Rar Lunko

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Rar Lunko
Biographical Information
Race Weequay
Homeworld Sriluur
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Political Information
Affiliation The Blood Razors
Rank Blood Razor President
Prior Affiliation The Infinite Empire
Signature Rarsig.png
"I am the wayward Weequay, the bastard son of Sriluur."
— Rar Lunko

Rar Lunko is a male Weequay based on the Outer Rim world of Skeebo III. Lunko was once an associate of the Pressure Pirates and was later an Admiral in the Infinite Empire. After a contentious exit from the Infinite Empire, Rar persuaded eleven of their fleet officers to join his own operation. Infighting soon forced the Sriluur native to dissolve this initial formation of his group and reassemble. Lunko has most recently been seen riding with The Blood Razors, a swoop gang that runs a blackmarket trading organization which he both founded and serves as president of. Depending on who he’s speaking to, he’ll often claim with a straight face that they are simply a club of swoop bike enthusiasts.



Lunko led a simple but unstable life on his homeworld of Sriluur. No information on his family exists and it is unclear whether Rar knows anything of them himself. Rar faced a quick and brutal execution for attempting to leave Sriluur illegally but with the help of a Weequay shaman he managed to talk his way out of it. Lunko promised the shaman to work for a just cause once getting off of Sriluur but immediately he began a life of independent piracy.

Pressure Pirate

Lunko took at least one job with the Pressure Pirates immediately after their fallout with the Dark Star Hellions. Rar broke into their former base to reclaim captured ships in what was now enemy territory. The wayward Weequay kept whatever he found onboard the ships, including a vast supply of bacta that he uses to this day.

Second Galactic Civil War

"Don’t feign shocked and disappointed, you’ve always known what I am."
— Rar Lunko

In Year 15 Rar Lunko found himself drawn into the Second Galactic Civil War when Uther Von Kaldreon recruited him into the Infinite Empire's fleet in the Galactic Alliance. The former pirate ascended through the ranks and in Year 16 became the fleet's Commanding Officer. Early in Year 17 Von Kaldreon issued a warrant for Rar’s arrest citing his continued association with the underworld. The son of Sriluur evaded Uther's army and escaped the Infinite Empire controlled Tolonda sector.

Commanding Officer
Preceded By:
Adin Cole
Rar Lunko
Year 16Year 17
Succeeded By:
Xyre Vindictus

Executive Officer
Preceded By:
Edvard Gimelshwartz
Rar Lunko
Year 16
Succeeded By:
Zakkorr Wyyrlok

Escape to Skeebo

"It's a little late to be changing my ways now."
— Rar Lunko

Rar left the galactic south for worlds closer to Sriluur in the galactic north-east. In haste Lunko and associates began setting up a base in the clouds of the gas giant, Skeebo III. One by one, eleven of the Infinite Empire’s fleet officers left their positions to cross the galaxy and join the wayward Weequay at his new base. The group established several schemes and opportunities but infighting soon destroyed the partnership.

Swoop Club

As is a common Weequay trait, Rar Lunko is an avid swoop rider. The Blood Razors Swoop Club was formed in the third quarter of Year 17, founded by Weequays Rar Lunko and Vertair Thean. They were formed from, and to assist, outcasted and disillusioned inhabitants of the galaxy when the big corporations took over. Their primary activity is trafficking black market goods in the guise of swoop races. Although they are structured much like a standard swoop gang, they run a genuine trading organization with a distinct set of principles from their more clandestine activities.

Personality and traits

"Fang Kin, was by all means probably one of the most sleaziest individuals I've met in some time, outside of you of course, who constantly finds ways to surprise me."
— Ximaro Jix, during a tirade directed at Rar Lunko

Rar Lunko is an unpredictable scoundrel with a history of both military command and crime. He is a charismatic and natural recruiter, quick to socialize, though several betrayals have made it difficult for anyone to gain his actual trust. Rar is addicted to Twi`lek women and the illicit substance known as “spice”. Despite this, Lunko is a functional addict who is a competent and able leader with a good understanding of battle tactics.

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