Rayus Kestyn

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Rayus Evan Kestyn
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Mariela Kestyn
Father Unknown
Partner N/A
Born Year -13 Day 286
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.86m 6'1"
Weight 77.11kg 170lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Black Sun
Title Commanding Officer of the Blades Logistics Branch
Rank Sai-Los, O-1 Black Sun
Signature RayusSignature.png

Rayus Evan Kestyn (born Year -13 Day 286) an opportunist raised on the streets of Coruscant. A member of the Black Sun Family and Commanding Officer of the Blades of the Prince Logistics Branch, Rayus holds an Imperial-leaning opinion in regards to the Galactic Conflict.



Rayus was raised by his mother, Mariela Kestyn, until her death due to an illness when he became orphaned at the age of three. Following his mother’s death, he was taken in by an older couple, Strauss and Layla, that lived nearby. The couple became parents to him but he was still haunted at night by dreams of his mother.

Growing up in Lower Coruscant, Rayus learned to protect himself. He became aware of this need after being mugged at the age of fourteen while skipping school. At the time he was walking home from a pawn shop after having bought speeder parts. Not more than a few minutes away from the pawn shop he was surrounded by a group of boys ranging from his own age to several years older. Unwillingly he gave up his new found treasure at the first threat knowing that it would be better for his health if he did. Beaten and left for dead Rayus lay in the streets of Lower Coruscant before Strauss found him hours later.

After the attack Rayus grew paranoid and decided not to trust many people. Over the years he has continued to maintain a small group of trusted friends.

By the time Rayus was in his early teens he was well known by the authorities that patrolled his home district. He was a boy with little to no respect for authority. His crimes ranged from petty thievery to running drugs for a local cartel, the Zhotia Cartel. It was during this time that his addiction to ryll began. Frequently he would have multiple deathsticks as well as other stimulants running through his system.

Strauss and Layla, the couple who had taken him in as a young child, could not stand his constant drug usage and trouble with the law. At the age of 16 Rayus was homeless and living on the streets, hustling and stealing to keep up his addictions.

Big Money, Quiet Mouths

In order to survive he even turned to prostitution and Coruscanti officials paid well for a young man that could keep his mouth shut. Rayus’ prostitution services garnered the attention of the a local cartel leader. He proposed Rayus offer his services to a specific official so that the cartel leader could blackmail the official. Rayus was hesitant to accept the task, worried that he might end up in jail or worse if the blackmail failed. When Rayus refused to join in the blackmail, the cartel leader offered him a generous amount of credits if he cooperated. Unable to ignore the large reward he accepted.

When the time came for his services to be offered Rayus set about preparing to be able to blackmail the official. To his surprise the official came early and caught Rayus in the act of setting up a recording device. The official pulled out a blaster and aimed it at Rayus. Worried that he would be killed by the official, since he was a nobody, Rayus revealed the plans of the local cartel leader.

With a blaster still pointed at Rayus, the official offered him a larger reward with the added condition that he had to keep quiet about it. Happy to be given the chance to live longer Rayus accepted the new offer. Although immediately he realized that this would require he also leave home. If he stayed his life would be in the hands of the local cartel and they did not take kindly to being disobeyed. Thus, Rayus took the bribe from the official and made his way to a spaceport for a shuttle off the planet.

Embracing the Sun

Effectively banished from Coruscant, Rayus travelled to the Northern reaches of the galaxy in search of a new home. While travelling the streets of Malicar the local authority, Black Sun, attracted his attention. Thus, Rayus began his employment under the Underlord Alexander von Ismay. It took only a short time before Rayus felt that he had finally found a new home, despite seemingly the erratic behavior of von Ismay.

After some time, however, von Ismay stepped down and was replaced by Jeor Knight and not long after conflict slowly but surely began among the Family Council. Despite no longer leading von Ismay created strife for the ruling Dark Prince. Then on Year 17 Day 157 von Ismay; his partner, Kathlen Stewart; and close friend Rexan Vyrim fled Black Sun. Stealing with them numerous assets belonging to the Black Sun Collective. Feeling a sense of loyalty to von Ismay, Rayus offered his services to the group and he too left Black Sun.

The Take Over, The Breaks Over

Upon their departure from Black Sun a new corporation was formed using the assets that had been stolen. ViskCor News Network set out to make a name for themselves. Looking to stoke the flames between Black Sun and its allies, VCNN attempted to produce a propaganda piece[1]. In response Dark Prince Knight publically declared von Ismay, Stewart, Vyrim, and all other members of VCNN enemies of Black Sun.

While the three former Black Sun officials planned their next moves, Rayus offered input and continued to gain the trust of the others. As the days passed the fugitives floundered to create a viable strategy for success. Now enemies of many governments there was a struggle to find a foothold in the galaxy to support the fledgling organization. When the others continued to faulter Rayus offered to take command and ownership of the organization and proved he had the motivation and plans to lead it. Upon the acceptance of Rayus as the new owner and leader, he turned back to Black Sun revealing his status as an agent of government.

Within a short time the efforts of the defectors were squelched. Black Sun operatives seized all assets of the ViskCor News Network, much of it having been stolen by von Ismay and Stewart. Rayus, his mission completed successfully, returned back to his true home and officially continued his employment with Black Sun.