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General Information
Status Active
Historical Information
Founded Year 14
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Religion

Reansucru is a Force-based religion. The faith holds to the belief that the Force is more than just Good vs. Evil or Dark vs. Light. The beliefs of the faith come to view the Force as many things, all of which are characterized by 5 Shades. The Shades of the Force are: Red, Green, White, Blue, and Black. Each of the five shades embody the different aspects the manifest from the Force.


Shades of the Force.png
Shades of the Force

Shades of the Force

Shade of White: The shade of white encompasses the virtues of law, order, protection, honor, and justice. When the Force casts its white shade, individuals are driven by a strong moral conviction to provide protection to those around them, and see to it that the needs of the greater good outweigh any individual need of their own. While choosing to follow plans that revolve strategy and defense, the shade of white is sometimes known to be uncreative or authoritarian. Prayers to the White Shade are many times geared towards seeking the purity of justice, the moral fiber of honor, and actions that server greater goods.

Shade of Green: What fuels the green shade is the ferocity in which life grows. Powered by the Green Shade of the Force, one is empowered with the brute force that comes from the power of life, often acting on urges even at the point of coming across as unthinking and predatory. With regards to the living, the Shade of Green favors natural order, community, and abundant growth. The true strength of this shade is that of its strength…pure instinctual, adaptive, and living strength. When prayers are sent to the Green Shade, one calls for strength, action, growth, and above all…life.

Shade of Red: This shade is the embodiment of fury, passion, emotion, and impulse. Those who follow the Shade of Red are known to be driven by their strong emotions, value the freedoms, and believe in the power of the individual. Often preferring an offensive approach to life, those in which the Shade of Red falls on tend to be dynamic and unbound, but sometimes fall victim to being shortsighted and or temperamental. Prayers to the Red Shade are often for matters of emotions, strength of power, and for action.

Shade of Blue: With the usage of knowledge, the Shade of Blue can be manipulative, logical, deceitful, and with patience…powerful. The Shade of Blue values a person's intellect, their ability to be creative, and progressive. Many followers of this shade go as far as creating great machines, wonders of bewilderment, and vast cities. Choosing to employee secrecy and schemes, one needs to be mindful that they do not become overly manipulative and treacherous in pursuit of this shade. Prayers sent to the Shade of Blue ask for both knowledge and wisdom.

Shade of Black Never has there been a shade of the Force that is so loved and hated as that of the Shade of Black. Practitioners of this shade love the power, but oft forgets the price that is paid for such power. The Shade of Black utilizes fear, darkness, ambition, and death. Those who call on the Shade of Black can be called ambitious and unashamed, but the draw of what is gained is sometimes lost on those that become devouring and enslaving. One can not serve the darkness without the taint of death, decay, and corruption being ever presence. However, as hated and or feared as it is, there can not be light without darkness, or life without death. Prayers to the Shade of Black seek power, knowledge, and needs of those praying in all matters of fear and death.

The Ones

The Ones were a family of exceptionally powerful Force wielders who lived on the planet Mortis. Led by the Father, the Son and Daughter were often viewed as embodiments of the dark and light sides of the Force, respectively. Reansucru holds The Ones as deities, however, it has an expanded view of their force representations. The faith believes that the Father represents the Shade of White, the Son embodies the Shades of Blue and Black, and that the Daughter is the manifestation of the Shades of Green and Red.