Rawth Shacklefist

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Rawth Shacklefist
Biographical Information
Race Chiss
Homeworld Csilla
Mother Jaka`lee`Hanosek
Father Lejo`ran`Hanosek
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children Tarq`uinn (Male, with Kilian)
Born Year -16 Day 125
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.85 meters
Coloring Blue
Hair Color Jet black
Eye Color Crimson
Political Information
Affiliation Endless Initiative
Rank Lord Commander [Lead]
Prior Affiliation Aurodium Legion
Awards Magistrate of Morath II, former Prefect (2IC) [HC-4]

Rawth Shacklefist is a Chiss male, tall for his species and with a fairly light blue complexion. Rawth has spent much time working as a mercenary-for-hire, as a Governor and Lord of numerous systems and sectors, and both as a teacher and student of the Force. He has sat as Aristocra of House Sabosen, where Rawth is known by his Chiss-born name, Gar`awt`Hanosek, and his adoptive Chiss name, Gar`awth`Sabosen.


Early life

Born in the Galactic year of -16, on Day 125 to father Lejo'ran'Hanosek and mother Jaka'lee'Hanosek, Rawth's early life was not one of luxury, or pleasure, but rather one of squalor. His family lived from payment to payment on the streets of Ac'siel, a major city located on Csilla. There was little hope for advancement, but from an early age Rawth was instilled with a positive work ethic and attitude from his father, who taught him to never give up. However, living such a dismal life also instilled Rawth with a great yearning for something more- and he felt destined to move on to bigger and better pursuits. However, his past was never forgotten, nor the lessons he learned from his parents and life on Csilla.

Beginning Anew

When Rawth was roughly eighteen standard years old, he left home without a second glance towards his parents after making a meager amount in a game of chance. However, the trip was not a pleasant one. Hitching a ride on a freighter bound for the center of the galaxy, and consequently, Coruscant, Rawth had to jockey with the cargo for space. A few weeks of living as little more than a stowaway, and the young Chiss was dumped rather unceremoniously in the Southport spaceport on Coruscant. The new location felt like freedom to Rawth, but, being an obvious person alone in the city painted a bright target, and in the first few days Rawth was targeted by numerous ryll dealers and thugs. However, Rawth had an easy time and managed to turn them away with a few calm words. Things came to a head when Rawth's gambling habits led him to win a run-down C-wing from an out of luck spacer... a spacer who had not yet sold his blaster pistol. Yet somehow, Rawth's words and his tone soothed the man, and without a moment's notice the Chiss escaped with his new ship. Now equipped with a ship of his own, along with a few creds more than he had on Csilla, Rawth began searching for a way to get off of the rock, finding it distasteful.

The Aurodium Legion

Aurodium Legion Emblem Year 13.png

During his first week in Southport, Rawth had made through use of the information network of the great city-planet, and had found a potential job working for the Aurodium Legion under a Barabel named Dorn Zeke. Soon enough, Rawth was working for the Legion, as a builder. Glad to get off Coruscant, Rawth found piloting came naturally to him as he somehow coaxed his beat-up C-wing, named The Pinnacle to speeds not often seen in a cobbled together ugly ship. Arriving ahead of schedule in the Utos System (formerly the Koornacht Cluster); the Legion's home base, Rawth was assigned to a bulk freighter and introduced to a team of workers.

Taking the bulk freighter to Yeteros (Carondar) with the team, Rawth assumed a leading position among the members for his outstanding skills creating homes. Climbing the ranks quickly, Rawth's performance was stellar. His skills in leading teams were outdone only by his skills in piloting, and the Chiss soon became a go-to member of the Legion. His service projects have included preemptive strikes against Rogue Squadron territory, where he laid the foundations on Berea II (Gonzog).

In addition, Rawth was instrumental in a legion-funded fast-relief project in the Firro system after two planets suffered cataclysmic regime changes. In what would later be called "Operation Firran Freedom", Rawth set up key temporary homes on Morath II (Anarzinbar), assuring Legion control of the planet. In addition, he repelled pirate forces, securing territory along the planet's southern regions, and set up the defensive Golan II grid over both Morath II and Morath Beta (Aganakt). For his efforts, Rawth was named Magistrate of Morath II, serving under his friend, Qard Sharq.

On Year 12 Day 280, Rawth was approached by Legate Dorn Zeke and offered the Prefect position within the Aurodium Legion, following a lengthy personal time of discovery taken by Qard Sharq. Rawth was more than happy to accept the position, and began service as the second in command directly under Dorn. In his service, Rawth has propelled the Aurodium Legion into a new year and new territories, strengthening the Legion in it's efforts in the galaxy. However, since then, Rawth has stepped down from the position to allow for other hands to direct, replaced by Hondo Maximus. Rawth now runs and manages the Aurodium Legion's nationalized subsidiary, NOVAcom.

Finally, Rawth has lent service to both the Galactic Empire and Aurora Technologies (prior to its Black Sun takeover). He has also assisted the Legion on numerous planetary renovations and resource management movements, including the most recent completion of the Yeteros project and the Ralltiir system conquest for the Empire.

  • Rawth currently holds the rank of Centurion [HC-2] within the Legion. He runs NOVAcom, a HoloNet news agency.
  • Rawth is currently Magistrate of Morath II, in the Morath Nebula, along with all other Legion planets.
  • Systems assisted (Within Aurodium Legion): Koornacht Cluster, Firro, Moorja, Pakrik, Mrllst, Berea.
  • Systems assisted (As contracted through Aurodium Legion): Balfron (Project Scarlet); Corynth (Project Crimson)

The Chiss Ascendancy

Rawth is an outspoken member of the Chiss Ascendancy-in-Exile, and is proud of his race and it's accomplishments. He has attended summits between the Chiss people, and was a Merit Adoptive member of House Sabosen, he has since relinquished his position within House Sabosen. Rawth is in the process of working on some production projects to benefit the Chiss people. Rawth is the founding member of the Chiss Sages. For a period after marrying Kilian Delmarco, a Human, Rawth renounced his connection to House Sabosen, a pure blood Chiss house. He has since returned to the house as Aristocra, the last of an old line of Chiss.

As Aristocra of House Sabosen, Rawth is beginning anew, striving to bring the defunct house back into the spotlight.

The Call Of The Force

During Year 11, Rawth was tested by Qard Sharq, a fellow Legionnaire who had heard the call of the mysterious life-energy dubbed "The Force". After about a day of conversations and meditation with Qard, it was found that the Chiss could feel tinges of this energy as well, and has been honing his connection to it since. Rawth tends to favor the virtues his father had instilled within him, seeking to assist those in need. Many mistakenly refer to him as a "Jedi", but the Chiss refuses to go by that name, preferring to cut his own path.

Small AFK2.png

Rawth is a member of Qard Sharq's Aurodium Force Knights, and regularly tests members, always wishing to open more connections to the Force.

Rawth is a practitioner of lightsaber form V: Shien and Djem So.

Personal life

On Year 12 D 165, Rawth married Kilian Delmarco after a few months of engagement. The two met inside of her bar, after Rawth was kicked out by his future wife. After they got to talking, the two decided to see each other more often, and Rawth became a common fixture around the bar. After a particular outing where the Chiss saved Kilian from an angry Gamorrean, the two expressed their love for each other. Rawth is currently happily married to Kilian, and has recently had his one year anniversary. They have one child together, Tarq`uinn Hlaalu, or Quinn for his core name.

However, all things must eventually come to an end, and it seemed the marriage was no different. Roughly three years after the marriage, Kilian insisted things had changed, and walked out.

Personal Assets

Rawth owns and maintains a prized Firespray-class interceptor, as well as his pride and joy, a Dreadnaught Cruiser, the Solarus Reaper. He is rumored to have a personal asteroid belt, as well as various large holdings on numerous planets. Rawth tends to favor heavy armor and expensive weapons, leaning towards A-280 rifles for his underlings. He himself is rarely seen without his A280 rifle and custom-fit Heavy Battle Armor. Naturally, Rawth's silver-bladed lightsaber never leaves his side. A dusty set of Aurodium Legion emblazoned Imperial Red Guard armor stays on an armor rack for formal affairs.

Rawth fancies himself a small-time art collector, and has a collection of his own located in the Sabosen Estate on Morath II. He is usually on the lookout for modern artwork. A larger depository is rumored to be stored inside a vault on his asteroid belt.

His wedding ring from Kilian is a silver quantum band with blue vertex gems set in it, but has become tarnished with dust.

Colonial Shockball League


Rawth has played in the CSL for two seasons. His introductory season was Season Three, when Rawth joined the Pakrik Phalanx under the leadership of team owner Helseth Hlaalu and team manager Lea Dolorme. Eager to serve on the play-field with his allies in the Legion, Rawth started with high hopes, but after a season of staffing changes and loss after loss, the embattled Phalanx team turned to Rawth for management guidance, a position that he obliged to take. Under Rawth's guidance the team has seen new life, and a great many hope to see the club continue to rise.

Rawth plays guard for, and manages, the Pakrik Phalanx in the Fourth Season of the Colonial Shockball League. He wears Jersey #9.