Galactic Alliance

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Galactic Alliance
Galactic Alliance Emblem.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Secretary-General Va`Li Owa
SIC Deputy Secretary-General Evan Bluvius
Members TC-general.png Triumvirate Coalition
       (Admitted Year 9)
Rogue Squadron Logo Year 13.png Rogue Squadron
       (Admitted Year 9)
JOLogo.png Jedi Order
       (Admitted Year 9)
Bothan Media Services Logo Year 12.jpg TIEFE
       (Admitted Year 14)
-ARK-.png -ARK-
       (Admitted Year 14)
ResistanceLogo.png The Resistance
       (Admitted Year 17)
Invidlogo.png The Invid Order
       (Admitted Year 19)
Historical Information
Founded Year 7
Political Information
Type Military Alliance
Holosite Galactic Alliance

The Galactic Alliance is a military coalition of that opposes the Imperial Union in the ongoing Second Galactic Civil War. The alliance is comprised of various great powers involved in the latter conflict either because they have already been invaded, are directly threatened with invasion by the Imperial Union, or because they are concerned that the Imperial Union may come to control the galaxy.

Currently, the Galactic Alliance consists of the Triumvirate Coalition,[1] Rogue Squadron,[1] the Jedi Order, TIEFE, -ARK-, The Resistance (formerly known as Holowan) and The Invid Order as well as their respective affiliated companies.

Secretary General


Main article: Timeline
Tigris Ninx was the first Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance.

Former Signatories

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Second Galactic Civil War
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Battles and Conflicts
Major Conflicts

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Major Hostile Takeovers

Takeover of The Antarian Rangers (Y9 D221 - Y10 D341) · Corporate Sector Authority Nationalisation (Y5 D139 - Y10 D102) · Takeover of the New Republic

Wars of the Galaxy

Black Sun Crisis (Y3 D53 - Y3 D293) · Cron Conflict (Y11 D64 - D297) · First Imperial Civil War (Y-2 - Y0) · Second Imperial Civil War (Y1 D307 - Y3 D290) · Third Imperial Civil War (Y6 D318 - Y10 D160) · Fourth Imperial Civil War (Y11 D291)

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