirates
Raptor Pirates Logo Year 12.gif
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Mingolo Mingolonio
Historical Information
Founder Dane[1]
Founded Circa Year -1 Day 300[1]
Dissolved Year 15 Day 255
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Pirate Outfit
Holosite Raptor Pirates

The Raptor Pirates were one of the longest-extant pirate outfits in the galaxy dating back to the early days of both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. They were formed in late Year -1 by Dane, a dissatisfied officer in the Rebel Alliance High Command.[1] He quickly recruited PaulDaJedi, the leader of Rebel Special Forces who had likewise become dissatisfied with the bureaucratic chaos inside the Alliance and its demonstrable inability to reform.[1] Within two months, Dane decided to return to the Rebellion. After a brief internal power-struggle between PaulDaJedi and Mystiel Raleigh, control of the outfit was transferred to PaulDaJedi.[1]

Before the Krath, there were the Raptors. Before Eidola, there were the Raptors. Before time itself, there were the Raptors. Founded by a Rebel Alliance mercenary tired of “saving” the idiots in “need,” the Raptor Pirates combines killers, murderers, thieves, raiders, and even former generals from all corners of the galaxy, from former Rebel and Republic guerrilla members to Imperial troopers, to bounty hunters, ship traders, smugglers, mercenaries, and sometimes plain serial killers who would best belong in an asylum. We take them all. We fight for anarchy, for the right to prey on the innocent. For the right to steal from rich and kill the poor. For the right to kill and destroy if we so desire. But ultimately we fight for money, whoever stands on our way better get out of it if they want to stay pretty. We hate the pretenders and the peace makers. The keepers of order and justice. The “freedom” fighters. The idiots fighting for the “independence” and security of the outer rim. The Robin Hood wannabes. They’re all going to die. If you think you are worthy enough to join us go ahead and try, we are always looking for new meat to do the dirty work, and killers to send into the front lines. If we decide you deserve to join our pirate coalition one of our Pirate Lords may choose to bring you into their clan. If not, well, you don’t want to know… “Diplomacy is nothing more than a way of saying ‘nice doggy’ while you find a rock big enough to crush his skull.”


The Raptor Pirates date back to the early days of the Second Galactic Civil War. The pirate organization was begun by Dane, a disgruntled member of the formerly Rebel Alliance (now the New Republic) High Command, tired of helping the “innocent” and “saving” the galaxy. More interested in the money part of the war, Dane left the Alliance and brought together thieves, raiders, killers and serial murderers, mercenaries, deserters, and even former military leaders and put them under his banner in a criminal a group he called the Raptor Pirates. Among one of the most important of the men he recruited was PaulDaJedi, former Head of Special Operations in the Rebel Alliance and who had recently been appointed as Second in Command of the Rebel Alliance. Paul had been in heated arguments with Alliance high command and was disappointed with them, he felt the differences between them were too great so when he was offered the Second in Command position by Dane at his new criminal organization he accepted it.

Dane, however, didn’t stay long enough to see his creation flourish. Approximately two months after getting the group together he was offered a large, upfront sum of money and a big salary by the Rebel Alliance for him to return, he took the offer. Only two months after joining the group as Second in Command, PaulDaJedi saw himself leading the band of blood thirsty killers by himself.

Due to his great leadership skills and charisma, however, Paul managed to hold the group together and even turned it from a group of thugs to an organized pirate alliance with a Navy, a Special Operations Division, and an Intelligence Division. Under Paul, who because of his past work in the Alliance wasn’t very fond of killing and raiding, the Raptor Pirates gave an image of trustworthiness and fairness, treating their victims with respect and only attacking those who deserved it, and staying out of the public spotlight for the most part.

PaulDaJedi was leader of the Raptor Pirates for 10 years, one of the longest leaderships of any group in the galaxy, but finally on year 10 he decided to retire to a more quiet life and gave command of the group to Grave Tok, former leader of the Raptor Pirates’ puppet mining group the Claim Jumpers and one of the longest-serving veterans in the Raptor Pirates. PaulDaJedi is still a member of high command, but he now prefers to stay on the background. Under Grave Tok came many drastic changes to the pirate organization, its goals, and the image they wanted to project, however, those are classified. Tok lead the pirate group for three years, and on Year 13 chose long time member of high command, Mingolo Mingolonio, as his successor, who now sits at the helm of the small armada.



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